CDI Career Buzz Podcast

Finding the right job to make your career can be a daunting process, and training for that job is an important investment. How do you know if a job is going to be right for you?


CDI College’s Career Buzz podcast is all about jobs. Each episode will be dedicated to one of CDI College’s programs as we talk to instructors, experts in their fields, and graduates to provide in-depth information on how our programs can help you gain an advantage when entering the job market. Our guests will provide insight into their particular industries, the roles that are open to CDI College students upon graduation, and what to expect when starting a new career.






About The Host

Jennifer-Lee Gunson is the host of CDI College’s Career Buzz Podcast. She loves getting to know more about the wonderful people and programs this post-secondary has to offer.


In addition she is a broadcaster turned podcaster who owns J Pod Creations, a dynamic company specializing in podcast production and content creation, giving brands an authentic voice. With over a decade of experience in the media industry, Jennifer-Lee has a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating engaging content that resonates with audiences.


Jennifer is trained in theatre, film and broadcasting voice, and has been in the traditional broadcasting space for 12 years. She has also been a radio DJ with her own show, and currently flies in a helicopters and planes to report on traffic for Global TV, News 1130 and on various other stations to keep commuters up to date.



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