Massage Therapy Sessions Offered at CDI College

September 7, 2009 | Alberta

Weekly sessions help relieve stress-related pain

Edmonton, AB - September 3, 2009 – Massage therapy is known for its ability to heal, but it can often be a costly expense that many cannot justify. Now, residents in both Edmonton and Calgary can look to CDI College for the care they need.

Students of the Massage Therapy programs in Edmonton North and Calgary North run massage therapy clinics that are open to the public. Patrons can get a one-hour session ranging from $20-30, and the clinic is open several days during the week.

“We can hold up to 28 people per evening, but clients need to book their appointment in advance,” says Edmonton North Campus Director, Herb Foster. Massage fees are collected and regularly donated to a different charity each time.

Massage therapy is used to treat a variety of ailments including tight necks, bad shoulders, hips, back and chronic conditions. Students of the CDI College Massage Therapy programs learn techniques like hydrotherapy, Swedish massage, and injury prevention, which help them to treat each new clinic patient effectively.

To make an appointment at the massage clinics at CDI College, call 780.478.7900 in Edmonton or 403.571.8585 in Calgary.

More information about the Massage Therapy program at CDI College can be found at

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