Update Your Digital Marketing Skills with CDI College’s Business Administration Management Program

March 28, 2017 | Alberta

Explore digital marketing fundamentals, web design, and social media strategies.    

With an emphasis on business fundamentals and emerging digital technologies, CDI College’s Business Administration Management program is perfect for those who want to develop an up-to-date skill set that meets the needs of prospective employers. 

There has been a significant change in how businesses approach product marketing and consumer engagement, and with that change comes a demand for individuals who possess a certain set of skills that can help extend a brands reach across social media platforms and other digital channels. 

”It’s safe to say that traditional advertising, with its focus on "one way" communications to the consumer, emphasis on TV and radio, and reliance on fuzzy consumer data, is closer to death's door than ever. In its place, we're seeing a revolution in how the savviest brands are engaging and shaping consumer behaviors with a combination of community-driven live events that carry a strong prestige factor, social media-driven online communities and key individual "influencers" who straddle both worlds and whose support for any brand can mark the difference between success and failure.” – Ross Gerber (Forbes.com) 

The Business Administration Management program at CDI College has been purposefully designed to address the growing demand for digital skills, experience, and knowledge. Within the program, you will explore how digital, mobile, and social media has transformed the modern business market and how business owners utilize these tools to promote and sell their products/services. You’ll gain invaluable knowledge on when to use the right channels to get your business messaging across and build on key administration skills needed in every industry. 

Apply today to the Business Administration Management program and discover how you can help future employers advantage of advanced digital tools to produce effective digital marketing strategies.

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