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Student Reviews

  • The instructors are the best

    Alicia Di Gregorio - Medical Office Administrator, Scarborough

    The support system was amazing. The teacher's were great. I gained a lot of new friendships with the teachers and everything else, which is good.

  • I've gained new skills and knowledge

    Alma Quito - Pharmacy Assistant, North York

    My hands-on training in the program helped me a lot because it helped me prepare, become more knowledgeable and skillful in my field.

  • Support to reach my goals

    Carlos Lopez Guerra - Immigration Consultant with Internship, Scarborough

    The teachers helped me a lot to follow my goals. They were very patient with us.

  • Helped me get a new start in Canada

    Mirvat El Shahbary - Event Management, North York

    It changed my life a lot because it was very hard for me to start again in a new country. But when I came to CDI it gave me an opportunity to study again what I was hoping to study in my home country.

  • Got real-life training

    Ella Mesina - Immigration Consultant with Internship, Scarborough

    While the course has introduced me to immigration law, the hands-on really helped a lot. It's the real-life situations. Seeing real situations and applying what you've learned in school is totally a different experience than in the classroom.

  • Helped me grow personally

    Fahad Nsubuga - Business Management, North York

    It nurtured me to be a better man in dealing with people, most especially in the field.

  • Instructors are there for you

    Kayla Marcozzi - Medical Office Administrator, Scarborough

    My instructors helped me achieve my goals in class because they were willing to stay after school and help me with things that I didn't quite understand.

  • Got Trained for a New Career!

    Winsleen Braithwane - Accounting Assistant/Bookkeeper, Mississauga

    I worked for my last job for nearly 20 years before being laid off. I needed to upgrade my skills, so I took the Accounting Assistant/Bookkeeper program and now I have an exciting new career. Thanks CDI College!

  • Excited to go to work every day!

    Tracy Fahey - Medical Office Administrator, Mississauga

    I was a stay-at-home mom for years, but I wanted to get back into the workforce, and CDI College's hands-on training in the Medical Office Administrator program really helped me get up to speed on the latest skills needed to excel in the field. I love my new career!

  • Proud to be a CDI College Alumni!

    Sonia Shaw - Personal Support Worker, Mississauga

    I was retired for a few years and wanted to get back into the workforce. CDI College's hands-on training in the Personal Support Worker program gave me the skills I needed to get back working quickly.

  • Trained for my new career!

    Samantha Broomfield - Medical Office Administrator, Mississauga

    The training I received in the Medical Office Administrator program at CDI College was instrumental in starting my new career. I couldn't be happier or more thankful.

  • Training Got Me Hired

    Isaac Grant - Network Systems Engineer, Mississauga

    I was looking to make a change in my life, so I registered for the Network Systems Engineer program. Less than a year later, I'm working as a software engineer. Thank you, CDI College!


    Olexiy Gorobets - Personal Support Worker, Mississauga

    I'd like to thank PSW course instructor, Cordell Thorp, for exellent teaching, patience, and amazing professionalism that allow both to individualize and enhance the course for everyone of us. Great Teacher! I also thank to Swati Sharma, Admission representative, for wise support and undestanding. Swati helped me to overcome scepsis and underconfidence, and I eventually won! I sincerely appreciate to Shiela Leano-Cunanan, our Clinical Instructor, for empathic support while we were in clinical placement. I'd recommend to uncover more details for applicants. Especially regarding practicum part. For example, applicants might know about the early start of shift (06:30 a.m.), emotional/physical challenges because of severe disabled residents of the nursing home. I think any kind of previous (even virtual) tour/excursion to facility could give right picture for future student who should acknowledge his profession for being well-prepared. Moreover Cordell Thorpe's classes provide amazing training for students preparing them for future work. Overall, I respectfully recommend CDI College Mississauga for those who seek for strong professional knowledge and skills providing with respect, dignity and by individualize approach.

  • CDI College Student Review

    Bienvenido Encarnacion - Toronto

    Excellence at it's Finest !!! I transferred from the Scarborough campus to the Toronto Campus. Still retained the same program. The transfer process was smooth and quick. Simon Connell and Marcia Buchanan both from the Scarborough Campus and Martha Kanelos and Nicole Carby from the Toronto Campus are all knowledgeable and extremely proficient in their respective fields and positions. Their help and assistance on my campus transfer is greatly acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you ladies :)

  • The Best Decision I Made Was.... CDI College

    Dalia Halabi - Business Administration, Scarborough

    Having a good instructor really does make all the difference in the world. One thing I'm fortunate to have is a chance to better my own future by taking a step in the right direction in terms of the program I'm currently taking, which is Business Administration, but also, I'm lucky to have an instructor who takes pride in his work and makes learning fun and easy. Not only is my instructor passionate about his job, he alsomakes sure that each student is engaged and is also learning something new every day. Applying to CDI College was the best decision I made and there are absolutely no regrets. I can talk about how great my instructor is for another 40 minutes but what's really important is that, overall, CDI College has only the best staff in place to assist students trying to get an education to get started with their careers.

  • Regained Confidence

    Samantha Warbrick - Business Administration, Ajax

    When I chose to attend CDI College, I was at a low point in my personal life and decided to make a change. Having a panic/anxiety disorder, I wouldn't be able to handle the heavy case load of a public college and continue to work full-time so CDI College was the choice I made to make improvements towards a better life. Through CDI College, I strived to learn and prove to myself that a two-time college dropout could go back to school for a third time and actually accomplish what I had set out to do. I have met the most amazing people and instructors here. They have all become like a second family to me. Life has been busy with working full-time hours and attending school and now with the completion of my program coming soon, I have the self-esteem and confidence that I had lost come back to me. Thanks to CDI College, I can look forward instead of back and continue to strive for better things. Thank you, CDI College!

  • amazing school

    Deborah MacDonald - Office Administrator - Executive, Hamilton

    I graduated from CDI College's Hamilton campus with a diploma in the Office Administrator - Executive program and 10 days later, I got a job in my field as an Office Admin. This is an amazing school and teachers who were helpful and friendly. Their Careers Counselor Annabelle was so helpful and was so supportive. They gave me the knowledge and support I needed. Thank you!

  • Future Looks Bright

    Rachel Bleakley - Ajax

    When I first came to CDI, I was not entirely thrilled to be returning to school. However, as the courses continued, I really started to enjoy the material. I began to feel that this was something I could do long-term. I could see myself enjoying a career in this field, and not being one of the many waiting for retirement. The instructors here had a lot to do with that. They have all been very helpful, and assisted me with anything I did not understand. Because of their dedication I did well in my courses and learned valuable skills that will serve me well in any job or position I attain. My future looks brighter on the career front, and I thank you all for that.

  • An Honor To Be Here

    Nycketa Brathwaite - Pharmacy Assistant, Ajax

    Being at CDI is an honor. I would like to thank to thank Joe, our director, Administration staff, my Instructor, Connie, and my fellow students... for all the support and encouragement I received throughout my course. Coming to CDI was one of the best decisions I ever made. I tried two different programs before at another college which I was unhappy with and until I took the pharmacy course at CDI, I finally realized I had found my career. School each day was a fantastic experience. While I found it challenging, I learned so much. I made new friends, we studied together, we supported each other, we made everlasting relationships. I looked forward to coming to school each day, to learn something new. I not only learned the academics, I also learned how to be a professional. After learning all the theory I was able to bring that knowledge to complete the on hands experience at my practicum placement at Shoppers Drug Mart. It was so successful that after completing my placement Shoppers Drug Mart hired me. My Instructor Connie was not only my teacher, she was my mentor, my friend and my best supporter. With my continuous hard work and dedication lead me to where I am today. I am now a Pharmacy Assistant, I feel qualified to work in a profession I have come to love. I have achieved my goal. As Albert Einstein once said Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.

  • Exceeds Expectations

    Norbert Nelson - Paralegal, Ajax

    Recently completing my one year diploma program in Paralegal Advocacy at CDI College and sitting and passing the Law Society licensing exam. I am happy to have attended such a wonderful college where the administrative staff and teachers are doing a great job. Teachers in the program were very knowledgeable and know their craft. Friendly, approachable and provided a good learning environment. I honestly did not know I would learn so much, this course has exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasure to be able to learn from teachers like Katherine Brooks and Terry Ramjit who wants to help students become good paralegals. I would highly recommend CDI College and the Paralegal Advocacy Diploma program to everyone.

