New Software Aids Professionals in Oil and Gas Sector

August 16, 2012 | Alberta

New software has emerged that could substantially help professionals in the oil and gas sector. Instead of having office staff members enter endless amounts of information manually into databases, a program called JobuTrax helps workers manage various reports on an array of devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

This consolidation of information and the ability to enter it into one centralized location creates a system that is virtually free of inefficiencies and significantly more cost-effective, as less workers are needed to deposit the information into databases.

"Company owners were spending more time managing and paying for servers, software licensing, consulting fees and downtime than actually building their business," founder Mark Hewitt told the Calgary Herald. "A combination of things came together to make JobuTrax a reality: financial capability, the evolution of internet technologies and the readiness to take the risk and build an excellent product with great service."

By doing the behind-the-scenes Information Technology (IT) work, JobuTrax allows workers at oil companies to spend less time on the computer organizing spreadsheets and double checking data and more time tending to and expanding their businesses.

Those who have used the service and seen significant improvement in their businesses have come from a variety of different sectors within the oil and gas industry.

Although tools such as JobuTrax may simplify the IT aspect of certain oil and gas jobs, it is important for those looking for careers in this field to have a well-rounded education that focuses on administrative, clerical and technical aspects of oil and gas administration.  At CDI College, students can take business courses in the Oil and Gas Administration program to develop professional skills and knowledge that can help prepare them a career in this field.

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