Get Calgary Healthy: Eating Well and Promoting Well-being

October 11, 2012 | Alberta

Practicing a healthy lifestyle requires a number of different elements: eating nutritional foods, visiting a physician regularly and staying physically active, to name a few. At the upcoming event, Get Calgary Healthy, visitors of all ages will get a chance to learn even more about what it means to eat clean and healthy ingredients from sustainable farmers and get accustomed to visiting their local doctor on a regular basis, even if it is just to check up on something minor. Students who are studying healthcare courses in the Calgary area, whether to work with patients dealing with addictions, as practical nurses or as massage therapists, can learn firsthand about the industry in the city and even make personal connections with those who have established themselves in these particular fields.

Don't Worry, Be Happy
Dozens of vendors will be present at the all-day festival event, which will take place on Sunday, October 14 at the TELUS Convention Centre in Calgary. Each business showcases its own commitment to positive health and well-being, such as True Hope Mental & Physical Well-Being. This nonprofit organization believes that mental wellness can be achieved by nutritional and non-invasive methods. Its products are essentially a variety of vitamins and minerals that help balance nutritional deficiency disorders and bring a balance to individuals who may be experiencing depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety.

Eat Well
Other vendors will be treating guests to their delicious and nutritious fare, such as Foods Alive, where raw foods are a staple in every meal. Chef Afke Zunderland makes unique products like her Krumbleez, which are raw cookies and crackers made of sprouted nuts, seeds and fruits that are all gluten- and dairy-free. Okanagan Valley provides crisp, juicy apples that give these treats an added sweet flavour, as well as carrots from Enderby, for snacks such as the Carrot Crisps. Adults who attend Get Calgary Healthy will not only get to sample these hearty and wholesome products, but they can even purchase their favourite goodies and keep them in their bags as a filling and healthy snack throughout the school day.

Keynote Speakers
A number of dynamic speakers will share their wisdom with aspiring professionals and students in the healthcare field. Sherry Strong, a food philosopher, Joe Klassen, a naturopathic practitioner, and William Davis, a preventive cardiologist and author, are only some of the guests who will provide the Calgary audience with their perspective on the best way to stay healthy and happy, as well as tips on how to prevent illnesses like heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other diet-related ailments.

Get Calgary Healthy may be of interest to a range of healthcare students, from those studying medical office administration courses to anyone enrolled in Massage Therapy at CDI College.

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