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Student Reviews

  • Supportive staff

    Shivani Naidu - Paralegal, Surrey

    My favourite part of attending CDI College was that at school I was able to learn updated information and new technology. My experience ar CDI College was good and I don't necessarily have any complaints. Staff are supportive and help whenever you need it, they are prompt and do not procrastinate. I was able to accomplish my goal for education by attending CDI College. CDI College had an amazing atmosphere that in my opinion encouraged me to attend classes everyday and strive to attend good grades. My instructor, Meena, had a big impact on my education and campus life. She encouraged not only me but my peers to suuceed and strive for success. I found that my Paralegal program builds the foundation of knowledge in a student's life and I am very satisfied.

  • Staff Always There When Needed

    Alex Tepas - Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant, Surrey

    CDI College was a fun experience since I always had a goal of going back to school. Staff and instructors were always very clear and were always there when needed. Mili was my favourite teacher and she always took pride in helping us move forward an extra mile. I will recommend CDI College to all who want to have a fun and educational learning experience.

  • Lots of Practical Knowledge

    Holly Poole - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    The class sizes and class start times were the best at CDI College and it was an excellent experience. Through CDI College, I was connected to a great rehab clinic to work. The staff and instructors indulge in lots of one on one time with students and take extra time to prepare for tests. The program gave me lots of practical knowledge. My suggestion is enroll in CDI College since it is a great school, has good instructors, and a great program.

  • Rewarding

    Maskeen Saroya - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    I learnt so much about nursing through CDI College and had a rewarding experience. CDI College gave me the knowledge and experience I needed to achieve my goals. The staff and instructors made me feel comfortable and were always available to help when I needed it.

  • Fun & interesting

    Tanya Well - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    I learnt a lot at CDI College and had an interesting experience. The college helped me achieve my goal of earning a diploma. The staff and instructors made the learning experience fun and interesting. The practicum placements were even more amazing. I would surely recommend CDI College to others because it has great facilities to offer and a knowledgeable staff.

  • Great teachers!

    Amandeep Ghotra - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    The learning environment and teachers at CDI College are great. My experience at CDI College was interesting and educational, there was never a dull moment. It gave me the practical skills and knowledge I needed to be able to get a job and a career. The staff and instructors were very helpful and always available to help. The clinical instructors are amazing as well. I would definitely recommend this college to everyone since it is a great learning environment.

  • Awesome experience

    Donna Collins - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    I had an awesome experience at CDI College with nice staff and I also made a lot of friends. CDI College helped me achieve my goals by teaching me skills for my career choice. The staff and instructors believed in me and gave me good advice. The best part about my program was the hands-on learning and the facilities being operated for this. The small class sizes and educational instructors are what makes me want to recommend CDI College to others.

  • Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions

    Elizabeth Moran - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    My favourite part about attending CDI College was the clinical classes because I got to feel and be like a real certified dental assistant and at the same time be able to challenge myself to do better and succeed. My experience at CDI College was like a roller coaster ride of emotions because I came to know and understand the extent of my abilities in 11 months. Then there was the feeling of extreme joy at succeeding in a test or practical and also the anxiety and stress of doing a practical/clinical. However, I wouldn't change this experience for anything else. If not for CDI College and the Dental Assisting program, I would not have become the person I am today with a sense of direction, maturity, and a social and educational attainment. Having instructors like Natasha Petri and others in the Dental department greatly helped me be successful since they always told me I could do it and their tips and discussions were very helpful. For me personally, along with the practicum that helped me how to function in a real dental office environment, the Career and Employment Services was the best part about the program since they helped me right from making a resume to how to give interviews to finding a job. I would definitely recommend CDI College to my friends and family since the college does a great job in taking care of students and helping them achieve their educational attainment.

  • Great Experience

    Ainul (Anny) Islam Butt - Business Administration, Surrey

    The friendly and helpful staff at CDI College was my most favourite part about attending this college. It was a great experience because I didn't expect myself to push this far. CDI College encouraged me to attend every class and be on time and brought me closer to achieving my goals. They helped me focus on how to be successful. I learnt a lot from my program because it made me broaden my business knowledge. I would recommend this college to everyone since it has so many programs to pick from.

  • Gave me the tools to be job-ready

    Sunita Khunga - Paralegal, Surrey

    Apart from the small class sizes, which was my favorite part at CDI College, I've had a very eventful learning experience. CDI College gave me the tools to help me get a job and they made sure I got through the program. The student-teacher relationships at CDI College are great and I would recommend this college to everyone.

  • Achieved my goals!

    Juan C Carranza - Paralegal, Surrey

    My favourite part about attending CDI College was always knowing that I was working in a great, inviting atmosphere every day; one that allowed me to interact freely and with others, learn, and focus in an enriching environment with great people. My experience at CDI College, though laced with my own personal struggles and obstacles, was made easier by teachers who taught me how to overcome my obstacles. I achieved my goals by making use of the proper tools and guidance from the staff and instructors who were my support system. They were not only interactive with their teaching methods but also created helpful relationships with students that contributed to our overall success. I was able to learn from the best in the industry during my practicum placement and thus directly learnt skills that I could use in my future employment.

  • Good Experience

    Brenda Hope - Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant, Surrey

    CDI College was instrumental in helping me learn new skills along my career path. It was a good experience because of the instructors who were very helpful and friendly. I have already recommended CDI College to people because I find that having small class sizes really helps.


    Jewel Kumar - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    The atmosphere at CDI College is very friendly and I had a fun and educating experience. CDI College not only helped me learn but the staff and instructors have made a big positive impact on my campus life and the teachers for the program are the most helpful. I will recommend CDI College to my friends and family since they will get a very good learning experience.

  • Accessible School

    Minnie - Surrey

    I like the Rehabilitation Assistant program at CDI College because I know it will help other people gain back their mental and physical abilities. The instructors are very helpful, cooperative and fantastic. I chose CDI College because it is close to my home and easily accessible to me.

  • Returning to School

    Clem Andrews - Law Enforcement Foundations, Surrey

    CDI College changed my life by helping me gain the necessary tools to advance my career opportunities and make a better living for myself. It has been 25 years since I have been in school and the instructors here at CDI College really helped ease my transition.

  • Passion Into Career

    Jesse Turner - Network & Database Administrator, Burnaby

    I never saw solving computer problems as a career but I soon grew to love it. CDI provided hands-on training, allowed us to work at our own pace, and trained us to work in practical environments.

  • Very Accessible

    Jillian - Legal Administrative Assistant, Surrey

    I chose CDI College because it is in a convenient location, the pricing is reasonable, and the courses are well laid out. It has been wonderful at CDI College. I get lots of hands-on experience and one-on-one attention from my instructors.

  • Lots of Feedback

    Morgan - Intra-Oral Dental Assistant, Surrey

    One of the main reason I chose CDI College is because there was no wait time, specifically for this program. I like this program because we split everyday classes with practical experience, so we can use our hands-on skills everyday and receive constant feedback about how we are doing.

  • Job Opportunities

    Lisa - Surrey

    I like my program because there are a bunch of unique modules for us and it is very intense work. We learn about pharmacology, clinical interviewing, addictions, relapse prevention and more. My experience at CDI College has been very good. The instructors spend a lot of time with us and really want us to be the best we can be.

  • Changed My Life

    Mae - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Richmond

    CDI College changed my life. I was working as an animal technician for 12 years but wanted something with more stability. The hands-on training experience that CDI College provided made it school more enjoyable.

  • Back to School

    Monica - Surrey

    I did book keeping for a construction company but got laid off in 2009 and worked as a cashier, after that I decided to go back to school to get a college diploma. CDI changed my life and raised my self-esteem. Having this experience and graduating made getting jobs easier.

  • Gratifying

    Fiona - Medical Office Assistant, Richmond

    Our instructors are outgoing in a professional way. I found them to be incredibly helpful and informative with a splash of spunk. Their attitudes make class/labs fun. Discussions in class also help with applying ideas and methods. My experience was gratifying and pleasurable. This course challenged your ability to handle stress and cooperate with a variety of teaching techniques. The staff is outrageously benevolent and never retracts a helping hand. Through my roller coaster of emotional problems, I am glad that I was able to confide with the friendly and ingenious members of the Richmond CDI faculty.

  • Ample Free Space

    Harpreet Kaur - Early Childhood Education, Richmond

    The instructors have made a difference in our education by helping each student individually with assignments and other activities. Also, by giving class explanations of the notes. Our classrooms provide ample space for students. Availability of computers in the lab helped the students with their assignments and planning out other activities. The small class makes the instructor approachable to students.

  • Wonderful People

    Ines Woblgar - Early Childhood Education, Richmond

    I love my instructor! Not only is she a role model of how an ECE represents but she is a wonderful person. Our classrooms/labs provide us with plenty of open space, light, computers for our projects and props. We have plenty of materials... and a great teacher. I am a Montessori Teacher and I have my experience teaching with this method. ...I am enjoying it very much.

  • Always There For You

    Gaff McMartin - Richmond

    All the staff are very supportive, you never feel like you are alone or have been left without support.

  • Lots to Work With

    April Khnng - Early Childhood Education, Richmond

    The instructor will be there when you need help, guide you to the right track. The classrooms give you a lot of room to work with, too. CDI was very nice, the teachers and students are friendly

  • Well Prepared

    Dayanara Dazo - Richmond

    The instructors are well prepared during class, labs and lectures. They are also very professional and nice. The classrooms feel innovative because of its cleanliness, the mannequins, the home feel and the equipment present. CDI has been fun.

  • Keep It Up CDI

    Melinda Langan - Richmond

    My instructor is friendly, knowledgeable. The mannequins are innovative, and the campus is very good.

  • Feels Like Home

    James Vierneza - Health Care Assistant, Richmond

    The instructors are very nice, understanding, professional and well prepared. The classrooms are clean, well equipped, and feels like home. CDI has been fun and exciting. The staff are very nice.

