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Graphic Design - NTA.1U

ACS 1380 hours

CDI College's Graphic Design - NTA.1U program is designed to train professionals for positions such as illustrator, scientific or medical illustrator, advertising designer, layout editor, or graphic artist.

The program is comprised of two important components: an artistic component – which allows students to develop their creativity and their artistic sense, and an important technical component – through which they acquire skills in drawing, editing, typography, graphic communications and multimedia software. The projects undertaken are directly linked to the true nature and demands of the market and they reproduce realistic working conditions in order to foster the development of the expected skills and attitudes.


  • Secondary V diploma or its recognized equivalent
  • Successful admission test


  • 1.5 years (18 months) OR 2 years (24 months)


To graduate, students must obtain the required pass mark in each course.


Campus Availability

  • Montreal, QC


"The best part about learning from Practitioner Instructors is that they have worked in the job that you’re going into so they know the “ins and outs” and the little tricks of the trade, so to speak. They know what they’re talking about and have firsthand experience."

Jesse T.
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