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October 28, 2010 | Alberta

Volunteer work experience can be just as valuable on a resume as paid work experience

Calgary, AB - Ocotber 28, 2010 - Can volunteer work really help your career? Of course it can. Work is work and a potential employer is not concerned with how much you received in compensation for your experience, but rather how it will help their business. Skills like teamwork, negotiation, organizing, communication and administration make you a better rounded more employable individual and if these skills were gained through volunteer experience, add them to your resume.

Volunteer Work Experience

Most successful business people volunteer. Whether someone's volunteer work experience involves being a soccer coach or a Chamber of Commerce president, most volunteer work provides a valuable learning experience. When adding volunteer work experience to your resume remember these three points:

Volunteer Resume

  1. Match your volunteer experience to the job you are applying for - Include relevant volunteer experience on your resume where it provides a specific example of a skill you have, or a trait such as creativity or team leadership, when those traits are valued in the position you are seeking. For example, if you are looking for an administration job and handled phone calls during a charity drive, include this as relevant experience.

  2. Explain your volunteer successes - Demonstrate through examples accomplishments you achieved through your volunteer work. For example, Junior Achievement volunteers visit high school students and discuss financial planning which showcases leadership, enthusiasm, patience, planning, and public speaking - all transferable skills to include as part of a volunteer resume.

  3. Showcase your volunteer work - Include your volunteer work in the body of your resume rather than simply at the end, especially if your volunteer work is done while in school. This not only adds weight to your resume but tells potential employers that you place a high value on volunteering in your community. Highlight long-term commitments to volunteering, such as committee member for non-profit group or annual event.

Volunteer Experience

The bottom line is that volunteer experience is both rewarding and is a valuable addition to your resume. You gain an experience like no other while fulfilling a need in the community. Many times volunteer work leads to job prospects and CDI College can guide you in looking for opportunities while attending any of our programs. Enjoy your volunteer experience and present your future employer with the facts that prove you will be an excellent and skilled team player.

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