New Year's Resolution for Programmers: Learn One New Skill a Day

February 7, 2013 | Alberta

Technology is one industry that is constantly evolving, and professionals must quickly adapt to new advancements in order to stay on top of the latest techniques and tools. By setting a personal goal to learn one skill each day, programmers can continuously improve their knowledge and become a better worker in the process.

The possibilities of what programmers can explore are endless. If the worker is interested in expanding their imagination, they can read blogs or studies that keep them abreast of the latest news and developments. Another options is to work with different variables or languages, improve basic SQL knowledge or practice the implementation of different techniques.

On days where professionals want to work on specific skills, they can select an area they want to improve, such as coding or even things like presentation skills, research it and come up with a new fact that can help them in their everyday work.

Education doesn't end once their courses at an Alberta college do, and setting a goal to learn new things each day can ensure that a programmer is always trying to learn and improve their skills.

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