  • Best Instructors

    Luigi Gaboy - Early Childhood Education, Richmond

    My instructor was the best instructor I have ever had, she has so much experience in her field, she taught us all the basic things we need for practicum. She is very professional with her work, she taught us how to deal with the things that we might encounter in our field. She is one of the people that we can always count on, she is always there and ready to help her students. We had so much fun in her class, without her, I wont be able to get job offers. I will always thank her for the memories and experiences we shared together. I am very proud to be one of her students here in CDI college. The schools concept of innovative learning through iPads made a big difference compared to other colleges. They made it easier for us to access textbooks, notes and lectures that we needed. It is very lightweight which added convenience in our studies. My overall experience at CDI College in Richmond was fun and overwhelming. The teachers and the staff are very helpful and accomodating. They helped me a lot to who I am now. I am very proud that I graduated in this college and I will never forget to look back and thank them for the experience that we shared together.

  • Helpful Advice

    Joey Chan - Early Childhood Education, Richmond

    Our instructor shares lots of helpful advice from her experience in the field, and she also keeps everything interesting for us to learn in a friendly and fun environment. My experience on campus so far is awesome, everyone from classmates to staff are very friendly and welcoming

  • Great Role Models

    Calvin Ong - Practical Nursing, Richmond

    Our Instructors are good role models. I am learning a lot from them. I do not get intimidated because they are very nice, supportive and approachable. (what is innovative about our labs/classrooms) are the up to date equipment. They all have the supplies which I think is very important so we can properly practice our nursing skills. CDI is fun. Everyday I am learning new things. The staff are always there if the students need help.

  • Genuine Passion

    Jeffrey Lee - Burnaby

    I joined the team at CDI College Burnaby Campus as an Employment Specialist for a little over ten months. My role in career services is to assist students in career preparation and network with employers to provide connections between our grads and available jobs. What I found impressive about the Burnaby campus is the genuine passion that our instructional and management staff has towards the success of our students during and after their programs. Instructors are eager to work with me on following up with previous grads job search progress and this allows me to keep up to date with each grad to provide job referrals and opportunities to those who need it. I am proud to be a part of a team that goes beyond just teaching and shares in the passion of ensuring students get support after graduation.

  • Best Place To Be

    Brian Peter - Burnaby

    I enjoy the atmosphere.

  • Love Coming to CDI

    Seann Parcker - Burnaby

    I love coming to work and seeing and feeling the sense of community created between the students and staff. Touring prospective students through our campus and having them comment on how positive and friendly everyone is makes what I do in admissions so much easier. Who would not want to attend a college where everyone is smiling and happy.

  • Rewarding Job

    Salah Jazrawi - Burnaby

    I have been working at CDI campus for about four years. I like it here very much. It is a rewarding job. I have been working in so many areas and places and this place is one of the best.

  • Helping Students

    Deb Blasco - Burnaby

    I have been at CDI for three years. I love helping students re-direct their lives!

  • Exciting Career

    Dheema Parananthan - Burnaby

    I am the Finance Administrator for CDI Burnaby Campus for the last 13 years. During my Years of CDI I enjoyed my work as my own business. I love what I do. I love my Campus. The staffs are really good and friendly. We are all like a family. We all together change students lives. This is a most interesting and exciting career. We work hard to keep students happy and go a step ahead to make sure they are successful in their program and get employed.

  • Unbridled Joy

    Donna Medcacf - Burnaby

    I have seen students grow from nervous and anxious as they first enter the doors, to tentative as they grow to know their fellow students, to unbridled joy in students faces as they connect, share and even make the leap in certain relationships to mentoring each another. The satisfaction and pride in excellence is absolute joy to witness.

  • So Much Fun

    Brittany - Intra-Oral Dental Assistant, Burnaby

    Being a student in the Intra Oral Dental Assisting program at CDI College Burnaby was so much fun! The instructors are knowledgeable and extremely patient and helpful. Our out-patient days in the dental clinic helped to prepare me for real practice in a dental office. Immediately upon graduation I Was able to find a job in a dental clinic which I have now been in for the past two years. Thank you CDI for providing me with all the skills I needed for such a rewarding career!

  • Gained Knowledge

    Michele Petivoky - Burnaby

    I graduated from the program in December 2006. I have gained great knowledge and hands on experience from this program. The class size, instructions and the practical studies have allowed me to gain employment immediately after the graduation. I feel the teachers at the institute were all very experienced and their knowledge taught all of us everything we needed to know to be confident and knowledgeable to go out to the field.

  • CDI Was Great

    Starla Cooper - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    I graduated from the CDI Burnaby Dental Assisting Program in 2009 and had a great experience. The instructors were very helpful and approachable. They also assisted me in finding a job after graduation and have been working at the same office ever since. I also completed the Orthodontic Module from CDI. I love my job and it change my life. Thanks CDI Burnaby Dental!

  • Always Motivating

    Abidah Serod - Burnaby

    As a new CDI graduate I would like to say a few words to describe my experience in this school throughout the year. The biggest thing that always motivated me to do my best every day was the instructors at this campus. They not only motivated me to do my best everyday but helped me to learn and grow. They built confidence in me and they were leading me to success. They made me feel that I am a very important person. I appreciate every minute I spent in this college as it affects me as a person and changed me to a positive thinker. I would like to thank my instructors, my advisors and the directors for doing their very best to help me in achieving my goal.

  • Priceless

    Mary Anne - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Burnaby

    My CDI diploma is in APA. It is priceless ... and gives me confidence, competence and growth.

  • Passionate Lectures

    Jennifer Bibera - Intra-Oral Dental Assistant, Burnaby

    My experience in the Intra Oral Dental Assisting program at CDI College Burnaby campus was amazing! All of my instructors were extremely welcoming and passionate about helping each and every student. With a smaller class I Was able to receive one-on-one time as I needed and I always felt comfortable asking questions or getting advice. I was excited to get to the next class and learn! The school has a great program with even greater people who truly want to see you succeed. Towards the end of the program, many of my fellow students, including myself, had already received job opportunities in the dental profession.

  • Simply Effective

    Nazanin Gheitasian - Burnaby

    I truly had the most efficient days of my life with the positive energy at CDI, and I would miss all of my crew who helped me to finish this beautiful journey.

  • Bettering Myself

    Kaliegh Dallavalle - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    The Dental Assisting program at CDI has helped me to better myself and become a more well-rounded individual, with the encouragement and helpfulness of the staff I know I can achieve my goals.

  • So Refreshing

    Allison Coyle - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    It is so refreshing to have a team of teachers that genuinely care about our future careers as dental assistants. They encourage our class to work and learn as a team and do the best we can in our program.

  • Enjoying the Program

    Kate Kestelidis - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    Teachers and staff here at CDI especially for us here in the Certified Dental Assistant Program are extremely helpful and caring. They are always looking out for us and making sure we are comfortable and competent. I am thoroughly enjoying the program.

  • CDI Is Worth It

    Pamela Sullivan - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    I love my school. I can tell my teacher anything I love my program. I am doing Dental Assisting. I have learned so much I am so confident to go on my practicum. I drive every day from Mission just to come to this campus for this staff and this program. They are the best. Dental assisting is the best course.

  • Balanced School

    Sara Johnson - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    The dental assisting program is a lot of hard work, with a good balance of fun as well.

  • Changed my Life

    Bita Behroozynia - Burnaby

    I wanted to change my life for the better and I got referred to CDI. It has been only a few months but I feel like my life is already changed. Thank you CDI for helping me better my life.

  • Reaching My Goals

    Jaklin Taraghghi - Burnaby

    Here, in CDI College and Eminata group I learn that if you want something, it sure thing to reach it even if at first it seems impossible

  • Fun Process

    Kristin - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    The Dental Assisting program is a great career choice and the learning environment was amazing. I learned more than I thought and the process was really fun. The teachers are great and give you a lot of one-on-one training. Can not wait to start my new career.

  • Programs Are Great

    Carol Chan - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    The dental assisting program is help me a lot in the knowledge of the dentistry and how the procedure is process during the dental treatment.

  • Learned A Lot

    Naomi - Burnaby

    CDI College Is a great school. I have learned a lot and the teachers are great.

  • Help Is Available

    Ling Zhao - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    I am glad that I became a dental assisting student at CDI college. From the beginning until now. Even though just four months passed by, but I learned a lot and have been through a lot. I I had very hard time for study and understanding most of the time. Kanav as my lead instructor helps me go through all my questions one by one until I understand and always be patience with us. To us, he is not only working as an instructor. He is truly care about us and help us to succeed. Sandra and other instructors are also very nice. They all be able to help us any time and any way they could. I will never forget the conversation between Agnes, Norobert and I. When I failed my exam, when I feel down, when I cry, when I cannot face the situation. Both of you always being there with me. I feel I am not in a school. I feel I am in a big home. Thank you so much to all of you. There are too many things I want to say but do not know how to describe it in beautiful words. Once again, THANK YOU CDI. Thank you, all of you!!

  • Efficient

    Yuen Wong - Medical Office Assistant, Burnaby

    The instructor (Ms Judy), have good discipline that I missed for years (kids in this generation should start with such good discipline). The admissions officer (Shirley Zhang) is friendly, efficient and helpful. The school location is convenient in Burnaby.

  • The Teachers Care

    Andrea Ricard - Medical Office Assistant, Burnaby

    At CDI College, I like how the teachers inform the class that they know how the students feel when we are going through a very stressful and intense time. It shows they care and that they understand, yet they want us to succeed. I also like it how we can address any problems directly with them or the director without being afraid. When I ran into an issue, it was a huge relief to have a meeting with my director and instructor.) The atmosphere in the college is relaxed and friendly. Despite the students or instructors may not know each other all by name there is always a conversation always waiting to happen either in the hallways or the lunch room. This is the first school where I have been able to let down my guard. In the other schools I have been to I always had to keep my guard up in fear. Despite the distance it is worth it.

  • Proud to be at CDI

    Analisa Hall - Medical Office Assistant, Burnaby

    My experience so far with CDI for me is really good. Instructors and even staffs are really nice. I am happy that I have met new friends and I would probably enjoy the rest of my stay at CDI till I finish the program. It has a safe environment I would say. I am looking forward to graduate and being proud as MOA and as a product of CDI College.

  • Very Nice

    Panagiota Marroidis - Medical Office Assistant, Burnaby

    I started my MOA program 1 month ago, my experience here is good ... I enjoy coming here because everyone is very nice. I am looking forward to graduation.

  • Gets it done

    Richard - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Going to school was a step in the right direction for me... I am a tactile learner, CDI College helped me learn better.

