Massage Therapists Lend Their Support at London Olympic Games

October 31, 2012 | Alberta

The London 2012 Olympic Games brought together thousands of the world's most talented athletes all in one central place. These sportsmen and women give 110 percent in every competition, whether it's swimming, running, basketball or volleyball, making it difficult to avoid injuries, sore muscles and other instances of wear and tear to the body. As a result, officials of the Olympic Games called upon the qualified massage therapists to assist these athletes and make sure that they are ready for each day, no matter what types of injury come their way.

Massage therapists have played an important role behind the scenes at Olympics for decades. Providing massage treatment for participants, they tend to the athletes one on one, assessing their injuries and advising about self care. 

Delivering treatment as many as 20 times a day, massage therapists worked from morning until night. And, while their contribution to the games may not receive the same attention as the actual athletes, it does not go unnoticed.

By completing a program tailored to fit the needs and requirements of a massage therapist, students in Alberta can follow a similar career similar, working in a range of settings including wellness centres, hospitals, sports medicine clinics, fitness facilities or even on cruise ships.

Healthcare classes like those offered at CDI College allow students to gain real-life experience through a clinical internship and externship. By shadowing a skilled professional and connecting with those who are experienced in the field, students can begin to make their way into this growing healthcare sector.

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