  • Welcome to CDI

    Line Wilson - Personal Support Worker, Ajax

    Stepping in CDI that first day, the message conveyed was Welcome. The atmosphere was friendly and inviting! I was sold! Jill and Geoffrey are great! But the best was yet to come. The teachers here really believe in you! That alone, with their fantastic sense of haha, their dedication to every student, always willing to help you in all aspects of your life, the kindness, genuine concern. These teachers were my biggest cheerleaders! At 57, I never imagined I Could be so successful! I would like to thank: Joe: For all the advice, the great conversations and accepting me in the PSW course. Theresa: One of a kind! Teacher with a great sense of humor! Evelyn: Who goes to bat for us. If you work hard, you will never find a teacher, a giver, a genuine, caring humanitarian like her! CDI: Offers excellent courses, teachers, atmosphere. It is the best. I walked in here and have never looked back! Best step I ever took. I will miss CDI College once I leave here to pursue my career as a PSW!

  • Thank You CDI

    Era Darrah - Ajax

    Dear Joe, Theresa, Sylvia, Cathy, Evelyn and CDI Staff. If I had money to buy a card, I would buy the biggest brightest card I could find. And inside that card, I would put the biggest brightest heard I could put in it. And inside that heart I would put the biggest brightest thank you I could put in it, no please accept the biggest brightest thank you I could write from the bottom of my heart. Thank You CDI.

  • Friendly People

    Silburn Knight - Medical Office Administrator, Hamilton

    My instructor is great at teaching. He has a fantastic attitude, instructors, and provides in class help on each subject with much clarity and re-enforcement. The computers, books (with clear pictures) and projects are innovative components of our classroom. The CDI campus has a comfortable environment and friendly teachers and students. I would like to continue to take courses even when one is completed.

  • Well Organized

    Rhonda Kinar - Hamilton

    My instructor has made a difference in my education through many different ways. She is always available when needed for questions, and explains all topics/chapters well, making the course interesting. She is very knowledgeable and knows her line of work well, and is a excellent, encouraging instructor. There is a great deal of information in our medical terminology classroom. It is well organized, colorful, interesting and inviting. It is also very spacious. Everyone of the instructors awe willing to help out whenever they can, as well as the staff in the office. My favorite instructor is Carole Galan. I enjoy having a lunch for students and also a learning room that is open after class for extra studying. I am proud to be a student of CDI college and am happy to announce where I attend, and am also referring the college to others. I look forward to each day and chapter of my course

  • CDI Is Fantastic

    Katrina Bahn - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Hamilton

    My background is in Accounting & Payroll. I have been in this field for two and a half years since graduating from Everest College. When taking my course at Everest I was approached by two amazing teachers that now work with me at CDI college to take on the teacher assistant job which I did and was contracted. I loved helping out the students answering any questions they may have had. It took the initiative to get my name out there and it paid off because i am now here at CDI and loving it more than Everest. I inspire my students by taking the time to get to know them and make them feel that what they are doing is the best decision they have made. I Say positive things when they are to hard on themselves. If CDI was here in Hamilton when I went to Everest I probably would have came here instead of there. It is definitely a way more positive atmosphere and I do not feel like students are just a number

  • I Love Teaching

    Carole Galan - Medical Office Administrator, Hamilton

    I took the MOA program many years ago (35+) and have worked in hospitals and some very prominent specialists offices (neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics to name a few). I have always been interested in the medical profession, constantly reading medical books/health, a watching medical based TV programs. I worked for a neurologist who inspired me to always learn more. When my kids were of school age, I Decided to see what other areas of medical field I could pursue. I found an ad looking for a medical instructor at a private business school, applied and got the position and found out I really did not know too much. Each time I taught a new module I had to learn so much information - I loved it and want to help future MOAs be sponges to absorb as much information as possible to be great MOA. I inspire my students by having fun! I listen to them, ask questions, answer questions, show videos (almost everyday at the beginning of class). I give them information not found in their textbooks. I teach with overheads (use diagrams) have created Pathology slide shows for all my anatomy systems. Pictures are sometimes better than words. I think I am creative and the classroom itself has posters, articles, reference books for the students to use. The atmosphere is relaxed and my students enjoy coming to class. I love teaching and try to do different things so it is never boring. I am there for my students, they can talk to me. They are always positive as I re-enforce the light at the end of the tunnel - a job/career is what they want and we will help them as much as we can but it is their determination that will get them what they want.

  • Very Helpful

    Notlee Patterson - Personal Support Worker, Scarborough

    My instructor is excellent one and helped improve my already strong self-esteem. It also helped me to love and care for others. Also having a lot of knowledge for real life settings. Our bed and dinning table are very innovative components of our labs/classrooms. The classrooms are full of fun and they make us feel like we are family. The experience has been very helpful at CDI. I like how they communicate with others.

  • Improved Confidence

    Melinda Constantino - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Scarborough

    The instructors are all very helpful when it comes to gaining new knowledge in my course. I am so happy staying in CDI for I have gained my confidence with computers and accounting in general. I started with little knowledge in both fields but now I am skilled in them. The classrooms are good. I am satisfied with the administration staff and the instructors at school. They are all willing to help make the best for the students. ..Thank you CDI for making me more confidence to face the next challenge of my life.

  • I Learned A Lot

    Evelyn Stavroullakis - Medical Office Administrator, Scarborough

    I am so blessed. My first teacher is Mr Farih. He is a good and considerate teacher. He helped me to overcome my fears because I am new here so I have lots of fears. But he tells me that everything will be okay. They are so considerate. What I can say is the classrooms has a good book in every lesson that I understand. I am really impressed about that connection on what books to be used. I learned a lot. At CDI, I feel like we are all one big family . Everybody (staff included), are friendly, considerate and approachable. I have no regrets on choosing CDI College!

  • Very Comfortable

    Mary Maddie - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Scarborough

    Our instructor helped us in our education by helping us go by the book, word for word. As our course eight non was about compliance and legislation . I am comfortable here at CDI, and I Feel at ease doing my course. The campus is great, I am surrounded by nice people.

  • Class Explained Well

    Eliza Castro - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Scarborough

    My instructor helps me a lot in our subject. He explained what the important subject material is, so we can get a high mark. The computers are all running well.

  • Thank You CDI Staff

    Manar AlShafil - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Scarborough

    My instructor helps me to understand the subject easily, especially since I do not have any background about payroll. So thank you so much to him. The instructors sometimes have an innovative idea with way of learning. The CDI college staff is so nice and most of the instructors are helpful.

  • A Pleasant School

    Chirashree Banersee - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Scarborough

    My instructor is attentive. He does not give up until we understand the material. I feel like I know the subject and its importance, even when we are out of school. What is innovative about our labs and classrooms are the computers and the stability of our class schedules. CDI is a very pleasant school. I like the instructors and my fellow classmates.

  • Striving For Success

    Sharlene Jaikaran - Medical Office Administrator, Scarborough

    The instructors at CDI create a very positive learning environment for students, welcoming them to learn. My instructors have helped me to utilize the best of my abilities to strive for success, they have enabled me to set realistic goals and make a plan to achieve these goals. In the classroom/lab, one innovative aspect is the size of the classroom, meaning the number of students in the class. The classes at CDI have a small number of students which is very beneficial since this means there is a low student to teacher rate, and in turn students receive more one on one time with instructors. Overall I have had a pleasant experience on campus. The staff is very pleasant and friendly. As well the students are delightful to be around. All in all the CDI atmosphere is a very positive, welcoming one.

  • Embracing The Future

    Bibi Kitan - Medical Office Administrator, Scarborough

    As a student here in CDI college, I am proud to be here. My teacher is very good to me, they all help me through this time of studies. I have had my ups and downs, they talk to me, encourage me and advise me not to give up. They are all very supportive and I am happy for that because I am still in college and soon I would be graduating with my diploma. CDI makes me a better person... I am very proud of myself. I must say thanks to CDI college. My experience here has been a very good one. I love the teachers, the staff and the environment. The students are all wiolling to help me in whatever way they can. We have activities that we participate in and we socialize. CDI college is good and I have had fun learning here.

  • Experienced Teachers

    Anas Annas - Business Administration, Scarborough

    My instructor helped me a lot. I feel comfortable with him, and he makes the course a lot easier. He gives us the information and instructions from his own experience and that makes it easy for us to understand the subject that we are taking. Everyone at CDI is very nice.

  • Gaining Knowledge

    Omega Gellizeau - Business Administration, Scarborough

    My instructor makes a difference in my education because he provides us with the necessary homework in order to gain the knowledge. My overall experience in this school is that it is fast pace, and different from a lot of other schools.

  • Set The Standard

    Sara Sayed - Pharmacy Assistant, Scarborough

    My instructor helped me in my education by encouraging me to learn different techniques and learning style, by demonstrating any task and helping me find ways to improve and build my self-esteem. The classrooms are set up well, and are organized. The campus environment meets all spaces of students standards and is very friendly. I feel confident and comfortable about my success to meet my level of standard and achieve in the future as a pharmacy assistant.

  • Set Foundations

    Greg Praser - Pharmacy Assistant, Scarborough

    Our instructor teaches us a lot more than we would be able to learn on our own. In that way, he makes a difference in our education. The campus is good, and has good hours.