  • Reaching Goals

    Meryl Sangalang - Law Enforcement Foundations, Surrey

    The instructors have created an environment for the students to feel inspired and passionate towards their goals. Our smaller classes allows for one on one discussions between students and the teacher. Since the day I started, the staff and administrators have made my peers and I feel comfortable, prepared, and ready for our goals.

  • Met Great People

    Alex Carruthers - Law Enforcement Foundations, Surrey

    My instructor thoroughly explains in detail about things we discuss. My experience has been fun. I have met some great instructors and students.

  • Awesome Instructor

    Cheng Li - Law Enforcement Foundations, Surrey

    My instructor is awesome!!! He does everything he can to help us out and gives lots of examples. Overall experience is good and everyone is nice.

  • Everything Is Clear

    Preet Gill - Medical Office Assistant, Burnaby

    My experience at CDI College is good so far. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. I like my instructor as well and how she teaches the class. She makes everything clear and understandable. I also enjoy the small discounts the students get at the local coffee shop and sushi restaurant.

  • Fun Field Trips

    Manprit Deol - Law Enforcement Foundations, Surrey

    The help from my instructor is awesome. The way he describes a topic/course is very easy to learn. We all get to go on field trips, which is more hands on to see what happens in reality. We have great discussions on all sorts of topics to understand law. The overall experience has been great. I like meeting new students with similar interests and meeting all the instructors of different classes who are always willing to help if there is a need!

  • Flexible School

    Amrit Gill - Medical Office Assistant, Burnaby

    At CDI College I enjoy the small class sizes. This way you have more time with studying and if you need help you get more feedback. The instructors are very nice and professional. I really enjoy how the school provides the students with free food. I like how I can stay in extra after school to do homework and stay on the computer to practice typing. I really enjoy coming to school every day and feel motivated to come every day. Thank You.

  • Enjoying It Here

    Frances Sam - Medical Office Assistant, Burnaby

    I am attending CDI College Burnaby and am enjoying it here.

  • Awesome Experience

    Tyson Fiolleau - Law Enforcement Foundations, Surrey

    My instructor teaches us how to think critically and only absorb useful information and dismiss ones that are not as important. The use of the Ipad is very innovative and it makes class more fun and studying easier. I like not having to carry a lot of books. My experience on campus has been awesome. All the teachers I have met are very nice and helpful. I also like having small classes to have a better relationship with my teacher.

  • Very Patient Teacher

    Catherine Jrelige - Surrey

    My instructor is very patient. She makes sure each student understands the topic before she goes to another topic. She explains all discussions and lectures clearly. Our Ipads makes our research easy and all faculty members are approachable.

  • Useful Ipads

    Susan Wilson - Surrey

    Our instructor has a personal and approachable relationship with each member of the class that makes it easy to ask for clarification. She is knowledgeable in her field and has a creative and relaxed approach to teaching that makes learning feel natural and positive. Our Ipads make it easy to keep track of test dates, take notes, research information, and stay connected with other members of the class. This has been a positive experience overall.

  • Accommodating Staff

    Karen Ancheta - Surrey

    Our instructors patience to make sure every student understood every topic made the difference to my education. She explains and gives examples to be well understood by everybody. She made studying fun by incorporating games so studying would not be boring. The use of Ipads makes a big difference rather than carrying books. It is also easy to search the internet since we have the technology right in our hands. Overall it is a great experience and the staff are very accommodating and treated us well.

  • Close to Home

    Marta Fventes - Medical Office Assistant, Burnaby

    I started the MOA program about a month ago. My experience here has been very good so far. I have had three different instructors, and I like them all. They are very good at what they do.. I can see that when I leave I will know a lot about everything. I like everyone here I am stressed about medical terminology but I am glad I am learning it. Everything has been good so far. ...I love how the school is a 15 minute walk from my house.

  • Amazing Achievements

    Thi Nguyen - Surrey

    My instructor is so fantastic, great, and amazing. She has taught us a lot of helpful things and I achieve a lot of amazing things.

  • Great School

    Janice Cao - Medical Office Assistant, Burnaby

    The teachers (at CDI) have a lot of patience for the students. The school environment is very nice. I can study much information from here.

  • Good So Far

    Mark Roche - Surrey

    My teacher makes the class interesting and I indulge in her knowledge. My overall experience has been good so far and everyone is friendly.

  • Amazing Experience

    Libby Langille - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    I am an Alumni graduate from the Dental Assisting Program of CDI College Burnaby, class of 2012. I would like to just say that my overall experience both clinically and theoretically were amazing. It truly did give me the training for the real world. I love all my dental instructors!

  • Hired Immediately

    Ekaterina Maydanyuk - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    I graduated from the dental assisting program in 2009. My instructors were all knowledgeable and they made every day a fun learning experience! The theory and clinical knowledge that I received allowed me to be hired immediately after graduation. I love my job and am very thankful to the CDI Burnaby Dental faculty!

  • Well Prepared at Job

    Katy Lay - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    I loved my education at CDI. I was able to get a job right away and was very well prepared. The instructors were great.

  • Immediately Hired

    Brittany Hui - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    Being a student in the Intra Oral Dental Assisting program at CDI College Burnaby was so much fun! The instructors are knowledgeable and extremely patient and helpful. Our out-patient days in the dental clinic helped to prepare me for real practice in a dental office. Immediately upon graduation I was able to find a job in a dental clinic which I have now been in for the past two years. Thank you CDI for providing me with all the skills I needed for such a rewarding career!

  • Fulfilling

    Sandra Woodrow - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    My experience working at CDI college Burnaby for the past 8 years has been very rewarding. Helping students obtain their professional goals through education is exciting and fulfilling.

  • Love Sharing Info

    Sherri Sutherland - Expanded Training in Orthodontics, Burnaby

    I teach the clinical component of the CDI Burnaby Orthodontic Module. I love sharing my knowledge in Orthodontics to the students. The dental instructors and our supervising Orthodontists are awesome and I always look forward to teaching the course.

  • Privileged To Teach

    Kanav Gupta - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    It is a privilege for me to be working at the same college that I have graduated from, CDI College Burnaby. I graduated from the CDI Burnaby Dental Assisting Program in 2007. I have always enjoyed being in the class as a student. The instructors who are now my colleagues have shaped me and inspired me to be the person I am today. I am proud to be a graduate of this campus and now even more proud that I am imparting the knowledge and even more to my students.

  • High Standards

    Eloise Sifyar - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    I am grateful that I have chosen the Oral Dental Assisting program. They have a high standard level of education that prepares me for the future. Our instructors are very kind professions and are excellent with their teaching skills.

  • Kind Instructors

    Simone Lacerte - Dental Receptionist Coordinator, Surrey

    Instructors are very kind and help with any questions we have and we get hands on experience with the computers. The staff is very friendly.

  • Bright Future

    Genalyn Reyes - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    Choosing the CDA program at CDI Burnaby campus is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. The program is great not to mention the supportive teachers and staff. I am positive that studying at CDI will not only give me a better career but a brighter future as well.

  • Changed My Life

    Mirela Metea - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    I started the CDA Program at CDI College, Burnaby is the best choice I could make. It definitely changed my life for the better. If I were to do it again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

  • Plenty of Computers

    Brian Mahar - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    My instructor is good at giving out instructions and motivates me to do better. Labs are innovative with plenty of computers which are all fast and use VMWare to work on plenty of OSs. My experience on campus has been great, students are friendly and teachers are very helpful.

  • Why I Love CDI

    Rumena Kirova - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    The reason I love CDI College is because all the instructors are super nice and very helpful. Everything that I have learned in class, I got to do it hand on later on. I think the biggest success comes from doing it hands on. Another reason is that I immediately got the job after I graduated from the Dental Assisting program, here at CDI. CDI provided me with the right knowledge and attitude towards this career. Thank you

  • Innovative Classes

    Colin Reis - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    Instructors help my education by working hands on with us. Everything is innovative in the classroom and overall experience on campus has been very good.

  • A Big Step

    Catherine Alonzo - Dental Assisting, Burnaby

    CDI College helped me to take a big step to change my career. The program I am in (Dental Assisting) fits perfectly in our schedule and the location (Burnaby campus) is just so close to home.

  • Campus Is Great

    Arber Caushi - Network Systems Administrator, Surrey

    Instructors answers any questions and overall experience has been great.

  • Clear Lectures

    Kate Falk - Paralegal, Surrey

    Meena helps make a difference in my education by being very approachable and reasonable in her teaching. She is always available to help and is very clear in her lectures. I look forward to coming to school because she is my teacher. I like that we are constantly changing the pace in the classroom by jumping between lectures, assignments, and field trips to the courthouse. I have had a very positive experience and it has been great. The structure and learning experience Meena provides is great! She is very knowledgeable and interesting. She provides the perfect balance for a healthy classroom environment.

  • Opportunities

    Alix Maguire - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    My instructor gives us answers to our questions and gives us opportunities for practical application of our skills. Classrooms are innovative with the use of quad core computers with 500gb hard drives and 8gb of ram. My overall experience has been good.

  • Good Standards

    Hardeep Mangat - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    Our instructor taught us in a professional way. She improved my communication skills a lot. She taught me everything about residents care, such as transferring them, feed them, and face aggressive residents. They made me very punctual and if we were late then we could not enter the class. There are all new technology like projectors and other things which we learned easily. Overall, I learned a lot and instructors were really good and made me more confident, comfortable, punctual, and independent. Our instructor helped us all the time. CDI has good education standards, good instructors, and good technology.

  • Hands On Practice

    Liang Xiao - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    Instructors not only give oral presentations but also hands on teaching. They show me skills and explains every procedure. They help build my confidence with the practical skills and gave me support of good communication, organization, and make me know all the details about my job routine. I dealt with different kinds of residents, problem solved, and learned to use the equipment. My overall experience was good, the campus is clean, tidy, and nice. The hands on skill teaching is my favourite and the staff are very good and professional. Our school is more professional compared to other schools and I am happy to have this campus and both instructors.

  • All New Equipment

    Paemju Mehay - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    I have two instructors and both are good and professional. They explain everything and one of them took extra time for my English. The lab is very organized and it has everything that we need. It is very spacious so we can work easily. There is a projector that is very helpful for presentations and all the equipment in the lab are new. All the staff members are very cooperative and always encourage me to do better.

