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Social Media and Web Marketing

Program Duration: 65 weeks

In the last decade, there has been a massive shift in the way businesses advertise, with online advertising largely overtaking the mainstays of print, television and radio.

Every company is online and nearly all of them run targeted advertising campaigns designed to bring in clients with an emphasis on a high return on investment.

Additionally, with many companies bringing their marketing efforts in-house, there are many career opportunities for experts in online marketing for people with the right training and experience.

Digital Marketing Diploma Program

CDI College's Social Media and Web Marketing diploma program provides the job-ready training you'll need to start a career path as an online marketing guru.

In the program, you'll sharpen your skills with the latest platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, while also understanding the importance of content marketing to grow brand influence.

Job-Ready SEO and SEM Training

One of the major components of the Social Media and Web Marketing diploma program is learning how to maximize the reach of your campaigns with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and pay-per-click advertising whilst ensuring you are on the leading edge of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) best practices.

Evaluating campaigns is also an important skill you'll pick up in the program, which includes training on business analytics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and social media aggregation tools, so you'll be able to understand the importance statistics play in executing and planning future marketing plans.

Hands-On Social Media Marketing Training

As part of your intensive social media marketing training, you'll also participate in a 100-hour work experience placement, so you can test out your new skills on-the-job before graduation. If you're looking to move into an exciting, rewarding career in a growing industry, CDI College's Social Media and Web Marketing diploma program is for you.


Program Courses

CES4 - Career & Employment Strategies

This course looks at the planning, preparation, execution, and follow-up stages of an interview: how people find jobs; employer expectations; presenting an enthusiastic attitude; focusing on the right job; transferable skills; the job interview; effective resume preparation; cover and thank you letters; effective telemarketing; tapping the hidden job market; handling objections; job search management; self-confidence and self-esteem building; mock interviews (video-taped); and individual counselling and coaching.

SSS4 - Student Success Strategies
This course will introduce students to skills and concepts that will help them achieve personal, academic, and career success.
MOT4 - Microsoft Outlook
This course presents the MS Outlook application interface, tools, and features. You will l earn about the fundamentals of an e-mail application, scheduling, calendars, contact lists, creating, forwarding and managing messages. This course relies heavily upon hands-on practical activities that allow you to learn concepts by practicing them on a regular basis.
MSW4 - Microsoft Word
This course introduces the students to word processing with Microsoft Word. Relying heavily on a hands-on practical training approach, students learn by doing through skills based simulations, training and assessments. Learners will focus on the core features of Microsoft Word such as proper document formatting, organization and editing using the tools and features of the ribbon. The course will then continue with more advanced topics such as working with tables, lists, objects, templates footnotes and endnotes and mail merges. Students will explore the collaboration features that allow users to share and collaborate on documents through the use of track changes, sharing and reviewing.
MSE4 - Microsoft Excel

This course introduces the students to spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel 2016. Relying very heavily on a hands-on practical training approach, students learn by doing through skills based simulations, training and assessments. The course starts with an overview of spreadsheets and how to use the common features and functions of Microsoft Excel. The course then focuses on the core features of Microsoft Excel where students learn how to enter and format data and use the various functions and formulas to manage and manipulate the data. The course will then continue with more advanced topics such as performing quantitative analysis with logical, lookup and various mathematical and financial functions. Depicting data visually is an important feature of Excel. Students will learn how to work with charts in Excel to produce a variety of different charts based on data housed in a spreadsheet. Finally students will learn to handle large volumes of data with DataSets and tables.

EBW4 - Effective Business Writing

The workplace of the twenty-first century demands excellent communications skills. The focus of this course is on learning writing techniques that ensure effective business communication. Achieve an effective style by using precise verbs, concrete nouns, and vivid adjectives; write memorandums and e-mail messages that deliver information and make requests; write letters and memorandums that request information concisely and promote goodwill; apply skillful writing techniques in refusing requests; compose carefully planned sales letters; write letters of appreciation, congratulation, sympathy, recommendation, and introduction; write effective formal and informal reports; write a formal report including data, using tables, charts, and graphs.

CA-STATS - Statistics
In this course students will be provided the opportunity to review fundamental mathematical skills and apply them in a variety of business contexts.
DGMKF - Digital Marketing Fundamentals

In this course students will learn the key concepts of digital marketing. The course will explore the importance of branding, audience reach and demographics in the marketing strategies. Students will learn how to utilize analytics and the importance of goals as part of the marketing processes. The course will explore the importance of domain names, keywords and how to leverage Search Engine Optimization strategies. Pay Per Click, Online marketing, email marketing and budgeting are also discussed within the context of this course.