  • Creative Lectures

    Shaghayegh Shoushtan - Personal Support Worker, Scarborough

    My instructor makes a difference in my education through his new methods. He also understands the students well, and provides practical information. I have had a good experience here because I learned more than before and past days. I am learning new subjects every week and I am interested to learn more.

  • Insightful Lectures

    Terra Tate - Personal Support Worker, Scarborough

    Our instructor makes a difference in my education through her previous experiences. By bringing in her past experiences, she enriches our studies with insight into our new field. As a PSW worker, it is important to know that making a comfortable (homey) atmosphere for the client goes a long way. Our classroom provides us with an example of this. The staff and students are are very friendly and caring. I enjoy each day here.

  • Positive Atmosphere

    Jenne Dyon - Medical Office Assistant, Scarborough

    Our instructor gives us the tools we need to make the right decisions. He has very informative and helps create a positive atmosphere. And a positive atmosphere means a great learning environment. What is innovative about our labs is the new techniques we use to learn the material. CDI is very safe, and exudes a friendly and helpful atmosphere. I am very happy with this school.

  • Very Supportive

    Krystin Hutley - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Scarborough

    The instructors help me feel better, knowing I have a better understanding and to confirms I am doing the right thing. Good help and support is ALWAYS needed. CDI has been great so far. Everyone is really kind and willing to help you understand what you are doing. The teachers are amazing and incorporate new techniques and skills in our learning. They also work with you to help achieve goals.

  • Hands On Experience

    Melissa Fayer - Medical Office Administrator, Scarborough

    I appreciate the small classroom sizes because it seems as though the instructors can be more hands on. I also appreciate how most instructors are willing to listen to student feedback. They try to get our complaints heard. A lot of our textbooks have online activities to emphasize what we have learned in class. This is very innovative. The campus is clean, bright and well-maintained. It is easy to find and very spacious.

  • Advanced Equipment

    Vasikala - Pharmacy Assistant, Scarborough

    The instructor has made a difference in my education by always explaining the material clearly, especially when I do not understand something. He is very helpful and creative. What is innovative about our classrooms and labs are the new pharmacy equipment.

  • Thorough Lectures

    Jenn McIntyre - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Scarborough

    Muhanned is a helpful teacher. He ensures we know and understand the material before going on to new topics. The campus is friendly, as is the staff.

  • Very Convenient

    Tina Sparkman - Medical Office Administrator, Scarborough

    My instructor helps make a difference in my education because I value my instructors experience, knowledge and expertise. Having computers and printers in the classroom is definitely an asset. To be able to work on an assignment and print them right there is fantastic. Overall, my experience on campus has been great.

  • A Head Start

    Julia Tran - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Scarborough

    My instructor applied adaptive learning to my educational experience. She has taught me to always do a lot more than the minimum. The instructor plays a role in building an expectation of innovation into the schools learning and teaching strategies. My overall experience at CDI has been good, it gives you a head start into your career and allows for advancements.

  • A Helping Hand

    Shaneka McKnight - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Scarborough

    My instructor helps make a difference in my education because he/she is always giving me a helping hand. With the smaller class sizes, I get more one-on-one time with my instructor. The labs/classrooms are a good size (not too big, not too small). We have everything that we need inside. My experience here at CDI is going great so far. I am getting the help that I need, when I need it. I am making new friends and I am learning a lot. Overall, this school is a good place to learn, especially for doing things hands on.

  • Would Come Back

    Oumadave Somra - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Scarborough

    My instructor does multiple things to make a difference in my education. The one on one teaching makes it easier to understand the material. The course outline that is provided makes a big difference when completing assignments and staying on track. Also, by being friendly and welcoming makes me want to be here in school. The innovation in class comes from the group work, class discussions and hearing everyone elses opinions and thoughts. My overall experience at CDI college was great, I would definitely return to further advance my education. The staff and students also made it an amazing experience.

  • A Great Time

    Sabrina Somra - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Scarborough

    The instructors here at CDI college have made a difference in my education by teaching me hands on learning in course work. I understand and gained knowledge in all classes with the examples and teaching methods. The class setup is suitable for the course. It is well organized and everyone has a clear view of the board. Overall, I have had a great time attending CDI college. I have made new friends and gained the knowledge I need for my future career.

  • Change My Life

    Mary Manoukian - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Scarborough

    My instructor has helped make a difference in my education through various different means. 1: The teaching style and focus on key points to succeed in the course. 2: An open chance of communication, ensuring I feel comfortable to approach them. 3: Incorporating handouts and group assignments on topics have been beneficial. There is a comfortable atmosphere at CDI, and ergonomic resources. I.e: tables, chairs and work stations. The private setting accounts for close interactions between students and instructors. I have been attending CDI Scarborough campus for almost three weeks and have had a very good experience thus far. I feel welcome ... and all staff have been very progression and accommodating. In a way that I did not expect, my attendance in this school has changed my life in a positive manner and I am enjoying my time here while it lasts!

  • Developing My Skills

    Trayami Bala - Business Administration, Scarborough

    My instructors made a difference in my education by creating a better standing and understanding of the course material. We start to collaborate many different ideas of thought. The classrooms are clean and neat. Mostly, I got a better experience of developing my skills in this campus and it is a meaningful thing to get to know myself in a better way. I have realized myself that I really could do better... and have to make positive movements in my life.

  • Makes Learning Easy

    Amanda Craig - Personal Support Worker, Scarborough

    My instructors made a difference in my education by always having an answer for my questions or concerns. Our labs are very helpful too, because we get to work hands on. That makes learning easier. Overall, I enjoy coming to CDI college because I like the way my instructors teacher and help me out when I do not understand something.

  • Ensuring Success

    Luminita Dogaresco - Pharmacy Assistant, Scarborough

    My instructor helps me understand concepts about pharmacy and human anatomy. He makes studying easier for us, ensuring our success. The projector in class is very innovative. CDI is a great place to learn something. Classmates are nice and helpful to each other.

  • Material Makes Sense

    Vilme Aboring - Legal Administrative Assistant, Scarborough

    My instructors made a difference in my education my helping me understand and learn the subject better. The classrooms and labs are conducive for learning, and the campus has been great.

  • Made A Difference

    Zine Craig - Personal Support Worker, Scarborough

    My instructors made a difference in my education by helping me understand the work better. The amount of time we get in class and the preciseness of the lectures help with my learning, too. CDI is a great campus, and an even greater college.

  • Precise Explanations

    Relinda Fletcher - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Scarborough

    The instructor is very precise in explaining things about the different modules and breaks things down in a matter that we (the students) can understand. He takes great interest in how we excel in our work. He has a great passion for his work and by this I dare say he wants the very best from his students. The course, as a whole, is very interesting. The group discussions are very knowledgeable, I learn a lot from the group discussions which will help me later on. Some students go out of their ways to really explain things to us (Kerry). I find the staff at CDI very friendly and helpful, and that makes one feel very comfortable and at home. I like the fact that they incorporate some social activities in schools busy schedule. Because I am having much fun learning something that I can pass on to others, I am looking forward to taking a higher course.

  • Well Prepared Now

    Leanna Nguyen - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Scarborough

    The instructors at CDI are always encouraging, and pushing me to do better. The student interactions with the teachers helps me learn. There is nothing negative to say about CDI. I enjoy learning here. CDI helped me change my lifestyle for a new career in life.

  • A Good School

    Renee Mevkle - Medical Office Administrator, Scarborough

    So far, my instructors have helped me to feel enthusiastic about my career choice and let me some of the benefits of being in this particular program. They try to make the course load as easy as possible, keeping in mind that we do have other obligations. What is innovative about the labs/classrooms are the small class sizes, updated books and software. The students at CDI are helpful and the teachers are informative. This school is good.

  • Guaranteed Success

    Mandy Clitton - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Scarborough

    My instructors made a difference in my education be encouraging me to do my best, not allowing me to settle for less. Being hands on and very patient and understanding. My classroom is welcoming, very comfortable and non judgmental. My experience at CDI has been very productive and self gaining. Not only has it helped me in a professional way, but in a personal one too. Many of the skills and techniques I was taught helped me enhance my values and beliefs. One other thought would be that success comes from withing, by having ambition and motivation. Put together with the ability to learn and a good instructor and school, success should and will be guaranteed.

  • I Believe in CDI

    Natasha Coy - Office Administrator - Executive, Scarborough

    The instructors here at CDI college help me a lot. I never thought that I would get this far in my studies, there are times when I Feel like giving up but with the help of the teacher I am on the road to graduating. Some of the instructors here taught me that no matter what comes my way I can over come them and I did. I have had some ups and downs here but with the help and support of the CDI staff I can say that I made it. Thanks CDI! What is innovative about our labs/classrooms is the fact that they were able to provide ways for us to succeed and give us the tools to get our work done. They make the classroom a friendly place for students. Classes are a relaxed environment, I enjoy all of my classes I have had so far. My overall experience on campus is that it was okay, I enjoy the instructors lessons and also the company of my fellow classmates. If I ever want to take a next program this would be the campus to come back and meet my old instructors.

