What Kinds of Duties do Paralegals Have?

April 21, 2021 | Alberta

If you become a paralegal, you’ll get to work on the busy frontlines of the legal field. These skilled professionals collaborate with lawyers to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients. They are valued for their detailed knowledge of legal rules and procedures, and for their ability to work efficiently to meet deadlines.

Whether employed at a law firm or providing services independently, paralegals can specialize in corporate, criminal, civil, family, and others areas of law. If you’re considering this challenging and rewarding field, here’s a look at what paralegals do on the job:

Legal Research

Lawyers and clients count on paralegals to find the right information from the right sources – and to do so quickly. On a given day, they might need to review court records, statutes, case law, legislation, or other legal resources. At other times, they might need to interview witnesses or clients.

Clerical Duties

Ask any law professionals and they’ll tell you that they work in busy office environments. That means there’s a flood of administrative work. Paralegals help by handling phone calls, drafting documents and correspondence, using business software, and managing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Document Preparation

There is no room for error in a high-stakes legal case. That’s why paralegals need a sharp eye for even the smallest details, particularly when preparing documents. Depending on their area of specialization, they might put together real estate transactions, wills, affidavits, corporate bylaws, or other materials.

Interpersonal Communication

While paralegals often spend time alone dealing with paperwork, they also need to interact professionally and effectively with many types of people. They deal with lawyers, clients, court officials, and office colleagues – that’s why excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential.

How to Get Started

Being a paralegal is intense but satisfying. You get to work in a fast-paced office environment and use your expertise to help legal professionals and clients.

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