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Travel & Tourism

If there is one industry in the world that will never run out of jobs for people, it’s Travel and Tourism. Work in this career is great for people who have a strong desire to learn constantly and meet new people.

After graduating from CDI College’s Travel and Tourism diploma program, you can find work as a travel agent at an agency, a tour guide on a cruise ship, or a ticket agent for an airline.

Travel and Tourism Training in Calgary or Edmonton

The Travel and Tourism program has been designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills that will be applied in practical work situations. Courses combine lectures, group discussions, hands-on practical experience, video presentations, and may include guest speakers and field trips.

Career Growth Potential

The travel and tourism industry employs more people worldwide than any other industry. Travel agencies will employ most Travel and Tourism graduates in retail, corporate, or outside sales. Other employment opportunities may be found with tour companies, tour wholesalers, cruise lines, and hotels.

You have endless potential for growth with a career in travel and tourism, and your global skillset gives you the ability to work anywhere in the world.

Accelerate your career today by applying for CDI College’s Travel and Tourism diploma program. Fill out the form to your right.

Program Courses

CES4 - Career & Employment Strategies

In addition to learning career-oriented skills, students learn how to get a job in their chosen profession. Our Employment Services department will assist the graduate in resume writing, as well as preparing for job interviews. Our staff is sensitive to current job market trends and the needs of employers in each local market. Our graduates receive guidance and training to use career tools that help job seekers build a better resume and cover letter, manage an online portfolio, hone interviewing skills, and develop a personal brand online. Students will have the use of a computer lab which has unlimited Internet access, as well as job search resources. Facilitators will also be made available to advise on job finding resources, interview skills and techniques and to carry out mock interviews. This course also looks at the planning, preparation, execution, and follow-up stages of an interview: how people find jobs; employer expectations; presenting an enthusiastic attitude; focusing on the right job and the hidden job market; transferrable skills; thank you letters; effective telemarketing; handling objections, self-confidence, and self-esteem; and individual counselling and coaching.

PRAC100 - Practicum
Students will be placed in actual work places related to their field of study and will be expected to act as a regular employee in order to gain the valuable real world experience that so many employers seek. Students are encouraged to find their own work experience placement; however, once placed, continuation in that placement is mandatory.
ARS4 - Airline Reservation Systems
VIASINC is a simulated software program combining lessons and an Emulator to transform the student’s computer into a close approximation of a live computer reservation system. VIASINC is used to access information and to create industry-standard passenger name records.
TAP4 - Travel Agency Operations
This course concentrates on the daily operations within a travel agency with a focus on automated accounting and an overview of the Internet.
ITK4 - International Ticketing
This course is designed to address the basics of international ticketing and rentals. City and airport codes are studied.
DOM4 - Domestic Ticketing
This course is designed to address the basics of domestic ticketing fundamentals. City and airport codes are studied.
WOD4 - World Destinations
This course is designed to familiarize student with different countries and the most popular destinations that clients request. Students will cover North America, Europe, and Asia.
TOU4 - Tours
With the use of wholesaler tour and charter brochures, the student will examine how travel products are marketed and sold to meet the needs of today’s traveller.
CLC4 - Client Counselling
In this course, students will learn to deal with clients regarding tour companies, airlines, cruise lines, car rentals, hotels, and travel insurance.
SLM4 - Salesmanship
In this course, sales techniques are explored and customized to various client needs. Specifically, group and individual packages, tours, and cruises.
PSK4 - Professional Skills
This course is designed to equip students with the skills necessary for dealing effectively with both customers and colleagues in the business world. Using a variety of instructional methods including role-plays, case studies, group exercises, simulated situations, and discussions, students learn and practice customer service and interpersonal skills necessary for success in today’s business environment.
MSP4 - Microsoft PowerPoint
This course introduces the students to presentation development and design with Microsoft PowerPoint. Relying heavily on a hands-on practical training approach, students learn by doing through skills based simulations, training and assessments. The course starts with an overview of Microsoft PowerPoint where students learn about common views, features, tools and the environment of PowerPoint. The course then focuses on core processes of development and design of robust PowerPoint presentations and enhancing the presentations with the rich media tools offered by PowerPoint. Students will learn to use the PowerPoint templates, outlines and themes to design presentations.
MSA4 - Microsoft Access
This course introduces the students to relational databases with Microsoft Access. The course starts with an overview of Microsoft Access and databases in general. Students will learn the fundamental features of relational database and how databases are used to store related information and query the information. After learning how to create and modify a database and work with records, students will learn to sort data and filter to a database. Students will then explore the different ways to query a database and extract the information based on different criteria. Subsequent to working with multi-table databases, students will then learn to work with different types of functions to manipulate data, forms to input data into a database and reports to display data.
MSE4 - Microsoft Excel
Relying heavily on a hands-on practical training approach, students learn by doing through skills based simulations, training and assessments in Microsoft Excel. The course starts with an overview of spreadsheets and how to use the common features and functions of Microsoft Excel. The course then focuses on the core features of Microsoft Excel where students learn how to enter and format data and use the various functions and formulas to manage and manipulate data. The course continues with more advanced topics such as performing quantitative analysis with logical, lookup and various mathematical and financial functions. Depicting data visually is an important feature of Excel. Students will learn how to work with charts in Excel to produce a variety of different charts based on data housed in a spreadsheet. Finally students will learn to handle large volumes of data with datasets and tables.
MSW4 - Microsoft Word
This course introduces the students to word processing with Microsoft Word. Relying heavily on a hands-on practical training approach, students learn by doing through skills based simulations, training and assessments. Learners will focus on the core features of Microsoft Word such as proper document formatting, organization and editing using the tools and features of the ribbon. The course will then continue with more advanced topics such as working with tables, lists, objects, templates footnotes and endnotes and mail merges. Students will explore the collaboration features that allow users to share and collaborate on documents through the use of track changes, sharing and reviewing.
MOT4 - Microsoft Outlook
This course presents the MS Outlook application interface, tools, and features. You will l earn about the fundamentals of an e-mail application, scheduling, calendars, contact lists, creating, forwarding and managing messages. This course relies heavily upon hands-on practical activities that allow you to learn concepts by practicing them on a regular basis.
SSS4 - Student Success Strategies
Emphasis is placed on thinking about achieving success from day one, and developing the non-technical skills to enhance personal, academic, and career success.

Travel & Tourism Program

CDI College's Travel & Tourism Program provides relevant, focused training for people looking to turn their love of travel into a rewarding career. 

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