  • Your Potential

    cAmbihapathy - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Scarborough

    I have been in Community Service for about 40 years. I have been teaching addictions and community service for 9 years. I am a Commonwealth scholar and did my masters degree as Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration at Ottawa University. I was a Senior Police Chief for 16 years, and was the Executive Director of John Howard Society Thunder Bay for 12 years. I have a passion for teaching students for all walks of life. ... I enjoy watching students grow and understand the truths of Addictions in Community Service. I am a dramatist, and enjoy demonstrating the facts of drugs and alcohol - students learn and stand on my shoulders - they are really tall at the end of my class course. I hope CDI grows to be very powerful for more students to take advantage of the potential of CDI.

  • Mentoring Students

    Vijay Navghare - Scarborough

    I have taught and mentored students for various I.T courses. I have been in the profession for over a decade. What inspired me to pursue a teaching career in this discipline is the opportunity it provides to change lives. I inspire students by becoming their role model and showing them industry standards.

  • A Meaningful Life

    Stan Hymad - Scarborough

    I have been teaching business at the post-secondary level since 1978. I have taught for Mohawk College, McMaster University, George Brown College, Seneca College, and have owned a franchise of one of Canadas largest private career colleges. In addition I have extensive business experience including retail merchandising and management consulting. After I sold my successful retail business, I decided that I wanted to give something back to society. It is my mission to challenge my students every day by encouraging them to never give up, reach for the sky and think for themselves. It is my duty to serve as a role model... to help others in their quest for a happy life and a successful career. I wanted to become the teacher I never had. I always felt that too many of my teachers were only concerned about making a living, and that their students were only an afterthought. I feel that it is my duty to help my students to self-actualize... to be the best they can be both for themselves, and for their families and society as a whole. It is my firm belief that our students can accomplish anything they want to. It is out duty to guide, encourage and shepherd them so that they can grow emotionally and have successful careers and meaningful lives.

  • Being Helpful

    Muhammad Ayyash - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Scarborough

    I have been in the Accounting and Payroll field for four years. What inspired me to pursue a teaching career was my desire to help students achieve their targets. I inspire my students by being helpful, explaining the material to them, and providing and exciting atmosphere.

  • Lots of Experience

    Zamir Nadeem - Pharmacy Assistant, Scarborough

    I have working experience at Retail, Long Term Care and Hospital Pharmacy since 2002, BSC, Pharmacy diploma and 4 years of teaching experience. What inspired me to pursue a teaching career in this discipline was my background of Pharmacy field and teaching experience with a long time of work history in the same field. I inspire my students by always telling stories of my own success, and showing them the real picture of todays job market in the field. I want my students to be successful in their future lives, that is why I always tell them the current job market of this field.

  • Equipped For Success

    Doleep Singh - Scarborough

    I have worked as a public servant, teacher, corporate executive and finally settled into the teaching profession. I have been teaching for about 3 years, at a wide range of locations (Brooklyn, New York, and now in Toronto). At the undergraduate level I majored in English and Social Studies. I have a post graduate Diploma in Ed, a Masters of Ed, and specialists qualifications in Guidance and counselling and in the teaching of English as a second language. I have been an English ans ESL teacher and Career and Guidance Counselor and even served as Head of Dept for a number of years (in NY and Toronto)... I realized that this kind of training would equip me with knowledge and skills not only to teach in the subject area but also to motivate students to overcome personal adverse circumstances in pursuit of a successful life. I inspire students in the following ways: 1: I try to show what a stark difference a good education makes in achieving a successful career and a happy life for the student and family. 2: I point to classic examples of people who have become famously successful in face of the most trying circumstances in their lives. 3: I strongly believe in the resilience and power of the human spirit to triumph over the greatest setbacks, so I urge students to find that determination, strength and perseverance within them to succeed.

  • We Are Supportive

    Queen Ajiri - Personal Support Worker, Scarborough

    My background is in engineering and nursing. My teaching experience is as followed:, 1 year Career Colleges, 2 years Community Health, 10 years Community Missionary. What inspired me to pursue a teaching career in this discipline was my desire to bridge and fill the gap in community adult learning and education. I also want to inspire change through caring-teaching models. Also, in general, selfless effort... a desire born out of compassion and empathy to be that change agent who will facilitate and impact change with the vulnerable population. I inspire my students by teaching through care giving. Also, by assuming the role of an instructor, teacher, tutor, student, support friend. I inspire them by being a mentor and a role model.

  • Making Things Fun

    Fasihur Rehman - Scarborough

    My background is Information Technology. I am in this field from the last 12 years. I studied information technology in University. I have always wanted to be a teacher because I want to spread my knowledge. I am a passionate teacher, and make every topic interesting. I believe that an uninspired teacher will not be able to inspire students. A teacher being passionate in teacher is key to be a successful teacher.

  • Moral Support

    Somwati Persaud - Medical Office Assistant, Scarborough

    I have been a teacher for over 8 years. Teaching was my first career, and it has been a very satisfying job. I inspire students by encouraging them, by giving them moral support and by giving them living examples of life/jobs. I enjoy my job/staff

  • Helpful

    Letita - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (The Instructors) try to help you on a one-on-one basis to help you get a better understanding of what is being taught. The teachers are always willing to help, the environment is inviting and friendly

  • New Opportunity

    Ruhs Christine - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (My instructor made a difference in my education) by giving me a new opportunity in my career. CDI was a great experience

  • Prepared For Success

    Shelby LaRose - Personal Support Worker, Toronto

    My instructors help made a huge difference in my education by overall preparing me to succeed. Staff was friendly and helpful whenever needed. Made my experience as a student greatly appreciated.

  • Easy Learning

    Courtney Cross - Personal Support Worker, Toronto

    (My instructor) helped me learn easier than any other teacher. She made sure that I understand everything before moving on. She made me understand life in the health care world. She made me realize that this is what I Wanted to do and that I can do it as well as she did one day. The small classroom sizes and lots of teachers were helpful. Overall experience on campus was great. Staff was very friendly and helpful in all aspects. I enjoyed my time very much and am going to miss the people and environment.

  • Clear Explanations

    Sophie Asselin - Personal Support Worker, Toronto

    The campus is very comfortable. I felt safe. Good and friendly and helpful staff. I enjoyed what I learned and experienced. Staff always positive, supportive.My instructor spent time to answer questions. She explained very well what we needed to know. She is very calm and presented good materials. What is different about the lab is the open classroom style (one-on-one small classroom size) . It feels comfortable and motivating to learn. Teachers are always there to explain too.

  • Generous Staff

    Keleni Lai - Toronto

    (My instructor) made a big difference. She was the best instructor, a friend and the best teacher. Very helpful. Getting this diploma was a goal coming here and I got it finally. My 6 months course was the best educational experience. Very generous staff.

  • So Motivating

    Mary Yagnik - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    The instructors at CDI stretch beyond the black boarders. Their recommendation letters helped me get a part time job while I was studying it also helped me to get a volunteer service at Mount Saint Hospital. Our campus Director, Martha, had an orientation speech that motivated me which I will never forget . The college classrooms were big, bright and beautiful. The windows were large and we could see the majestic tall buildings outside. One day I will climb my own mountains, no matter what! ...The knowledge imposed (on me, at CDI) was extraordinary and delivered excellently. No time was wasted, I was tailored for success, the class by Kim Spice was brilliant! The education empowered me to make the spectacular happen! (I am doing great now!)

  • Glad I Chose CDI

    Johail Daneshi - Information Systems Support Specialist, Toronto

    This college has a nice environment and everyone is friendly. My instructors help me to find my way to improve my information about computer networking and hardware. So now they help me to find a right job and I am glad that I studied in this school. Our labs have hands on computer hardware and also networking. We had online lab too that we can practice.

  • Warm and Friendly

    Anna Kozlouski - Personal Support Worker, Toronto

    The life experience and compassion of our instructor really helped us get the full experience. I really like the staff, so warm and friendly, you can just chat with everyone so it is very welcoming. I loved my small class, always get help when needed, lots of discussion time.

  • Learn With Students

    Justin Knight - Toronto

    My background is banking and finance and I have been teaching business now for ten years. Business is ever changing, so I have a continual opportunity to learn not only from the discipline but from the students as well. I like to draw parallels to the real world to inspire my students. To not only teach theory, but to display it as it happens. Remove the ego, we can all teach each other.