  • Feeling Great

    Biant Kaler - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    My instructors were helpful and gave me real life experience and confidence with my learning. I felt challenged and it was great. The simulation mannequins were cool to learn from. I appreciated the support of the staff and school.

  • High Tech Lab

    Rimmy Dewett - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    My teachers are professional and they dedicate themselves to help us. The lab is very high tech and like a hospital which makes it a cool place to learn. The instructors are so helpful and excited to help us. They are great role models. The campus is great with lots of space and it is close to home which I appreciate. I am almost graduated and I am glad I made the decision to come to CDI for nursing.

  • Exciting Future

    Sarah Malik - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    I was shown how to be a great nurse by my instructors who are also great nurses. They showed us how to work hard and be passionate about our future career. The hospital lab was a great learning environment. My overall experience was great! I had a great year of growth. I am excited about my future in nursing thanks to my supportive school.

  • Up To Date Equipment

    Alicia Andaya - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors were always there if you need help with anything. They are very supporting to all the students and they make sure that the material covered is understood by the students. The labs are up to date with all the equipment we need to practice our skills. Classrooms are fairly big and lots of space. My experience here at CDI was great. I am going to miss my instructors because they all really helped me out through everything. Overall it was amazing here. I made new friends and now I have a job as a LPN!!

  • Completing My Dream

    Sarah DelaCruz - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    The instructors were always available to help us succeed. They put in lots of time and effort to prepare us for the national exam. The lab is set up like a hospital and everything is up to date and teachers show us how to operate technology. The campus was great. Lots of space and staff was always warm and welcoming. I am so happy for choosing CDI for completing my dream of becoming a nurse!

  • Inviting Campus

    Aminish Uppal - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors are always around before and after classes for extra help because they want us to succeed. Classrooms are set up like how a hospital would be, there is up to date equipment, and teachers are always there to help. Overall my experience on campus was great. The staff were there the entire way and the campus is always inviting. I am so glad I chose CDI Surrey Campus for my education.

  • Great Role Models

    Rebecca Abbotson - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    My instructors helped us learn by showing their personal and professional experiences in nursing. It help make our learning feel more real life. The simulation mannequins were great for learning real life nursing interventions. I learned to be a safe and confident nurse. I felt very supported and my instructors were great role models. I am happy that I chose to do nursing at CDI.

  • Pleasant Experience

    Zachary Isaak - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors got to know each student personally and helped their personal needs. The classrooms are always current and have up to date equipment, technology, and teaching strategies. My overall experience was pleasant and teachers were always there when needed. CDI changed my perspective on life and now I am a LPN, changing other peoples lives.

  • Really Great Campus

    Harpreet Sran - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Surrey

    I really like the way the instructors taught us, they were always there to help us whenever we needed help. My overall experience was really great. I enjoyed studying at CDI.

  • Engaging and Fun

    Ayisha Sidhu - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    My instructors made learning fun for me and I gained confidence because I understood the information. There was a use of technology to make our class time more engaging and fun. I became a nurse and I am excited about working in healthcare. My school helped me towards success.

  • Dedicated Staff

    Geupreet Shergill - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    My instructors helped encourage me to stay dedicated to my studies. Classrooms were innovative by using scenarios and videos to help us learn concepts. I felt very supported through my studies. The staff really dedicated their time to us.

  • Supportive School

    Amy Fleming - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    The teachers are dedicated to their students and help give them confidence to be great nurses. There is a use of different technologies and access to journal databases which is great for accessing relevant nursing education and helps us write better. This was the most supportive learning environment I have experienced in school.

  • Noble Profession

    Sudeshna Siwan - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    I have been teaching at the campus for almost 4 years. I have 16 years of experience in the field of health care. I have worked as a health care attendant for 9 years and as a LPN for 7 years. My passion for nursing care towards my patients and residents inspired me to pursue a teaching career so that I could help and educate students to become competent and compassionate health caregivers. I inspire my students through my professionalism and being a good role model. I try and develop a vibrant, productive, and memorable course that I have taught for the day by engaging students to be active participants in their own learning. I always try and motivate my students and help them when needed by providing extra help if needed. I think teaching and nursing are two of the most noble professions. We impact the future of other people everyday in so many ways. My students inspire me with kind words of how I have impacted their personal and professional lives.

  • Building Careers

    Mona Kaur - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Surrey

    I have been an employment specialist/practicum coordinator at CDI for the last 3 years. During this period, I have helped hundreds of students by placing them in practicum and teaching them how to get a job after completing their courses. I wanted to pursue teaching ever since I completed my education. It struck me that so many other graduates with dreams of making a decent career must be going through the same difficulties that many of us have gone through. Many of them might get discouraged and give up on the chance of building a career so I decided to join the CDP program at SFU to become an employment specialist. I inspire my students to always believe in their own abilities to instil self confidence in them. Most students are apprehensive about out into the job market and I give them examples from real life people who made a good career. I provide them professional tools for job search like how to write a resume and cover letter, where to look for relevant jobs and how to apply for them. I have always believed that we might not be able to change the world for the better but we certainly can influence that part where we belong. We should give back to our job the best we can and based on our education and experience. Fortunately, at my present job, I get that chance everyday to help our students make their lives better.

  • Best Faculty

    Sanjay Pillay - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    I come from a secondary school teaching background for 3 years and nursing background for 15 years. I have been teaching this program for 6 years now. I wanted to pursue a teaching career because being a nurse for 15 years and seeing nursing and HCA students come to facilities I used to work at, sometimes they come with not enough experience. It made me think that I wanted to change lives through education. I motivate my students by being passionate with my teaching profession. I explain to them when they ask questions and by being supportive and open. Good teaching will inspire students in particular when it deals with reality. A good environment, great leader and the best faculty makes our profession shine at CDI Surrey.

  • Setting Examples

    Gyda Ortigas - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    I have been a nurse for 11 years both teaching and clinical instructor. I wanted to teach because I wanted to help students become good nurses. My satisfaction is to see them well and be a success in their career. I inspire them by being a good example and I am honest with what I do and say. I am always accessible to them when they have problems.

  • Great Students

    Chrystal Hamerton - Community Health Care Worker, Surrey

    My background is in marketing and business but I have been in the private college industry for over 6 years with further education in career services, real estate, and provincial instructor diploma. I wanted a teaching career because employment and careers are strongly linked to marketing and sales. I enjoy giving students the fundamentals of promoting oneself. I inspire my students by bringing energy and wealth of knowledge in regards to the employment process. I am currently up to date on new trends and the industry. I really enjoy teaching the students at CDI which makes me enjoy coming to work everyday!

  • Passing On My Legacy

    Joseph Wallace - Dental Technician, Surrey

    I began my career in dental technology in 1966 in a major lab in Vancouver. I was in a 4 year apprenticeship program at VCC. After graduating I was offered a position as supervisory manager and stayed for 46.5 years. After, I opened my own full service dental lab with a staff of 6. I was inspired to pursue teaching because I want to pass on the legacy that was passed to me. I inspire my students by setting a good example, reiterating on past experiences and explaining potential outcomes of hard work and dedication. Encouraging professionalism, communication with other members of the dental community and teamwork is so important in achieving success in this field.

  • Great Profession

    Kanwal Grewarl - Computer Business Applications Specialist Accounting, Surrey

    I have been in the IT and business applications field for 20 years. I wanted to teach because it is my passion to see and look back at what you have brought into other peoples lives. I inspire my students by helping them find answers. I make their dreams come true about their career and help them start doing necessary things they find difficult. Teaching is one of the greatest profession.

  • Dream Come True

    Moreen Rahil - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    I have a nursing background (LPN) and I have been in this field for 7 years now. I wanted to teach because I wanted to share knowledge and it has always been my dream, espeically something I am so passionate about. I inspire them by sharing real life experience and successes which have helped me succeed in this career. This has been a life changing experience.

  • Pursuing Goals

    James Lo - Law Enforcement Foundations, Surrey

    I was a customs officer in Canada and continued to be involved in the business of private security industry for 20 years. I have been teaching in this field since 1998. I wanted to pursue a teaching career because I want to help the younger generation develop their successful career life. I inspire my students by always starting them off based on their own individual level and try to help them establish their goals. Concepts that I often use is to introduce them the idea of short term, mid term, and long term goals to help the motivate themselves to pursue those goals. Strong believer in education changes lives.

  • Positive Vibes

    Monica Grewal - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Surrey

    I started teaching as a computer programming instructor and business applications. I worked in the accounting field for some time prior to teaching bookkeeping. I have around 16 years of teaching experience. My mother is a teacher and made the impression at a very early stage that there was always a teacher to inspire me to choose teaching as a profession. I love challenges and accounting and numbers are challenging for students but the contentment they feel having learned the subject inspires me to look forward and keep doing it. It is very rewarding. I inspire my students by understanding their feelings and searching for a real person within. I maintain a positive vibe in class in every negative situation. I always try to wear a smile and keep enforcing and say repeatedly what what we fear most, we make it happen. When we are in a positive frame of mind, positive things happen. I believe when an instructor starts believing in changing lives through education and inspirational instructor is born.

  • Rewarding Career

    Consolalion Cadyonan - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    I worked as a registered nurse in VGH for 11 years and at Surrey Memorial Hospital for 27 years. I have been teaching nursing for 6 years and at CDI teaching for 2 years. I wanted to pursue teaching because my passion for nursing inspired me to teach in a clinical setting. I wanted to help produce caring and competent nurses. I inspire students by being a role model. I am confident and always act professional by being positive. It is so rewarding to work with my students as RCAs or LPNs.

  • Work Ready Nurses

    Manu Gill - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    I have been a registered nurse for 6 years and I have a Masters in nursing education. I wanted to teach because I had a desire to advocate for students and help guide them to become strong LPNs. I inspire my students by using my own practice examples and encourage them to exceed their expectations. CDI nursing program produces excellent, work ready nurses who are desired by health care organizations locally to globally.

  • Value Of Learning

    Semelie Tumulak - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    I am a practising RN with a BSN and I have been doing this for the past 10 years. Prior to being a nurse, I have been teaching Biology and genetics due to my degree in Biology and Masters in microbiology. I have been teaching for almost 20 years now, both in classrooms and in workshops/corporate settings. I was inspired to pursue teaching because I would like to be able to show future nurses that nursing is not just pushing pills. There are so many avenues that one can pursue. I also would want to work on the floor with nurses who I know are good at what they do and have the heart to do what they are doing. I inspire my students by making them feel the value of what they do because if there is value, there is motivation, and then learning happens. I also want my students to see the importance of being able to bring to the classroom first hand experience of what is going on in real life. I try to keep myself as current and updated as I can in my practise so that I am credible to my students.

