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Student Services

CDI College offers a number of services for students and grads. From Career Services to community outreach, CDI College's students have a wealth of resources at their fingertips. Alumni, parents, student counsellors, and business professionals are all part of CDI College's extensive academic community, each encouraging students and graduates to achieve their goals.

Businesses and industry professionals in particular help support our educational goals and provide guidance for our students. Business representatives serve as consultants and give valuable input into all programs and courses at CDI College. They serve as practicum hosts when our students go into the field to gain hands-on experience. And, most importantly, they hire our grads - sometimes even before a student has finished the practicum component.

Involving parents in the CDI College community helps to build more than just a place to study, it creates a sense of family, especially for those away from home. It also allows parents to catch a glimpse of their children's new academic lives.

Student counsellors are always happy to share their wisdom and offer a friendly ear to their fellow classmates. Counsellors will be able to offer first-hand knowledge of campus life, making the transition easier for new students.

Please make yourself familiar with CDI College's Sexual Violence and Harassment Policy

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