  • Strong Foundations

    Yash Kalsi - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Toronto

    My background has been built on strong foundation of Degree, Certifications and other Credentials in the field of Mathematics, Economics, Business Statistics, Payroll and Accounting followed by many-many years of experience in training and education, which includes more than 15 years of demonstrated instructions in Ontario Career Colleges. My passion for teaching is the inspirational force from my education period (since I was in the university I used to tutor peers without any financial gain). I do not take my job as a compulsion/pressure but as an opportunity to improve the quality of students understanding/education - eventually their lives. (As someone did for me). Day by day, Year by Year, I feel more confident and inspired when I see my hundreds of successful graduates. I inspire the students by helping them feel comfortable and confident in the class. I put myself in their shoes and understand their other responsibilities and commitments after the school, as most of the mare adults. I always take out some time to deal with individual needs of the students. My two-way-traffic style In the class keeps the students interactively engages and feel better. I am approachable easily in the class and after the class. I believe that the instructors attitude, enthusiasm and energy are important for students to be firm and focused. I teach students with lots of day-to-day applied examples/real scenarios and translate difficult concepts in a simple language as some of the students coming from different ethnic groups have different level of language understanding. My philosophy strongly believes in supportive, helpful and friendly approach of teaching helps students in the learning process.

  • You Deserve Success

    Lisa Macqueen - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Toronto

    My educational background is in clinical behavior. I have grown my area of expertise in three areas: behavior modification, trauma and addictions. I have been working in the field of counseling for 13 years and have been specializing in the area of trauma addictions since 2006. I chose the path of teaching at a career college because I value equality. I find other colleges/universities campaign to eliminate students in efforts to prove the strongest and elite survive. Because we value the individual students and their individual goals, we commit to get them there. I value the personal relationships and the experience of sharing their journey to reach the success they deserve. I believe in my students. Together we set realistic goals and our relationship continues into their careers. I remain a mentor role for as long as they require it.

  • Open and Honest

    Denis Ilic - Toronto

    I am a university grad of 8 years. I have always wanted to be in a field where I can interact with others. Helping people make a change in their lives make this career rewarding. I inspire my students by relating to them in a real way. I am open, honest and I believe they respect and respond to this. Humor does not hurt either.

  • Shared Success

    Kim Spice - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    I have been teaching/instructing in a number of areas for more than 30 years, with 6 years as a medical office instructor. My background also includes 15 years experience in the health care field. My goal is to have each student succeed and it is my job to enable them to achieve their dreams and goals. The success and happiness of my students provides me with a great sense of accomplishment along with knowing that they are going to be a vital part of the healthcare industry. Their achievements reflect directly on my ability to teach them and therefore, their success is my success. I am always available to my students and this includes after class hours and weekends to address any issues or questions they may have. Inspiration comes from sharing my passion for the health care profession, which is shown by providing examples, having graduates students return to share their experiences, field trips and making the learning environment fun and interesting.

  • Vast Improvements

    Hamiju AlHassan - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Toronto

    The teacher has made a vast difference, and I like the one-on-one tutoring... the tutors immediately provide assistance when you need them. I look forward to graduation and future prosperity, courtesy of CDI.

  • Learned Abilities

    Thu Nguyen - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Toronto

    I have appreciated the way my instructor summarized books, topics by her slides and lectures. That has helped me study easier and remember major stuff. I have also liked the presentation assignment. I have learned skills from my classmates thanks to my instructor.

  • Greatful For CDI

    Sarah Faller - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Toronto

    Knowing that my instructor is here for me if I need help to understand the work is a good feeling. I like knowing that I can look around the class and see everyones face. I like the U shape for the room. Small class sizes are always a good thing. The staff and the other students are all great and the campus is always clean. I like knowing that staff here is friendly and always says hello when they see you.

  • Supports Interaction

    Stephanie Hay - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Toronto

    (My instructor) Lisa is very patient and recognizes the learning needs of all the individual students and ensures that all students are challenged at their own level of learning. She also ensures that learning is supported by helping focus on key information supported by expanded reading for those who seek a greater challenge. The non-traditional shape (of the classes) is great for both lecture and workshops/group activities. It supports easier interactions among students and creates a comfortable (non-intimidating) environment for questions and discussions. The small class sizes are also enjoyable because you get to know everyone and there is time for everyone to get attention and participate. The CDI staff are all extremely friendly, open and supportive. Anytime you need any assistance related to school, OSAP or any other school issue there is always someone ready and willing to provide guidance. The small campus provides an intimate friendly setting for a comfortable learning experience.

  • Cool Class Layouts

    Dave Patterson - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Toronto

    ...I like how the rooms and isles are arranged. It gives me a better sense of belonging and it makes it easier to open up to the other students and teachers. I enjoy being treated as a human being, not just a student. I have yet to meet anyone or staff who Is not gracious and helpful. ...(My future success) would not be possible, if not for the kind, caring and thoughtful people at CDI college.

  • Great At Explaining

    Asmaa Haddouche - Office Assistant, Toronto

    The instructors make a difference in my education by offering help and explaining complicated stuff. We get our lessons from the book, which is faster (and innovative). CDI has taught me how to be prepared for interviews and how to get a job. I have also learned how to communicate with others.

  • Best Way of Teaching

    Tahmineh Salemi - Accounting Assistant/Bookkeeper, Toronto

    (The instructors) provide the best way of teaching especially in accounting courses. I had no background of education in Accounting and I Started to learn from scratch. Now I am more knowledgeable and more confident with my accounting skills. I enjoy them and hope to find employment in this field. I have learned a lot (at CDI), the instructors are really good and able to teach the students in their level of understanding. The campus was the best choice for me because of the location.

  • Met Lots of People

    Akinwunmi Pius - Business Administration, Toronto

    The instructors made a difference in my education by showing me with education you can be successful. The classrooms get me to work hard and be successful. My overall experience has been great, I have learned a lot, meet people from different countries and everything we have learned help me in my day to day life.

  • Everyone Is Happy

    Adji Ahmad - Business Administration, Toronto

    All instructors are doing great, I did not see anything negative from them they are excellent. Anytime I need help they are here for me they did an excellent job. I have a great experience with hands on labs and anytime I need help the instructor is here . I appreciate.. the CDI staff. It is a great campus and all the students there are happy with their instructors, we learn and we get experience I see everybody happy in this campus.

  • Fun At CDI

    Dawn Marquis - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (My instructor) helps by making it fun and easy to learn. Very interesting, I enjoy coming to class every day. The new equipment and smaller classes make learning easy. Everyone (at CDI) is friendly, fun, happy and always willing to help a new student. CDI is like a family. I would recommend CDI to anyone wanting to get a career in this day and age.

  • They Genuinely Care

    Sarah Cunningham - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    The instructors help make a difference in my education by genuinely caring about how we do in school and help us work towards our goal. I have really enjoyed it here, everyone is friendly and helpful and always has a smile.

  • Ten out of Ten

    Cherise Clarke - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Toronto

    The instructor helps make a difference by interacting with his students and answering all questions. The experience on campus has been great. 10 out of 10, the admissions was great, all stuff are great and the teachers as well.

  • Makes Life Easier

    Lavinia Kaindume - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Toronto

    The instructors are always there to make our lives easier by understanding me and giving more knowledge. All of the equipment that is needed is provided in our labs/classrooms. CDI is the most amazing campus that connects different people with different experiences and backgrounds. I gained more experience and knowledge on my education.

  • A Great College

    Chris Bell - Business Administration, Toronto

    (The instructors) are helpful in many ways, when I have questions about different things concerning the subject, class, assignments, marks an many more they have been awesome Overall, I have to say it has been a great experience (at CDI). It is a great college... and looking forward to a job after I am finished school.

  • Clear and Concise

    Tokun Fakslade - Business Administration, Toronto

    The instructors are very clear and concise. They are always willing to work with us students. The classrooms are equipped with computers and are always online. The rooms are clean and bright. Great for learning. CDI has been a great learning yet fun experience.

  • A Real Community

    Lynn Purchase - Business Administration, Toronto

    (The instructors) are always ready to help me when needed. They take the time to answer any of my questions. I love that the classrooms are smaller, and the one-on-one interactions. Everyone welcomes me with kindness and respect when I came to CDI. It is something you most likely would not get going to a larger college.

  • Interactive Classes

    Kasthury - Business Administration, Toronto

    (The instructors) are flexible so I am able to do both school and work. The classrooms are small, which makes it easier to learn and interact. CDI is a friendly campus where everyone knows each other.

  • Improved Grades

    Jean Felipe - Accounting Assistant/Bookkeeper, Toronto

    (My instructors) help me improve my study habits and teach me to do better in my lesson. Computers and internet access are quite helpful in my studies, too. (The campus) is excellent. I learn a lot of new techniques and improve my knowledge, especially in my line of work. I am hoping to continue and upgrade to the next course.