  • Engaging Students

    Simrat Minhas - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    I am a K-12 teacher, clinical counsellor, and nurse. I have been a nursing educator for the past 3 years at CDI and now the nursing program coordinator. I was inspired to pursue teaching because I have been a nurse for 7 years. I have been a preceptor many times and wanted to be a part of the schooling process to help students become successful. I inspire students by being engaging, creative, open, and passionate about what I do. I bring excitement and opportunity for growth for my students. I am always eager to try new things and never bored. My success and happiness at work is guided by a supportive campus director and nursing team.

  • Most Satisfying Job

    Kumar Varma - Business Administration, Surrey

    I have been working for Eminata Group for nearly 7 years. I have an undergraduate degree in science with a Masters in Education from SFU. Currently I am working on my MBA. I also have a certificate in International Trade program from FITT, Travel and Tourism Counsellor CTC. I started as an instructor in Tourism in 1997 and found it very interesting. Bringing my learning experience to class and sharing it with students is the most satisfaction life experience one can have. Teaching students is always challenging but the moment you reconcile with students that you are among them, it gives them life experience and really inspires them. I believe knowledge and the most current experiences of the industry helps them learn and succeed. It has been a great experience teaching at CDI with high standards of curriculum and changing course material. The CDI team work collaboratively for success.

  • Beauty of Dreams

    Christine Napoleon - Legal Administrative Assistant, Surrey

    I taught ESL in an adult learning environment for 10 years before I decided to go to law school. I have been in the legal field, both as a student and professional for 5 years. After graduating with a degree, I worked as a reference librarian where I taught legal research to law students. I have always seen myself as a teacher. I enjoy passing on what I have learned through experience and other situations to others. I find law not only very challenging, but also fun and interesting. I am aware that most students do not have this view and I am inspired to change that. Eleanor Roosevelt once said that the future belonged to those who believed in the beauty of their dreams. I like to inspire my students by reminding them that they are here because they are fulfilling their dreams. I also like to think that nothing is impossible and if you really have a desire for something, you can always find a way to accomplish or achieve it. I believe in living life with passion and I try to pass it on to my students.

  • Fascinating Field

    Joyce Mackenzie - Legal Administrative Assistant, Surrey

    I have been working as a legal assistant then as a paralegal for 35 years. I was inspired to teach because I have always been fascinated with the ever challenging field of law. I never get tired of it and have never lost my enthusiasm. I try to inspire students with my enthusiasm and I want all of them to do well in their chosen field. I am always trying to instil that they have chosen a great career and with hard work, great results will follow. I extremely enjoy the Surrey campus; everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful and it is a great faculty.

  • Changing Lives

    Natasha Petri - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    I started as a dental receptionist then to a CDA. I have been in this field since 2002 and working as a instructor since 2005. I continue to work outside of CDI as a CDA with an office downtown each weekend to keep my knowledge and skills up to date. I wanted to pursue teaching because I enjoy imparting knowledge and being involved in changing lives through education. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing students come from beginning to end and being able to share their success. I inspire my students by motivating them and leading by example to be the best they can be.

  • Great Career

    Danica Headley - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    I have been a certified dental assistant for 7 years. I have always wanted to be an instructor because the dental field is great and it opens to a lot of careers that not only focuses on clinics but also teaching, sales, insurance, etc. I motivate students everyday by being a positive person even at stressful times.

  • Preparing Students

    Terry Blake - Information Systems Support Specialist, Surrey

    My experience is well rounded as a chef through to business management. I have been working in the IT field for 15+ years ss a bench tech, then systems admin with a medical company, and various other positions. I have trained and supported many apprenticeships so I felt the transition to teaching would be a good fit. I inspire my students by getting them involved on campus with calls/tickets that are not sensitive in nature. I give access to other Android, Apple, Linux, Windows, etc. I open their minds to other applications and operating systems to give them exposure to an environment similar to the business world. This prepares them to enter the work force.

  • Sharing My Knowledge

    Yasmin Banzon - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    I have a dental degree and I have been in this field for 34 years. I became a certified dental assistant when I moved to Canada 8 years ago. I started teaching the same year I graduated from dental school. I have always wanted to be a teacher and I was fortunate that I was invited to teach at my university after I graduated. My mother is also a teacher and she inspired me. I inspire my students by doing my best to impart whatever knowledge I have to share and encourage them to set high goals and working to achieve their goals. Recognizing student efforts and letting them know that I am here to help is essential to their learning. Having the opportunity to work in a positive environment is a very important factor in inspiring employees to perform well.

  • Fabulous Stage

    Cilcy Zachariah - Computer Business Applications Specialist Accounting, Surrey

    I have completed my engineering in computer science and also took the PIDP. I have been teaching in this field for almost 3 years. I wanted to teach because it provides a fabulous stage for showing ones own inspiration and knowledge. I wanted to change lives for the better. As a mentor, I use my skills and knowledge to inspire my students. I always try to identify their strengths to push them in the right direction.

  • Continuous Learning

    Jimmy Rillo - Surrey

    I completed a degree in physical therapy. I worked as a physical therapist in the Philippines and Middle East for 7 years. I handled cases such as stroke, SCI, muscloskeletal conditions, etc. I recently worked as a rehabilitation assistant in residential facilities. I wanted to pursue a teaching career because my mother is a teacher and I admire her dedication to help others learn. I think education is important in order to grow. I want to implant learning to others by sharing my knowledge through teaching and I also love science. I inspire my students by telling them the truth. Education is needed to get a better job. I encourage them and remind them to be responsible for themselves because their career depends on their attitude and behaviour towards learning. I put myself in their shoes because I was a student before. I want to work hard and cooperate with the whole faculty; to learn continuously by way of listening and observing others experiences. I will be respectful and cheerful.

  • Pursuing Dreams

    Amrit Gill - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    My background is certified dental assisting. I have been in this field for the past 8 years. I wanted to pursue teaching because I enjoy helping people and seeing people pursue their dreams. I enjoy having different types of students come through with so much to offer. I inspire students by hearing personal stories and encouraging them to work towards creating a brighter future.

  • Future Nurses

    Lori Bentley - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    I have been an LPN for the past 8 years and have been teaching at CDI for 3 years. I wanted to teach because I wanted a new challenge and wanted to be part of influencing the future nurses. I inspire my students by being an instructor that is ready to listen and help them with understanding tough topics. I let every student know that I believe in their success from the very beginning.

  • I Love What I Do

    Sama Ghnaim - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    I have a background in science with a speciality in chemistry and biology. I have been in this field for 3 years. I wanted to pursue teaching because I have a passion for science and for teaching so it made perfect sense to combine the two. I inspire my students by showing that what it is like to be passionate and motivated for knowledge. I capture their interest and show them what they are capable of accomplishing. Teaching is what I am meant to do and I am so glad I wake up every morning excited to come to work.

  • My Passion

    Meena Sadioura - Paralegal, Surrey

    I have done MA in psychology. I was doing LCM but could not finish because of Immigration to Canada. I am in the legal field for 10 years and practiced in India for 4 years. I have been teaching the last 3 years and now practicing law part time. I wanted to pursue teaching as a career because it is my passion. I inspire my students by linking the classroom with actual law firm practice. I give them assignments which are similar to actual law firm files.

  • Fulfilling Job

    Raman Kang - Dental Receptionist Coordinator, Surrey

    I have been in this field for 9 years and worked both as a CDA and receptionist. I wanted to pursue teaching because I wanted a change and be able to relate my experiences in an office. Providing dental care is very fulfilling and makes you feel good but I had a desire to inspire students and show them it is fun. I inspire students by trying to incorporate a lot of personal experience into the teaching. I have seen a lot of good and bad and found students very much enjoy hearing these experiences. It always engages more conversations and allows me to teach future receptionists how to problem solve. I try to make class fun by getting them to work with each other.

  • Helpful

    Nahowi Takuzi - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    All the instructors are really helpful

  • Meeting New People

    Lisa Davies - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Surrey

    Instructors teach me the information I need to know and answers my questions. It has been great meeting new people and being able to share experiences with each other.

  • Amazing Instructor

    Lauren Trasor - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    Instructor is amazing, very helpful, makes lectures fun and understandable, and makes school enjoyable.

  • Nice School

    Jeremy Camacho - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    The instructor always fixes problems that affects students in their studies and attends to every students need. Classmates are always willing to help. The school is nice, people are friendly, and the staff are very helpful.

  • Knowledgeable Staff

    Christine Rae - Surrey

    My instructor explains things that may not be clear at first and finds multiple way to teach. He makes time for each student if they need help. The staff is knowledgeable, positive, and we learn fun material. My experience on campus has been positive because of the students and teachers.

  • Confident For Future

    Nerinder Gill - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    My instructor pushes me by motivating me to do better in my grades and he has helped me a lot. He uses different techniques in reviews which helps me get higher grades. Classrooms are innovative by using visual techniques, materials, crosswords, and videos. Overall experience has been great. This program has helped me a lot, I feel confident that it will help me in the future.

  • Pushing Myself

    Shazia Nisha - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    My instructor was very understandable. He pushed me in my skills so I can be smarter and fully trained for my practical. All the instructors are very helpful and lets us achieve.

  • Energetic Instructor

    Jacqueline Snow - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    The instructor is always nice and energetic! And always there to help us. Labs are all hands on and everything is set up exactly like a dental office. My experience has been great and small classes makes a difference in my learning.

  • Reality Perspective

    Shalina Brown - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Surrey

    My instructor is able to provide one on one instructions and takes the time to answer questions. I get to work at my own pace in the labs and small class sizes enables classroom discussions and helping peers. The experience provides a reality perspective of what the job world is like. The fast paced, deadline driven environment is what employers expect from their employees. The experience prepares you for real life.

  • Friendly Atmosphere

    Albert Tetreau - Accounting Certificate, Surrey

    Ciley was a great instructor. Classes are innovative because our books are on tablets. The staff has been very friendly and helpful. The hallways and classrooms have a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. I feel good about the rest of my course.

