Oil and Gas Administrative Assistants Should Seek Careers in the Canadian Prairies

October 25, 2012 | Alberta

Students who are considering careers in oil and gas administration may have the most success searching in the Canadian Prairies, as a recent study revealed that investment in this region is higher than any other province in the country. The Fraser Institute, the nation's leading public policy center of experts, released its annual Global Petroleum Survey, which polled 623 petroleum executives and managers from 529 companies and 147 jurisdictions.

Industry leaders highly regarded Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the province of Alberta overall, with Manitoba ranking at the top, taking the fifth slot out of the 147 jurisdictions included in the survey. Ultimately, the report demonstrates that executives may want to put their money in these particular sectors to turn a substantial profit.

Regions of Canada like the Prairies will ultimately help to pave the way for generations to come, and make sure that prosperity and success is in the future for oil and gas industry professionals and their families, according to expert economists from the Fraser Institute.

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