  • Perfecting Myself

    Rose Fagel - Business Administration, Toronto

    (My instructor has made a difference) by teaching and guiding me step by step in my education and practice all what I have learned from my instructors in my day to day life. The labs and classrooms are always free, if I need a computer to do my homework or a project. I can do it freely as long as I have the teachers permission. Teachers are good graders. They have a very considerate attitude. I have had a great overall experience on campus. I have learned a lot about what do I need should do and must do, most especially to my course. I am enjoying my moment, my time, my studies, my learning activities. And my time with all the teachers and staff. I do not need homework to practice what I have learned. I can practice and I Can use it in my day-to-day life. I can start to use in my school until I two will have a job, to be more effective and efficient. There is a saying that practice makes perfect.

  • You Will Excel

    Aliasgar Bhaloo - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Toronto

    My instructor, Yash, is an amazing teacher because of the way he teachers and explains the material needed to excel. On top of that, not only does he help you in your education but also with any problems with our lives. Yash has made me more confident by taking his time and sitting down with me whenever needed. Yash has incredible knowledge over many things. He is always positive which makes your day better. Therefore, not only is Yash a great teacher but a good friend. The classrooms have all the materials needed for you to be able to do your work with no problem at all. My overall experience has been amazing so far. The people at CDI college are very helpful. The campus is always lively with different activities going on. The instructors are great. I am looking forward to graduation but will miss the people at CDI once I leave for university.

  • An Amazing Time

    Wilfredo Quiroz - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Toronto

    (The instructors) do the very best in teaching me. They make sure I learn the work. Yash is an excellent teacher because he teaches and cares for the students. Everything in our lab/classrooms is up to date and modern. I am having an amazing time at CDI College. The staff are friendly and thoughtful. I would recommend this school to everyone.

  • A No Brainer

    Tatiana Pesterean - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (My instructor), Kim, is a very professional instructor and makes a lot of difference (in my education). If I did not understand something I can ask and get a simple example, then everything made sense. I have learned a lot of new things at the (CDI) campus. I also improved my English.

  • Whole New World

    Zhaidah Pingad - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    All the instructors of CDI are highly professionals, the instructors are hands on to the classes they teach. All of our equipment for MOA students are available and accurate to use. My overall experience at CDI campus is fun... I learned a lot, I discovered a new world of careers that I choose from.

  • Real Life Examples

    Saima Gul - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (Our instructor) always explains with real life examples and that helps us understand better. We have good equipment in our labs such as computers, blood pressure cuffs, weighing scales, etc. The campus is a friendly space. Staff is helpful.

  • Treated With Respect

    Samantha Porras - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    Our instructor gives us real life situations and examples. Our classrooms are small and everyone gets attention and help if needed, such as when we had to do office procedures - taking blood pressure, height, weight, etc. The campus is a very good and friendly , happy place. Everyone is polite and treats you with respect.

  • Life Changing

    Anne Robinson - Medical Office Assistant, Toronto

    (My instructor) Kim is firm but fair, she is there to help us in anyway that she can. I feel confident with her teaching. The classroom is very open, we all have enough personal space for our assignments, vital (hands on) work. He have access to complete medical charts, etc. Over all the experience has been life changing for me.

  • Good Equipment

    Freny Sethna - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    The instructors are very co-operative and respond to all questions that are asked. Good equipment are provided such as individual syphygmomander per student, weighing machines, charts and computers used in class. The atmosphere (at CDI) is very cheerful. Staff is extremely friendly and helpful.

  • A Balanced Lifestyle

    Jennifer Jackman - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    The instructors for the CDI campus in Toronto are committed to their jobs. I found a mixture of fun, enthusiastic teachers and devoted, dedicated people. The classrooms give an open environment to communicate with other students. I found (CDI) to be an energetic, active place to learn the skills needed to better our understandings of the workforce.

  • Instructive

    Natasha Simonsen - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (My instructor) Kim makes MOA classes informative and instructive, giving us examples from her work experience. She keeps us on our toes by challenging us with frequent tests and quizzes. She also makes review for tests fun as well! Kim brings a clinic situation to the classroom by having us perform clinical procedures like blood testing, pressure etc in the order and manner we would encounter in a clinic setting. The computers are necessary for different aspects of MOA. So far, CDI has been a growing experience in learning about MOA in preparing for my new career. I have learned new knowledge and skills, while improving on what I have (ex: Microsoft word, power point).

  • Helped Me

    Rowena Baria - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    My instructor helps to make a difference in my education and everyday life by teaching me the proper path we have to go through and, helps me easily understand the course. We are learning a lot of unexpected information, which is very helpful. My overall experience inside the campus was fun and very educating.

  • Encouraging

    Amina Issa - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (The instructors) are supportive and encourage us to do our best. The teachers are flexible. Classrooms are smaller too, so you get one on one help. The school is easy to reach too (located by the subway). The teachers and staff are friendly and helpful. They train us to become professional

  • Peers Are Supportive

    Teressa Thomas - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    My instructor explains exactly how the real world would, and what we learn is going to make us succeed in what we are pursuing. Everybody in our lab/classroom helps each other out if something is not understood. Everyone on campus is friendly, supportive and understanding.

  • Covers Everything

    Massam Hajjaj - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (Our instructor is) 1:very knowledgeable. 2:gives a work experience. 3:shows a professional attitude. Everybody (at CDI) is so friendly, ready to help and provide information. There is an easy access and fast contact with all staff.

  • The Right Skills

    Fathia Salih - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (My instructor has helped make a difference in our education) by supporting and encouraging us. Also, by pushing us hard with assignments and tests for our benefit - for us to stay active and be successful. Classrooms are medium sized, quiet and convenient. (The campus) has a friendly environment. They are guiding us to be knowledgeable and to act as professionals.

  • Always Smiling

    Gisella Solorzano - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (Our instructor) makes sure that when we ask questions, we actually understand in full. Everyone (at CDI) is very helpful and always smiling. The campus is always clean, always friendly environment. Trying to keep up with the outside activities is a good thing.

  • A Fine School

    Yadira Cruz - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (Our instructor) is always available to explain any questions is very patient and that gives us the opportunity to feel comfortable when I need to ask some questions. I feel very comfortable (at CDI). The teachers are excellent and very good classmates.

  • Achieving Success

    Delia Pulido - Medical Office Assistant, Toronto

    (Our instructor) is a very well prepared teacher and is always willing to help, looking for ways to help us to achieve our studies. The groups are small and the classrooms are spacious with proper lighting, giving us the opportunity to have a really good atmosphere. My overall experience (at CDI) has been very pleasant and full of knowledge.

  • Relaxed and Friendly

    Anna Calautti - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (My instructor), Kim, is extremely knowledgeable of the medical field. Her teachings makes me challenge myself to work hard, get results and get prepared for the medical field. All of our course content is up to date with todays working field, too. (The campus) has a relaxed, friendly environment

  • Embracing The Future

    Sherlene John - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (My instructors) have helped a lot because the way I am being taught and tested makes me embrace what is required very fast. Kim is a very clear and knowledgeable instructor. (Highly Educated) The space (in our labs/classrooms) that is given to get the work around (is innovative), also the technology. ...Based on my progress I have been making and stepping into a course I knew nothing about, my experience has been a good, and non-regrettable one.

  • Amazing People

    Ternasha Barrow - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    (The instructors) answer all questions they ask, some are always available. ..My experience has been great at CDI. I have met a lot of people, made some amazing friends and I am enjoying my course.

  • Pleasant Time at CDI

    Nassrin Jobejarkoli - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    My instructor is a person that has helped me a lot to accomplish my goals in my studies. I like the hands on aspect of our classrooms. They are pretty quiet, too, which helps me focus in my studies. I am very impressed (With the campus), I really enjoy coming to school. It is very clean and pleasant, and the location is very convenient. Please keep up the friendly environment and the helpfulness of the people.

  • Diverse Classes

    Natalie Coelho - Medical Office Administrator, Toronto

    My instructors have helped me to achieve my best they are very helpful when I have questions and have pushed me to my limits. And they have given me advice on everything about my education. I like how each one (of our labs/classrooms) has its own unique way, the setting is different and each instructor brings their own quality to it. I make new friends each time I go to a different lab/classroom. I am very pleased that I chose this campus to study at. Everyone is very friendly and helpful, and I feel very comfortable here.

  • Rhonda Is Great

    Chantal Berube - Pharmacy Assistant, Mississauga

    I think what is very noticeable about Rhonda is that she is very diplomatic with her students. She makes sure all her students are treated fairly. Also, she demonstrates a sense of protection and is very compassionate to her students. She is a great instructor! Classes have a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

  • One On One Time

    Angela Ethiek - Accounting and Payroll Administrator, Mississauga

    The instructor gives plenty of one on one time and helps with extra time after school. She is clear and to the point. Computer programs and software are up to date. My experience at CDI has been wonderful. Teachers and students are very helpful and understanding. The campus has a friendly atmosphere and is very accommodating. Teachers work around your schedule to make sure you are successful in your classes.