STWBD - Strategic Web Design
In this course students will be able to create a search engine-friendly website. Students will be introduced to the website planning process, and discover the web design tools, principles and strategies that will allow them to design create and publish a fully functional web site. Students will become familiar with web hosting principles and integrate social media effectively on their websites.
CA-INTSM - Introduction to Social Media
This course provides the student with an overview of social media its evolution and how it has come to occupy such an important role in how companies do business and connect with their customers. The course will explore how social media can be integrated into a company’s traditional and online marketing initiatives. Students will learn how to leverage social media and its tools to implement reputation management, customer service, marketing, contests and other strategies. The importance of defining and setting goals as well as identifying the appropriate key performance indicators will be covered. The course will provide an overview of the various social media platforms, examine their similarities and differences and these can be leveraged for different marketing initiatives. Students will learn how to plan a social media persona and explore the fundamental features and functionality of the different platforms such as hashtags, sharing, and tagging.
CA-CNTCR - Content Creation
Content posted to social media platforms is potentially viewed by millions of viewers. It is imperative that the content is appropriate and meets the goals of the posting. This course will explore the different types of content that is posted to social media. Students will learn to write as their online persona and explore the different writing styles. The do’s and don’ts of writing are examined to ensure content has the desired effect. Students will learn to write with the purpose of responding to criticism and manage reputation. Finally students will learn how to write for marketing purposes including sales and lead generation.
CA-CNTOR - Content Outreach
In the social media world, going viral is a good thing! The goal of creating content and posting it to social media platforms is to have it go viral. This course focuses on the techniques and methods and strategies used to create content that is shareable with the intent of having it go viral. Students will learn sharing and collaborative strategies, hashtags and the creation of contests specifically to achieve the intended goals.
CA-SMALT - Social Media Aggregators and Monitors
Knowing what people and competitors are saying about you and your business is crucial information that allows a business to react and respond to trends, public image and ultimately make important decisions that impact the business as a whole. In this course students will discover how to capture what others are saying about you and your business. The course will explore the different social media tools and software available to aggregate and find what others are saying. Students will learn how to capture KPI’s, sentiment, followers, negative content and complaints.
CA-FCEBK - Facebook
Facebook is without question one of the most recognized and used social media platform. It goes without saying that it is an extremely important if not crucial platform when it comes to social media marketing initiatives. This course will provide a more in depth look at Facebook the platform, its role, its use, tools and its features in particular how these lend themselves well to social media marketing initiatives. Students will discover Facebook blueprint curriculum and certification paths. The course will explore the concept of organic posts versus promoted posts and advertising in relation to Facebook.
CA-TWTTR - Twitter
This course will provide a more in depth look at the Twitter platform, its role, its use, tools and its features in particular how these can be used for social media marketing initiatives. The course will explore the concept of organic posts versus promoted posts and advertising in relation to Twitter. Students will learn how to implement marketing strategies and initiatives using Twitter as the deployment vehicle, use twitter to reach and maintain a community and reach influencers and other members to grow a community. The course also explores how to create and manage Twitter Ads and build a content creation strategy.
CA-ISTGR - Instagram
This course provides an overview of the Instagram Platform and its primary function as a mobile photo and video sharing service. Students will learn how marketing initiatives work in the Instagram platform. The course will explore and compare organic posts, promoted posts and advertising in the Instagram platform.
CA-OTPLT - Social Media: Other Platforms
The purpose of this course is to provide the students with an overview of additional social media platforms. Students will be provided with an overview of the function role and tools associated with a variety of newer or more specialized social media platforms including SnapChat, Reddit, LinkedIn and others. By gaining an understanding of the target audiences for these platforms, students will learn when to use these platforms and what types of marketing initiatives can be supported by them. Students will discover and explore the advertising opportunities within each platform.
CA-YTUBE - YouTube
YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform. This offers a multitude of possibilities for businesses to efficiently expose and display their products directly to potential customers globally. This course will explore in greater depth the marketing potential attached to YouTube. Students will explore the platform, its function, role, its features and tools and in particular how these can be leveraged for marketing strategies. Students will discover Google YouTube curriculum for YouTube ads and how it is used. Finally, the course will explore organic videos versus promoted videos versus advertising in relation to YouTube.
CA-ANLTC - Analytics