  • No Complaints

    Anthony - Information Systems Support Specialist, Surrey

    Henry Blake is always available if a student needs further instructions and he keeps the class in order. My experience on campus has been excellent. I have no complaints at all.

  • Positive Experience

    Alana Flamand - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    My instructor has helped me a lot and he finds ways for me to learn better. We have fun materials and always get help when we need it. Overall experience on campus has been great and I really appreciate how I can ask for help if I need it. It has been positive and the class has been really fun.

  • Very Good

    Mandeep Sidhu - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    The instructor explains very well and overall experience has been very good.

  • Easy To Understand

    Rupinder - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    The instructor explains in an easy to understand way. Classrooms are innovative with advance tools. Overall experience on campus has been good and all the instructors are very helpful.

  • Everyone is Helpful

    Adrienn Markos - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    My instructor gives me a lot of information and explains what I need to know. Classrooms have everything we need and it helps us. The college talks over everything I need help with and the teacher is always there for me.

  • Hopeful Future

    Fareha Facher - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    My instructor Sanjay is such a good person and he taught us word by word. Classes are innovative with the use of Power Point and teaching tools. Experience has been so far so good and hope will be in the near future.

  • Wonderful Advice

    Ashley Mendietz - Surrey

    My instructor is amazing in every way! She listens, has wonderful advice, and she is easy to learn from. I could not have asked for a better instructor. The lab is awesome for hands on.

  • Learning Is Fun

    Carly Dupas - Surrey

    My instructor makes learning very fun and interesting by involving the class in the discussion and also by doing hands on learning. Overall, people seem to be quite friendly.

  • Well Educated

    Brandie Jeselon - Paralegal, Surrey

    My instructor is very well educated and knowledgeable in the subject and provides a hands on experience which is very beneficial. The assignments are both challenging and practical.

  • Great Notes

    Baldeep Khangura - Paralegal, Surrey

    My instructor Meena makes a huge difference in my education. When ever I would need extra help, she has always been around. Her notes are great and she is very understanding. We do mock trials and it gives me a better understanding and a more hands on experience. I enjoy being in class and learning great things from Meena

  • Individual Computers

    Melissa Molvik - Paralegal, Surrey

    My instructor provides guidance and step by step instructions during lectures and assignments. Having individual computers is a bonus! So far I have not been overwhelmed or lost in my studies and everything has been organized and structured for easy learning!

  • Confident In Myself

    Alexandria Brandeis - Paralegal, Surrey

    The instructor makes a difference in my education by having typed notes with lectures which allows for retention of all information. She encourages open discussions about topics as well. She allows us to align real life stories and issues with topics at hand which encourages inclusion, excitement, laughter, and ultimately understanding. I feel that I am learning tasks that mirror the position I will hold in my future career which makes me excited and anxious to start. I am confident in my abilities to tackle my future positively.

  • In depth Discussions

    Brittany Katrichak - Paralegal, Surrey

    My instructor helps my education by having a very specific way of teaching and makes sure you understand before she moves forward. If you do not understand, she will go into further detail to make sure you are comfortable before moving on. Everyone is always willing to help and there are discussions on topics to get in depth of everything which helps. Everyone is very friendly and they always have a smile and will always say hello in the hallway.

  • Ideal Teacher

    Tasha Poirier - Paralegal, Surrey

    The instructor has an excellent balance of strictness and leniency which allows students to feel comfortable but also forces them to learn. This is the ideal mix for a teacher. It is a good location for a college to be situated beside a skytrain. Also, the staff are very friendly.

  • Pretty Great

    Marbel Dockery - Paralegal, Surrey

    My instructor helps my education by making sure I understand what she is teaching. She is always available to answer and assist any questions we have. Meena is the best instructor I have had and her teaching methods are pretty great. I enjoy her class.

  • Great Place To Learn

    Taeter Carson - Paralegal, Surrey

    My instructor applies everything we learn in class to the working environment so we know what to expect when we enter the working world. Everyone has their own computer to do their work on which is comparable to the real office environment. It has been an excellent and great learning environment!

  • Meena Is The Best

    Debi Abrantes - Paralegal, Surrey

    Meena helps us learn by immersing us in the material and giving us hands on experience by doing things we would actually be doing in a law firm. She is amazing, pushes us to do better, and genuinely cares about us and wants us to succeed. Hands down, the best teacher at CDI.

  • Fun and Challenging

    Cherri Lcasiano - Paralegal, Surrey

    Meena is very experienced in her field and knowledgeable. She makes learning fun and challenging to make us really apply ourselves. She takes us to actual courts in BC so we can have first hand experience. My experience on campus has been amazing and I love it. I love Meena as a teacher.

  • Open Door Policy

    Manveer Sandhu - Paralegal, Surrey

    My instructor creates an environment that aids in my learning experience. She is always willing to listen and take into consideration the concerns that are addressed. We use computers to write notes and do assignments everyday. With using computers everyday, my typing speed has increased. The use of computers in our class is very practical because our work environment would use computers the same way. I have had a wonderful experience at this campus, it is a campus that has an open door policy. Every faculty member is available at all times for the students to talk to. The dean at CDI makes the experience very comfortable because we are able to speak to her directly at all times.

  • Cheerful Faces

    Jasveer Sandhu - Paralegal, Surrey

    My instructor has been a huge help. She takes time to explain assignments and has a good relationship with her students. Meena teaches efficiently and has a good balance between assignments and tests. I feel that I am doing exceptionally well in my program and my instructor plays a huge part in that. Something innovative about our classroom is that we have computers for each student. It is beneficial because we do a lot of notes and assignments that would be difficult without us having our own computer. I have had a great experience overall at this campus. I enjoy the program I am taking and fell that I am learning a lot. It is nice to see the staff always greeting you with a smile; it is a great start to my day. I am happy I chose CDI college!

  • Visual Presentations

    Ernesto Nunez - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Surrey

    My instructor is really nice and helps me get more educated and knowledgeable on my subject. Labs/classrooms are innovative with lots of visual presentations. Overall experience has been nice and cool.

  • Fast Paced

    Katalin Horvath - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Surrey

    The instructors are helpful and nice; they understand if people need help completing assignments. I like the lab because when there is something wrong with the computers, they get fixed very fast and classrooms have enough space. Overall, I like it here. It is very fast paced but it is challenging so if you can handle it here, you can do it in your work place too. I will recommend CDI college for other people.

  • Lots Of Attention

    Shamshad Hassam - Payroll and Income Tax Practitioner, Surrey

    The instructors are very helpful, supportive, and creative which makes a difference in my education. I get to work at my own pace in the labs. Also, classrooms do not have too many students so I get more attention!!

  • Good College

    Kiran Sandhu - Dental Receptionist Coordinator, Surrey

    Instructors are very helpful. They teach us when we need them and solves the problems quickly. All the classrooms are very good and quiet. Everybody does their work without noise. It has been a good experience for me. I love to study and I learned so many things on campus. I think this is a good college.

  • Respectful People

    Florabelle Mendoza - Dental Receptionist Coordinator, Surrey

    Instructors help me to focus on my reading and understanding. For now, it seems like it is a self study curriculum but I think I can handle it well. They help you if you need to clarify something. My experience so far is good, people treat you with respect.

  • Easy To Get Help

    Magdalena Peoples - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Surrey

    My instructor helps me see the text in a more broken down view so it is easier to understand. They are very patient with explaining difficult to understand topics. The classrooms are small so it is easier to get help from the instructor which makes it a better learning environment. I enjoy coming to school; people are friendly.

  • Very Helpful Staff

    Amawpreet Dhanoya - Dental Receptionist Coordinator, Surrey

    The instructors are very encouraging and helpful concerning all the programs. The labs and classes are all updated with full convenience and good environment for studies. Experience overall is very good, I like the campus a lot.

  • Encouraging Teachers

    Sarah Fleming - Dental Receptionist Coordinator, Surrey

    Instructors have great knowledge of the programs and are very encouraging. Classrooms have up to date programs, modern computers and information. My experience has been great, the staff is helpful and students are welcoming.

  • New Software

    Andrew Cordeiro - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    My instructor is here if we ever need him to help us with our work. We have many computers in the classroom for us to use, fix, or test theories on. I also have the ability to learn on an OS that I never knew about which is Linux. Everyone helps each other to improve our learning.

  • Awesome People

    Glen Graham - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    My instructor has made a huge difference. It is a self taught course and it has been a challenge for me. Terry has done so much to help. Coming from the trades, I find everything to be innovative in the IT class. I am having a great time on campus. The classroom is awesome, great people with great attitudes.

  • Very Friendly

    Kelly Odonnell - Surrey

    So far everyone has been very friendly and helpful.

  • Help With Problems

    Gurpreet Kaur - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Surrey

    Instructors help us understand if we have any problems in the lab. Overall experience is good.

  • Always Helpful

    Stephanie Masen - Dental Receptionist Coordinator, Surrey

    Instructors are always willing to help and find a solution to my question. Classes are small and teachers are helpful and take their time explaining things. My experience has been so far so good.

  • Current Software

    Jean Watke - Surrey

    Instructors gives me the ability to ask for help which gives me confidence in my class work. The programs/software are all current and teachers are very knowledgeable. I feel great about coming to class everyday.

  • Updated Computers

    Alex Stotomas - Surrey

    Instructors help my education by monitoring my progress and they are always available and willing to help explain things that are difficult for students. Computers are updated and accommodate students. I could say that the campus has staff and instructors who are very supportive to students.

  • They Make An Effort

    Julia Folia - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Surrey

    Instructors take extra time to help and make an effort to answer your questions. Classrooms and labs have a good set up and time for studying is available at all times. All instructors are helpful and informative. I enjoy attending this college. It was a great experience and I enjoy interacting with the instructors.

  • Positive Energy

    Anthony Reuter - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    The teacher helps students by motivation, explanation, and providing hands on experience around the campus. Terry is an excellent teacher and really brings positive energy to class. I am proud to be on a fast IS HP computer daily rather than working on a Windows based computer. Our class is the go to classroom for many problems around the campus. My overall experience on campus was definitely a positive one. I am very happy that I am well known around CDI from doing tasks around the school and helping peers with technical difficulties. I would recommend CDI to any student who is interested in getting post secondary education as the campus brings a smile to the students from the moment they walk through the door.