  • I Love School

    Lubna Albadry - Medical Office Administrator, Mississauga

    My instructor is highly qualified which gives me a chance to learn a lot of details in the medical field. Classrooms are very comfortable and supplied with the best equipment. It is a friendly environment that makes me love going to school everyday and I do not want it to be the last.

  • Great Field Trips

    Pradeep Bariana - Pharmacy Assistant, Mississauga

    The instructor is very helpful and makes sure everyone understands the topic. She is always there to answer my questions. She is amazing and motivates us everyday with bright ideas. The innovative thing about our classroom is that we get to watch videos for better understanding. Also, going on field trips to hospital pharmacies for first hand exposure to pharmacy. Overall experience on campus is wonderful and everybody is nice and helpful.

  • Helpful Instructor

    Zainab Ismaeel - Pharmacy Assistant, Mississauga

    The instructor is very good and helpful. She makes everything clear and easy to understand. The classroom is bright and similar to a real pharmacy.

  • Great Class Sizes

    Rashidat Adun - Legal Administrative Assistant, Mississauga

    The instructor uses jokes as a way to help us get involved. He makes sure that everyone understands the lessons before moving on. He is just a helpful individual in general and makes coming to class something to look forward to. All the staff are friendly and they greet you with a smile. The campus is a great size and no one can feel invisible. The computers work very well and are always available when needed.

  • CDI Is Good

    Shadaye - Pharmacy Assistant, Mississauga

    My instructor helps me stay on top of my work and assessments and helps whenever I do not understand something. My classmates and instructor are welcoming and they treat everyone with respect. My overall experience at CDI has been good and I have not come across any reason to not attend this college. The staff are very helpful.

  • Making A Change

    Sajid Sarwar - Information Systems Support Specialist, Mississauga

    I have a Masters Degree in Business Education. I have many computer networking certifications, such as MCSE, Network, and Security. I have been in this field for more than 12 years. I was inspired to pursue teaching because I wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of people. I love to help people learn. I inspire my students by giving them real life examples and experiences. I try to share my knowledge of the industry and work place. I motivate them with success stories and giving them more hands on work. I am proud to be a part of CDI College. It is a great place to work with great people.

  • Life Changing

    Rolando Cunanan - Information Systems Support Specialist, Mississauga

    I thought I already had enough skills/knowledge on my career. I have been working for 9 years as a senior technical support back home. When I moved to Canada I could not find a job so I decided to study so my skills can be upgraded. I searched the internet and found CDI College and I made the right decision. I have one of the best instructors I ever had. I learned a lot and my skills have broadened. Thanks to Sajid, he is a great instructor. Classrooms have the latest and high tech computers as well as helpful lectures and books. The staff are all great, special thanks to Mary and Marley for helping me be successful in my career. I have learned a lot of skills from simple PC troubleshooting to more complex problems. I am applying these skills at my new job as a PC technician and help desk support. The campus has state of the art equipment that are really helpful to students. I would highly recommend CDI College to my friends. If you enrolled at CDI, your life will change!

  • Wonderful College

    Ashley Trimble - Medical Office Administrator, Mississauga

    My instructor helps when ever it is needed. She goes over everything with the class so we have a better understanding of the tasks assigned. My overall experience at CDI college has been wonderful. The instructors are really nice and they care about your education. The students are polite and always have a smile on their faces. The school is never dirty and everything is well organized.

  • Good Instructor

    Hakeem Badmis - Medical Office Administrator, Mississauga

    My instructor assisted me in my advanced knowledge and that makes a big difference.

  • Best Instructor

    Lisa Crave - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Mississauga

    My instructor, Tori Bullard, has made all the difference in my staying at CDI. I had some conflicts in the beginning with previous instructors but thankfully I now have the best instructor.

  • Great Staff

    Danahi Vila - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Mississauga

    The instructor is very organized, knowledgeable and always encourages us to study and do our best. She is very accessible, understanding, professional, and a great role model. Classrooms have up to date computers for all the students as well as other modern equipment, such as projectors. The campus is well organized and clean. During the admission process, Patricia was very helpful in explaining how things work around campus. She also provided us with adequate information about the courses. Caroline was very efficient with the OSAP process. I wish the campus has some space for students to stay and study after classes.

  • Great School

    Joshua Davis - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Mississauga

    My instructor is always there when you need her and she actually knows what she is talking about. I have met some really nice people on campus and I felt very welcomed.

  • Respectful Teacher

    Sara Martin - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Mississauga

    I have a very knowledgeable instructor, she has respect for each classmate and thoroughly explains each assignment. Tori prepares the class for exams, has an approachable attitude and is lovely to be around.

  • English Improvement

    Cristina Gheorghe - Medical Office Administrator, Mississauga

    The instructor is very helpful, speaks clearly,and knows how to keep my attention. Classrooms have computers, projectors, and medical equipment to help with learning. The campus atmosphere is friendly and my English has improved.

  • Lots of Learning

    Celia Smith - Medical Office Administrator, Mississauga

    My instructor makes the work easy to understand even though I had no medical background. My experience on campus has been very good and I learned a lot from Dina and the other students.

  • Team Work

    Stephanie Alldred - Medical Office Administrator, Mississauga

    The instructors are kind and caring. They provide a personal educational experience in a safe and calm environment. Classrooms are designed to meet student needs and provide a lot of space to complete course work. Projectors provide an interactive learning experience. Watching YouTube videos on clinical assisting practices and procedures make the learning experience accessible, fun, and informational. I like that all the staff including the receptionists, admission reps, and coordinators know you by name. The learning environment at CDI college is designed to bring students together. We work together to create networks and look for future opportunities in our fields as a team.

  • New Computers

    Michelle Ruehl - Medical Office Administrator, Mississauga

    My instructor was a former doctor so she was able to answer the questions that we had. Classrooms had new and up to date computers. The faculty is very kind and the programs were very educational.

  • Successful Students

    Aneesa Khanali - Medical Office Administrator, Mississauga

    The instructor teaches us with different strategies and understands our unique learning needs. We get prompt results, regular collaboration, comprehensive and objective oriented lessons. Classrooms are equipped with necessary materials such as computers, projectors, and medical aids or resources to aid in student success. My experience on campus has been positive. Professionalism to a high degree has allowed me to grow in all aspects as an individual. I have learned to deal with challenges and improved my communication and social skills. The campus allows freedom to express my culture and attain the highest level of comfort to learning. CDI is one of those colleges with high expectations and they should increase space to accommodate student lounges in the future.

  • Latest Technology

    Jaunathen - Network Systems Administrator, Mississauga

    Sajid makes a difference by not only verbally explaining things to us but he also physically shows us to help us better understand what he is teaching. The labs have all the latest software and information that is available to us. The experience on campus has been good. There are many friendly and positive instructors and students who will go out of their way to help us.

  • Inspired

    Shane Scarlett - Information Systems Support Specialist, Mississauga

    The instructor helps me understand by explaining in detail. We always have access to information through the teacher, books and computers. My overall experience on campus has been inspiring and great.

  • Fun Experience

    Michael Patel - Network & Database Administrator, Mississauga

    The instructor is very thorough and informative. He makes a honest effort and has our best interest at heart. Labs are innovative with hands on work and up to date software and hardware. Overall, it was a fun and comfortable learning experience.

  • My Second Home

    Simon Bunyi - Network Systems Engineer, Mississauga

    The instructor has contributed the best knowledge to my career. Even on the busiest days, he understands and gives real life examples during most of his lessons. Labs are flexible and gives hands on experience even outside of school. That is something a lot of students including myself, like to take advantage of. I feel that the campus is my second home. It gives me the comfort to study and be socially active in any activity. Big hugs to this school for helping me change my future.

  • Prepared

    Neil DeGarres - Network Systems Engineer, Mississauga

    My instructor prepares me for what I should expect in the work force. It was an overall good experience and it broadened my knowledge in the technology and computer world.

  • Fast Internet

    Artur Kwiecinshi - Network Systems Administrator, Mississauga

    The instructor gives very good summaries of the material being covered. He is helpful and friendly. Classrooms have very good equipment to work with. Internet connections are great which makes working on projects a breeze. So far I am having a great experience on campus. I have learned a lot so far.

  • Work Hard

    Kenny Ochoa - Network Systems Engineer, Mississauga

    The instructor is always there to lend a helping hand and always clear during lectures and assignments. Lab assignments help us study for tests and they are good for boosting up our grades. Classrooms have a good atmosphere and good people all around. It has been a pleasure to be a student here at CDI. Work hard and you will achieve anything.

