Why iPads are Environmentally Friendly

September 27, 2011 | Alberta

Calgary, AB - September 27, 2011 - By now, we’ve all heard about the amazing features of the iPad. Like a technological superhero, the iPad seems to do it all. But this powerful device does more than just give you easy access to surf the web, check your email, watch movies and read books - the iPad also helps the environment!

So how does the iPad fit into the category of environmentally-friendly products? Check out a few of its green features.

Earth-Friendly Materials
The iPad is made with environmentally friendly materials, which ensures that it’s PVC-free and free of brominated flame retardants. The iPad also features a mercury-free LCD display and arsenic-free display glass, making it good for both the environment, and your health.

Power Efficient
The iPad features a highly efficient power adapter that consumes far less energy than a desktop computer or laptop. Less energy is also used to read a book on an e-reader than what goes into producing and distributing paper editions.

Efficient Packaging Design
Slim and light packaging not only reduces materials and waste, but also helps reduce CO2 emissions produced during transport.

Reduces Paper Consumption
Reading eBooks and newspapers online reduces paper usage and, in turn, saves trees!

With non-toxic materials and an aluminum and glass enclosure, the iPad is highly recyclable.

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