  • World Class Lab

    Okafiemhin Omonodion - Network & Database Administrator, Surrey

    My instructor is a patient and warm teacher. He follows up to make sure your problems are resolved. The lab is world class, we have physical practices and simulations. The lab helps bring real life issues to us. My experience has been awesome so far, from the instructors to the front desk.

  • Nice Environment

    Juvinal Borja - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    Our instructors are very helpful and straight forward. The classroom has a nice environment and everyone is friendly and helpful. Overall, I have a good experience studying at CDI.

  • Challenges Students

    Timothy Gray - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    With my instructors expert knowledge and professional attitude, I always know where I can go for help and I am quickly taught the proper solution. A Linux based computer environment provides a challenging learning curve that tests students abilities to adapt. It is a great tool.

  • Good Campus

    Jeraud Chunad - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    Labs are kept in good condition

  • Optimum Efficiency

    Jesse Thind - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    My instructor answers any questions when asked, makes the environment fun and relaxed, and gives hints to help us solve our problems. Every device in the classroom seems to be working at optimum efficiency. Other students and teachers come to us to solve computing problems.

  • Surprisingly Fun

    Randy Farren - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    My instructor, Terry Blake, has always taken the extra time whenever I needed extra guidance. He is fantastic and very intellectual and supports far more than expected for this campus. Terry makes me strive to excel everyday. My grades can easily be a reflection of his motivational presence. I enjoy how our lab is set up. All you have to do is look around the room and ask a question about anything tech and you will get the help you need. My experience here has been surprisingly good, Students are friendly and staff is helpful with an all around positive attitude. Terry and I were filmed one day to show off the curriculum on our Ipads which was fun. I am absolutely sure that the rest of my time here will be a fun, learning experience. This campus has been progressively improving in leaps and bounds. Excellent job CDI!!!

  • Hands On Work

    Kevin Wyllie - Network & Database Administrator, Surrey

    My instructor is there when we need help on anything and he is easy to communicate with. Classrooms are innovative because we work with Linux and we get to learn the different programs that are out there. Also, we get to do some hands on work around the school. The students are very friendly.

  • No Heavy Textbooks

    Steven Molema - Network Systems Engineer, Surrey

    My instructor, Terry, makes all the difference because he is there to help whenever he can and he is very knowledgeable. He makes coming to class fun and is not strict but keeps us on track. The fact that everything is electronic makes it easier because we do not need to carry heavy textbooks. Everyone in class helps each other. My experience has been great, everyone is friendly and willing to help. The programs are great and fairly easy to understand and it is an awesome campus.

  • Learning Made Easy

    Metachelle Ravela - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    The instructors try their very best to make learning easy. Everything in the classroom is innovative and experience has been fun. Keep it up!

  • Patient Instructor

    Cinthia Aviles - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    My instructor is patient and helps us until we understand. Our dental lab is nice and spacious. Overall experience is good.

  • Good Experience

    Jaine Henh - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    My instructor is friendly and organized which helps me. My experience has been really good so far.

  • Approachable Teacher

    Tammy Toews - Surrey

    My instructor is very approachable and easy to learn from. The lab has hands on equipment and the Ipad is very visual and easy to study from. Overall, my experience was good. My instructor was what made my experience so great

  • Future Goals

    Wanda Spencer - Business Administration, Surrey

    My instructor has been so instrumental in having me see the big picture in my future career goals. The classrooms are clean and updated with appropriate technology. As a mature student, I am very pleased with having the feeling and experience of belonging and being welcome.

  • Comfortable and Tidy

    Teresa Fang - Business Administration, Surrey

    It is a small class so the instructor can focus more on individuals and help us when we have problems on the material we are learning. Classrooms are small, comfortable, and tidy. The campus is big and bright and every instructor is friendly and kind towards every student.

  • Too Good

    Chander Garig - Business Administration, Surrey

    My instructor helps me a lot by giving me good skills about everything in business. He is very helpful and solves every problem. Labs give good practical knowledge about every subject. My overall experience on campus is too good.

  • Improving My Skills

    Moses Taban - Business Administration, Surrey

    My instructor helps me improve my skills both at school and career. I learn new things everyday and made me aware of my future and how to handle conflict. The labs/classrooms are great and well organized. My Ipad is well set for my school work. I understand my program because it is set well. The campus is clean and well organized. Facilities are helpful and help me in different aspects towards my goals. I am very comfortable every time I come to school because it was organized.

  • Good Management

    Djamani - Business Administration, Surrey

    My instructor helps make a difference in my education when he teaches clearly and makes it understandable. He gives me the opportunity to ask any kind of questions. My overall experience on campus is good. I like the environment and the management of the campus.

  • New Adventure

    Courtney York - Business Administration, Surrey

    My instructor, Kumar, makes each day a new adventure and a challenge in a good way. His passion for teaching and the subject he teaches makes it easy to grasp the concept of what we are learning. He works with you and does not cram too much so we learn better. The Ipad is a cool innovative way of being more eco-friendly and great for students and the school to keep up with our technologically advancing world. I love this campus; it is open and roomy but close enough together that you are able to see people from other classes. The staff are amazing and friendly and make everyday a joy to be at school.

  • Doing My Best

    Arthi Duh - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    Instructors always motivate me to accomplish my goals. They are well prepared and able to answer questions to clear my doubts. I really like them and the skills they have. I believe I will have skills ready for the real world once I graduate. We just need to be positive and do our best.

  • Hands On Training

    Ace Cole - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    My teachers provide hands on and one on one training to help make a difference. They care about how well you are doing in the course. We get to operate most of the equipment before stepping foot in a real work setting. My overall experience has been good and I enjoy my teachers and made new friends.

  • Well Equipped Labs

    Olivia Kwiatkowski - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    Instructors provide individual help when I need to better my knowledge. Classrooms are nice and well equipped and taken care of. Overall experience has been very good and I am learning a lot.

  • Hygienic Campus

    Shabnam Begum - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    Instructors help me gain more knowledge in health care and they explain very well so I can understand easily. They are supportive and knowledgeable and labs have mannequins which are over $25,000. There are also advanced mannequins with no arms or legs. The campus is very clean and hygienic. All the instructors are helpful and let us achieve what we want.

  • Spacious Labs

    Crystd Newman - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    Danica made me want to come to school everyday because she is very upbeat and always makes me laugh. She was always very in depth with her instructions either in the lab or theory. Labs have lots of space, new chairs, separate areas for different things. It is spacious enough for at least 15 people, 2 rad rooms and a very large reveloping room with 5 fully functioning ops. Overall the experience was very pleasant and I will miss everyone dearly.

  • Sense of Humour

    Lisa Kanstrup - Surrey

    My instructor Mr.Rillo is a very good teacher as he is thorough with his discussions and he ensures that the students understand. Also, a big plus is that he has a sense of humour! Labs are innovative with the props and modalities which we interact with. For the most part, everyone on campus is friendly and there is always a faculty member available when needed.

  • Modern Technology

    Amy Court - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors continually show their support and dedicate their personal time to help me. What really stood out to me was using an Ipad to access all my books which is a very useful too and a modern approach. Also, the mannequins are very high tech so I get the best training. My overall experience has been very positive and a smooth transition into a learning environment. Everyone has been very welcoming and I feel comfortable here which has aided in my learning.

  • Above Expectations

    Rameez Awan - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    All of my instructors actually make a difference by guiding me along on this path to higher education. I feel as if they actually do want me to get through this and their dedication goes above and beyond expected. Smaller classrooms, new lab equipment, and thorough teaching methods are some of the many innovative aspects of our labs and classrooms. I find the staff and students to be kind and caring. The environment is warm, friendly, and productive in that I feel I can get a lot done here. I am glad I chose CDI and did not waste my time waiting for acceptance to a community college. My brother is taking a paralegal course here too!

  • Intense But Fun

    Maria Abian - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors teach us very well, they make it fun and give us lots of information. The lab is very high tech with complete materials that all of us have access to. My course is intense but also a lot of fun and the instructors are great.

  • Great Equipment

    Krystal Shipley - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    The instructors are very knowledgeable and thorough. They strive to make lectures fun and keep us engaged. The labs have lots of great equipment that help simulate real world situations. The overall experience has been good and I am looking forward to a career in nursing. I am a single mother with three kids and the instructors at CDI have worked with me to make it possible to have a career when I never thought it was possible.

  • Everyone Is Friendly

    Jasica Ludu - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors give us their contact information so we can ask them questions when we are at home studying which helps a lot because we do not have to wait the next day. Classes are made innovative by using videos, games, Power Point, and notes. My overall experience on campus has been good. Everyone is friendly and helpful!

  • Clean Facilities

    Tylynn Fryez - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors make learning fun and I am excited to go to class to see what has been planned for the day. They always stay and help you any time. Labs have new up to date equipment and we are taught scenarios that could happen in real life. The staff is amazing and the facilities are kept clean. I am glad I chose CDI as my school.

  • Prepared Instructors

    Irene Narayan - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    My instructors come prepared to class and they give hands on activities as well as real examples. Labs are exciting because it is all hands on and gives me experience for the real world. My overall experience has been great and teachers are very helpful and always available if I have questions.

  • More Than I Imagine

    Janine Tackema - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors help me understand the concepts better and I have learned more than I can imagine. The more I learn at school, the better equipped I will be in the real world. My experience on campus has been pretty good!

  • Very Good Experience

    Pardeep Sanghera - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Teachers provide one on one support to students and they always offer support and encouragement. They use realistic approaches to teach students about real common problems that we may face in our careers. The mannequins help us understand body mechanics. It has been a very good experience, the staff are very friendly and students get along well. Events throughout the year help make the school experience more enjoyable. It is a great school!

  • Cool Mannequins

    Ashleen Chauhan - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors help my education in giving a lot of examples and teaches in different ways, such as verbally, videos, and participation activities. The labs have mannequins that have a pulse, bp, and other cool stimulations.

  • Accomplishing Goals

    Danielle Cutler - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors all care about our success and will go above and beyond to ensure we succeed and accomplish our goals. Small class sizes are good and labs are as close to real life as possible. Overall experience has been really good.

  • So Much Fun

    Sidney Jocson - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    My instructors are super friendly when they are teaching. It is like they are just talking to you but in the end you learned a lot. Feels like they are inserting their knowledge in your brain! Labs have high end equipment. I have never had so much fun at school before and I really like going to school now.