  • Amazing

    Croydon Dmello - Network Systems Administrator, Mississauga

    The instructor explains everything properly and in detail. The like the computers used in the classrooms. It is truly an amazing experience everyday.

  • Satisfied

    Indranil Vgas - Network Systems Engineer, Mississauga

    My instructor makes us feel better about courses which are harder than we think. He gives a lot of industry related examples so we can relate our knowledge gained in school. Labs have a lot of practical applications to work on compared to other schools. My experience on this campus has been amazing. It has been a great learning experience. I am happy and satisfied that I chose this college for my certifications.

  • Gaining Experience

    Sukhvir Singh - Network Systems Engineer, Mississauga

    My instructor always gives work and assignments to help the students in the module that we are learning. He always gives us extra homework and explains while he is teaching. Classrooms are innovative because we get hands on projects so when problems occur we can solve it by ourselves and understand the parts of the computer. My overall experience on campus is good. My instructor always gives me work to do on campus even when he is very busy. I gain my experience by helping other students fix their computer.

  • Organized Classes

    Shira Dulal - Information Systems Support Specialist, Mississauga

    The teacher is very friendly, helpful, and easy to understand. I like that the campus is in the city and classes are well organized.

  • Helpful Staff

    Ed Solmes - Network Systems Administrator, Mississauga

    My instructor is always there to help me if I need anything. I am doing very well in this course. The labs help me because I get used to what I have to do. My experience here on campus has been very good because I get a lot of help with everything. The staff has been very helpful and friendly which makes me feel comfortable. They should keep up the good work and keep pushing the students to do great.

  • Small Class Sizes

    Joshua Silgardo - Network Systems Engineer, Mississauga

    My instructor makes a difference in my education by giving practical knowledge of real world applications of material learned throughout the course. I like that the class sizes are small and we get access to new hardware. My overall experience so far at CDI has been good. All the instructors and staff are very professional and helpful. It would be nice to have a schedule or syllabus for the entire program handed out at the start of the course.

  • Individual Attention

    Reghu Anirudhan - Network & Database Administrator, Mississauga

    My instructor helps me learn through lectures, assignments and projects. Practice questions are also given to provide more information. Classrooms are very friendly and the instructor gives individual attention to each student. We also have discussions to exchange ideas. It has been an excellent experience.

  • Innovative Classroom

    Adufe Aduramigba - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Mississauga

    My instructor, Tori, knows the course very well. She goes in depth on the material to make sure we understand what is being taught. She is very patient in the way that she teaches, too. Furthermore, her assignments and papers help me learn the class content to an even greater degree. But that isnt the only method we learn. We also have discussions and take part in group work, both of which make my classroom feel innovative. The atmosphere of the school campus is friendly. The instructors and office administrators are ready to help at any time.

  • Patient Teachers

    Carla MacNeil - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Mississauga

    My teacher is amazing. She has so much knowledge and knows so many different methods for dealing with clients. She knows the work processes and applied theory for treatment. She has the patients of a saint to be able to keep all the students on the same level for the curriculum. I have learned a lot from our open case discussions in class. The debates leaves me more open minded to all potential options for clients. The campus is very energetic and positive. Definitely a great learning atmosphere

  • Clean Environment

    Fab Sommerville - Network Administrator, Mississauga

    My instructor has been very helpful and informative. She takes the time to help us and finds extra resources to give us. There is always something to do in the classroom, whether it is online or hands on. It is fantastic. My overall experience has been quite nice. The students and staff are friendly and the environment is clean.

  • Flexible Schedule

    Stuart Fulcher - Network Systems Administrator, Mississauga

    The instructors provide excellent resources for learning material and lectures are informative. I feel that the innovation in classrooms needs improvement. Incorporating examples and hands on configuration during the lectures would improve the learning experience. I like that the schedule is flexible so it allows me to focus on my studies in the morning and work in the afternoon. The administration staff has been very helpful in tailoring the course to my needs.

  • Intense Learning

    Adufe Aduramigba - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Mississauga

    My instructor, Tori Bullard made a difference in my education because she really knows the course well. She goes in depth and I am able to understand what is being taught. She is very patient with the way she teaches and I am able to understand every lesson further with the assignments and papers that she gives me. Classrooms are innovative because we learn by doing discussions and group work via the internet. The atmosphere of the school is generally friendly and the instructors and office administrators are ready to help at anytime. It is a very intense course and even friends that attends Sheridan says we do more case loads compared to them.

  • Debates

    Caizla MacNeil - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Mississauga

    Tori is an amazing teacher with a lot of knowledge that it made a difference in my education. She has so many aspects of dealing with clients, the work processes, and applied theory for treatment. Tori has the patience of a saint to be able to keep all students together on the same level of the curriculum. I love that she challenges our thinking. I learned a lot from our open case discussions. Debates made me more open-minded about all client options. It was a very energetic and positive learning atmosphere.

  • New Friends

    Nick Sarantakos - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Mississauga

    My instructor makes a difference in my education because she explains everything in the class. She makes us feel like we can achieve anything especially if the subjects get difficult for me. Working on new computers and with new students made classrooms innovative and it has been a new experience for me. Overall, it has been a great experience with awesome teachers and students which are now my friends. I can not wait to see what the rest of the year has in store. I can not wait to graduate and get a career.

  • Nice Atmosphere

    Chiara Sturam - Visual Graphic Design, Mississauga

    My instructor will sit with us if we do not understand something and he takes the time to explain it as many times as needed which made a difference in my education. Classrooms were innovative because we got to work with a projector which makes it possible for us to follow along on the computers as opposed to just listening along. It helps me personally as I am a more hands on person. I really enjoy the atmosphere on campus. I do think it would helped if the graphic students had the Adobe programs at home so it would be possible to work on our projects at home as well.

  • Reliable Computers

    Mathew Debellis - Visual Graphic Design, Mississauga

    My instructor makes a difference in my education by helping me understand certain things that I am not familiar with. Classes are innovative because they are clean, the teacher is nice, and computers are fast and reliable. I love this campus. My only thought is we should get the software so we can do the work at home.

  • Above and Beyond

    Marilyn Delbello - Visual Graphic Design, Mississauga

    My instructor helps make a difference in my education by helping us whenever we need it. He always has answers and goes above and beyond with teaching and books to make sure we understand. We also work at our own pace. I love my overall experience and everyone in it!

  • Worth My Time

    Khristoff Savage - Visual Graphic Design, Mississauga

    My instructors commitment to learning and understanding the course material puts a completely different perspective on my education. I enjoyed being in the class so much that I could not wait to go back again. The Mac computers that were provided made the classroom innovative. The experience was very integral to my life; it taught me about the skills and conduct that I will need in the workplace. The atmosphere was friendly, constructive, and energizing. The only thought I have is that I wish I was able to take an afternoon or evening class because I am really shaking things up to be here. It is worth it in the end because I am able to make a significant change.

  • Best Instructor

    Olayiwol Fasuyi - Visual Graphic Design, Mississauga

    My instructor helps make a difference in my education by giving me confidence in all the subjects. I like him, he is a man that wants the best for his students. He is the best. Classrooms are innovative because we use Mac, printer, and projector.

  • A Big Difference

    Adreein Molina - Medical Office Administrator, Mississauga

    My instructor made a big difference in my education by having lots of knowledge and being able to understand from different perspectives.

  • Great Instructor

    Danielle Wannamaker - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Mississauga

    My instructor makes a difference in my education by being patient, pleasant, and positive. She is encouraging and understanding towards the students. Class discussions are filled with useful knowledge as well as a good reachable amount of homework assigned daily. The fact that we have open discussions makes classrooms innovative and allows my mind to take in other peoples perspective. Also, watching a lot of movies and going on YouTube is a great way to educate yourself. My overall experience was positive, easy going, encouraging, and energetic. I enjoy waking up and going to school. This experience reminds me of a quote: Even in the darkest of times, light can be found if one remembers to turn on a light. Written by Albus Dumbeldore.

  • A Great Experiece

    Diana Hampton - Addictions and Community Services Worker, Mississauga

    My instructor makes a difference in my education everyday I attend class. Tory is easy to talk to and is very patient and understanding. Tory motivates and encourages her students in a way that makes them believe they have already achieved greatness. With her guidance, I am achieving a 90% average. The way our instructor teaches the class makes it innovative because she is clear and concise. She makes it understandable for everyone to learn. It is very important to me to have a wonderful teacher and I thank CDI for providing that to me. My overall experience has been very positive. The staff is great, friendly, and caring. I have only been here for three months and I know the best is yet to come. One concern I have is that CDI should advertise more because a lot of agencies did not know who CDI was when I did my research book. Also, I thought that students were screened in order to get in and I do not feel that is the truth.

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