IT Students Embracing Technicity

December 11, 2012 | Alberta

Students currently learning about networking and database management know the field of technology and IT is constantly changing. As these aspiring professionals move on from their studies and search for jobs in the industry, they will likely be faced with many opportunities working as IT professionals in a small business.

Startups are rapidly growing throughout Canada, and some of the most exciting career options for networking students can be found in a young corporate setting. In order to hunt down these opportunities and get in touch with fellow entrepreneurs, events like Technicity have started popping up throughout the nation.

Technicity is a movement centering around crowdfunding, which is the process of using new technologies and social media to raise money in support of young companies. With an objective of using crowdfunding to make it easier to small businesses to launch and find success in local Canadian markets, Technicity aims to connect entrepreneurs and investors to help grow young companies.

Although the movement is relatively young, Technicity is already beginning to host several events around Canada. Most of these gatherings explore the background of Technicity's efforts, including how it has raised more than $113 million in funding for small businesses and expects to grow by nearly 300 per cent in the next year, according to the official web site. Other questions that are discussed by the innovative minds in attendance include how new legislation may affect job growth, the future of crowdfunding and how to encourage participation.

Students with entrepreneurial ideas or a desire to use their knowledge in a startup environment may find that they are drawn to events like Technicity, but this is only scratching the surface when it comes to IT careers. For those interested in pursuing a future in this industry, learning the basics of networking knowledge is essential to success.

Events like Technicity only touch upon a sampling of the knowledge needed for a job in IT, but there are plenty of other ways to tap into this material. Taking courses in Alberta can help students learn the fundamentals of a technology career, and this networking training often builds up a strong enough background to assist students in their job search.

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