Why We Are Better

The first step towards starting a new career is planning how to get there. CDI College equips its students to build skills and earn the necessary qualifications to succeed in their dream careers.

Personalized Experience and Relevant Education

At CDI College, we provide a personalized experience and relevant education to open more doors and create as many career opportunities as possible.

With over 100 diverse programs across Canada, emphasizing business, healthcare, technology, legal studies, teaching education, and more, all of our courses are taught by practitioner-instructors who combine years of industry experience with excellent instructional abilities.

CDI College’s hands-on programs and courses combine classroom-based theory with practical applications that help graduates emerge with a broad knowledge base and the desired skillsets for their chosen careers.

Canada's Leading Career College

For over 50 years, CDI College has provided the training our students need for the careers they want. With over 23 campuses in five Canadian provinces and a variety of online program options, CDI College’s programs are designed to meet the needs of thriving industries in both the local and national job markets.

With input from field experts, our curriculums are continually updated to meet the needs of industry standards, and our graduates complete their education with the most up-to-date training and certifications, required by sought-after employers.

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