  • School Is Fun Again

    Thuc Bui - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Teachers are great! They motivate us and support us very well in our learnings. They speak loud and clear to help us prepare for exams and makes school fun. Our labs have mannequins to support our hands on practice. I love my experience on campus. Teachers are very supportive, environment is friendly, and administrators are very nice as well.

  • Fun Activities

    Guninder Rai - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors use activities, such as group discussions and activities that make the material fun and easy to understand. The stimulating mannequins make labs innovative. Being able to apply the theory portion of the class into actual hands on work in the lab makes it easier to understand what it will be like in the real world. So far I have enjoyed coming to this campus, the staff and teachers have been very helpful.

  • Very Thankful

    Raizzel Unisa - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    My instructor explains each and every topic really well and provides examples for us to understand the lesson more. Classes are really innovative because we have a lot of useful things in the lab such as mannequins. Also, most of the other supplies we need are provided. My overall experience has been pretty good and I am doing well with all of my courses and exams. I am very thankful to all the teachers for being patient with us.

  • Good Resources

    Clarence Sadian - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors are engaging and enthusiastic. They put information in an understanding concept that everyone can understand. Labs are very much like the outside world. The resources and technology are helpful and fun. My experience on campus has been very informative and fun.

  • Clean Labs

    Mary Daquiyall - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors know what they are discussing about. The labs are clean and complete with all the things we need to practice. Mannequins look real and lights are bright which I appreciate. Overall experience has been great.

  • Good for Careers

    Dale Ojano - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors give us their contact information so we can ask questions anytime. We practice our skills on a mannequin which is very helpful. It has been a lot of fun and I am learning a lot. CDI is a good place to start a career.

  • Exciting and Fun

    Gabriel Ruiz - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    The instructor is very engaging and makes topics interesting. The facilities have advanced equipment for students to help them learn better. My experience has been very fun and exciting only because the instructors are very entertaining and the students are engages which contributes positively to the learning environment.

  • Help At All Times

    Manamrit Bhar - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    My instructor is always there to help when it is needed even through phone and email at all times. This helps a lot when students are not on campus. Labs are innovative with the use of Power Point and learning all the machines. My overall experience on campus has been great. Instructors are very helpful and always ready to listen.

  • Smiling Staff

    Dengsse Unise - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    The instructors are very flexible and change the way the teach depending on each student. Labs have mannequins and we get into groups once in a while for discussion to make classes more innovative. The staff is very welcoming and easy to talk to. They create a happy atmosphere by smiling in the hallways. The Ipads are awesome and helps us learn.

  • School Is Awesome

    Lara Sambire - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    My instructor is very patient, encouraging, fun, and just really awesome overall. I feel encouraged to do well and try my hardest in class. They are very fair and patient towards us students. I feel very confident and comfortable with my education and future. The teachers have different group excercises, videos, powerpoints, and activities/scenarios in classes to make everyday different, fun, and exciting. I am definitely more confident now. I have met so many new friends and I have learned a lot and still learning more. School is pretty awesome.

  • Relevant Information

    Ifraz Khan - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors teach us relevant things we need to know. We have mannequins in the labs that we can do vital signs on. Overall experience was pretty good.

  • Close To Skytrain

    Moolaw Eh - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors are experts with the subject they teach. This helps the students learn better because they put lessons in an easy to understand way. They are patient and very helpful. One main thing about innovative classrooms is the instructors. They make it an environment to learn. It helps that the campus is close to the skytrain station. Also, instructors deliver lessons in an entertaining manner.

  • Unique Classes

    Alexandra Griffiths - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Our instructors are extremely supportive and understands each student is different and do their best to accommodate everyone. All the instructors are very knowledgeable and are well equipped to be educating us in our practices. The labs in our school are very unique and helpful. They help students learn hands on and also cover theory of the practices in the classroom. My experience at CDI has been great so far. All the staff is very supportive and friendly.

  • Interesting Lessons

    Imndeep Sall - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    My instructor helps me achieve my academic goals by making lessons fun, interesting, and enjoyable. Using activities, games, and group discussions to make learning/education enjoyable. Labs are innovative with stimulating mannequins, activities, and group projects. My overall experience so far has been educational and great. I am really grateful to have gained knowledge and education from labs, classrooms, and practicum.

  • Stimulating Labs

    Raman Gill - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors help us more and more everyday. The labs have stimulating mannequins. My experience has been good, the campus is friendly and enjoyable.

  • Life Like Labs

    Raeanne - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    Instructors care about our success and labs are very life like. So far it has been a good experience.

  • Ready for Real Life

    Sheldon Clempson - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    My instructor is very clear on what he talks about at all times. He tells us to ask questions when we are not sure about something. Also, he is firm and honest. I like that we have proper equipment to use so we are ready for the real life. Overall, experience has been very positive, all the teachers are awesome and open. I will tell my family and friends to come here if they want to go back to school for sure. I like CDI and I am glad I came here for my education.

  • Real Hospital Feel

    Patricia Chettiar - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    The instructors are very real, down to earth, and open. The lab looks like a real hospital and you feel that you are at work. There are also $30,000 mannequins.

  • Advanced Technology

    Marlene Bromley - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    The instructors care about our education and they do as much as possible to help us with our studies. The technology in our labs is really advanced. Ipads are used instead of having to carry textbooks is really neat and in tune with todays technology. My experience has been great so far! The staff is excellent and the students are really nice.

  • Treated Equally

    Susan Arruda - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    The instructor is upbeat, understanding, and wants us to succeed. They think of us as their children. Classrooms are innovative with the use of Ipads to help with our education, experienced instructors and hands on learning. My overall experience has been great. I am very excited to learn with the instructors; they treat us like equals.

  • Good Program

    Monika Bhatoa - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    I find that having Sanjay as a teacher is a good thing. He is firm about his work and he does not take any excuses. Learning wise, I find it easier to work with what he teaches. Having supplies and equipment that we need helps a lot. I am glad that I chose this program because it helped me realize what I want to do. Also, I find the teachers are easy to work with. I would definitely recommend this program to other people. I would not change anything about this program or how the teacher teaches.

  • I Made It

    Mallary Slipetz - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    Without the support and encouragement from my instructor, Danica, I would not be graduating. Small class sizes and 7 opps made it easier to utilize our time and be efficient.

  • Organized Notes

    Jennifer Nguyen - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    Danica was a great instructor. She was very helpful in the classroom and clinic. The teachers all helped when it was needed. Yasmin and Danicas notes in lectures were organized and helpful. I am happy that there were a lot of ops so we did not have to wait long to practice in the clinic.

  • Good

    Stephanie Stone - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    The instructors helped when it was needed. Labs had seven opporatories which made it easier to work individually. It has been a good experience on campus.

  • Active Classes

    Cesar Pena - Practical Nursing, Surrey

    All my instructors have made my classes active and easier to understand. So far, they have exceeded my expectations especially when it comes to the delivery of the material and their commitment. Our classrooms are equipped with projectors and the lab resembles a realistic setting which makes learning very interactive. Needless to say, the Ipads allow accessibility to sources which are needed in class/home. The staff has been friendly and considerate at all times. They are the greatest asset.

  • Flexible Schedule

    Alyse Tanner - Paralegal, Surrey

    A lot of the instructors are very helpful here, they offer one on one help as well as flexibility. As a single mother, I sometimes find it hard to get everything handed in on time and most of the instructors will work with me. They provide other options so I can complete the work and be successful. The computer lab is great because it has all the up to date software that is needed to be prepared for my field. I also like that we use Ipads. My experience here has been very positive. I constantly recommend this school to friends and everyone is generally friendly. My instructors, Meena and Christine, have been great so far.

  • Love It

    Cherri Kasiano - Paralegal, Surrey

    Instructors make a difference in my education with their expertise and knowledge about the field. Their methods of teaching always grabs the students attention. Classes are in small focus groups so we can get all the help we need. I love the campus! Most of the teachers and advisors know you by name. Everyone is helpful and tries to answer our questions the best they can.

  • Problems Were Fixed

    Lesley Johnson - Paralegal, Surrey

    Instructors are personable and easy to get along with which makes learning easier and asking for help is less uncomfortable. Classes are more innovative with the use of Ipads. Overall the experience on campus has been okay. I am glad that the problems were brought to the administrators attention and they were dealt with.

  • Amazing Lectures

    Chelsey Peters - Paralegal, Surrey

    The instructor realizes each students strengths and weaknesses so all the students can learn in their own way. Christine Napoleon holds amazing lectures which allows us to discuss and apply what we are learning to real life situations. Overall there has been lots of ups and downs but the director has been able to assist in dealing with most of the concerns.

  • Mastering My Skills

    Lillian Soda - Health Care Assistant, Surrey

    My instructor ensures all mistakes were seen and corrected. We were always informed on the safest/correct way of doing things so we can do the best to our ability in the work place. We work within our scope of practice and respect our residents.

  • Helpful Instructor

    Marmonkaran Ghuman - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    The instructors were helpful.

  • Fair Chance To Learn

    Alyssa - Dental Assisting, Surrey

    The instructors helped make things easier when something was difficult. Having 7 opratories gave everyone a fair chance to learn and practice. It was a good and happy experience!

  • Growing Up

    Erica Wiles - Surrey

    Danica was a great instructor and I want to thank her for all the help. Overall experience was great and I can now get a big girl job.

  • Helpful Videos

    Ayaz Kassam - Surrey

    Instructors make a huge difference in my education. It is nice to have the instructor explain the topics instead of just reading the book because I get a better understanding. Watching videos helps a lot and makes the classes more innovative. They help me participate more during discussions. So far my experience has been really nice and I am comfortable being here with other students.

  • Very Happy

    Mohammad Chaudhary - Surrey

    My instructor is very helpful and they are there for me if I need anything. Also, my teacher was willing to set up a study plan for me when I needed extra help. I am very happy and all the staff have been very nice. They are there for me when I have questions.

  • Lots Of Practice

    Amanda Cordeiro - Paralegal, Surrey

    My instructor gives us practice assignments to help all of understand what would happen in our workplace. They are similar to real documents that we would use in our field. My overall experience has been great and I enjoy coming to school everyday.

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