Digital data analytics is used to gain insights into consumer behaviors with data being collected from all forms of digital internet traffic. By analyzing data, students will gain insights into marketing effectiveness and assess potential business opportunities in the internet space. Students will study measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of digital data to understand and optimize marketing channels. In this course, students will utilize digital data tracking systems for data usage and marketing metrics, interpreting results so that they can create, convert and enhance customer relationships.
SMMKS - Social Media Marketing Strategies
After completing this course, students will be well-versed in how to use the right social media platform(s) and how to best utilize the features offered by each platform to enable them to help corporations to reach their target audience and achieve their goals. Seven channels are examined in-depth: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp, and Pinterest. For each of the channels, the course will explore the following aspects: The channel’s history, the user’s experience, the business’ experience, Advertising, Running a targeted campaign and Analytics.
CA-INSEM - Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
This course will introduce students to the content and skills needed to build effective search engine marketing campaigns including Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
CA-SEOP1 - Search Engine Optimization I
In this course students will learn how to use SEO best practices by examining how to build a website and mobile websites, to take advantage of key words, category hierarchies that have great and appropriate Google friendly contents, and use methods that make ranking effective.
CA-SEOP2 - Search Engine Optimization II
In this course students will learn the importance of proper keyword research and related tools. The course will explore how to effectively nitrate keywords into content and pages within a site. Students will gain an understanding of the limitations of search engine optimization and how to tie into search engine marketing through buying keywords and planning an SEM strategy for highly competitive keywords that you want to show up for.
CA-SEMKT - Search Engine Marketing
This course will explore the use of keyword research and trends to help strategize a search engine marketing plan as part of a digital marketing strategy. Students will learn how a robust competitor analysis is a key component to understanding the competition that you know versus those competing on your keywords that may not even be in the same vertical as you are. The course will examine the different types of bidding strategies and how to define and set goals and key performance indicators. Students will learn to plan a search engine marketing strategy and track its success using budgets and return on investment approaches. Various search engine marketing platforms will be presented to discover their similarities and differences and students will explore the different targeting options including demographics, location and remarketing. Finally, the course will provide an overview of automated bidding software tools and Google AdWords certification curriculum.
CA-CDMKT - Content / Display Marketing
This course focuses on content and display marketing and its relation to Search Engine Marketing. Content / display marketing will be examined in comparison to Search Engine Marketing to identify similarities and differences. Students will learn how to integrate a content / display plan as part of a digital marketing strategy. Different content / display platforms will be presented, compared and contrasted. The course will continue to explore Google AdWords curriculum and certifications.
CA-VMMKT - Video & Multimedia Marketing
This course continues to explore marketing initiatives with a focus on Video and multi-media marketing. Video/multi-media marketing will be presented and compared to content and display marketing highlighting the similarities and differences. Students will learn how to integrate a Video/multi-media plan as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. The common video and multimedia platforms will be reviewed, compared and contrasted. The use of Google and YouTube AdWords will continue to be explored.
CA-CRMKP - CRM & KPI Reporting
This course focuses on the importance of tracking search engine marketing initiatives and the tools and processes used to properly track them. Goal setting and defining the appropriate KPI’s will be reinforced. Students will learn the importance of tracking ROI and how to properly do this. Customer Relationship Management software, what they do, how they are used and the various CRM tools will be presented. Students will gain a more detailed perspective of Web Analytics, what Web Analytics do and the different Web Analytics tools that are available. Finally, students will learn how to tie all the analytics and reporting tools together through API’s and dashboard software.
CA-DSPLN - Digital Strategy and Planning
This course will provide the student with the know-how to effectively plan, budget and resource social media marketing campaigns. Students will develop the skills to create a social media marketing strategy. Everything from budgeting, personnel selection and analytics, to reputation management and social customer service is covered in this course.
CA-DMGRP - Social Media Final Group Project
This course will provide the students with the opportunity to integrate their acquired knowledge and skills to create a social media strategy for a company of choice. Students will be required to create a variety of social media profiles and integrate them into an online/offline strategy.
AB-OMSMWE - Online Marketing & Social Media Work Experience

This field placement will prepare students for their transition to the workforce. The practicum will be completed in a business / marketing environment working under the supervision of experienced personnel. Students are provided with a description of duties he/she will perform on the job. At the end of the placement, the practicum host will provide an evaluation on the student and the student will provide the college with an evaluation on the placement.

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