Free Coffee Social Media Contest

September 20, 2010 | Alberta

Enter today to win a $20 Starbucks Gift Card

September 20, 2010 - CDI loves social media and wants you to join in for a free coffee. Become a CDI Facebook fan or follow us on Twitter between September 7-21, 2010 and you'll be automatically entered to win a <a name="gift-card">$20 Starbucks gift card</a>.

Easy ways you can join the contest...

  1. Post something on the CDI Facebook wall

  2. RT about our social media contest

  3. Invite a Friend

  4. Share Button

  5. Like the CDI Facebook Group

Each wall post or RT will be counted as a separate entry! If you're not a Facebook Fan or a Twitter Follower now's the perfect time to get involved. 

Featured Wall Posts & Retweets from Contest Participants

"Classes are going GRRRRRRRRRREATTT! Instructors are cheerful and positive, campus is clean, what a wonderful place to learn!!!!" says Patrick in BC.

Charlotte in Alberta shared on Facebook, "I'm already ahead and starting my third class on Monday. I find the teachers very helpful and the classes very resourceful. I'm loving it!"

Homework Tips & Coffee Gift Cards Go Hand in Hand

Students are also sharing homework tips and their thoughts on what keeps them going through class - a lot of coffee. Looks like those Starbucks gift cards are going to come in handy. What are some of CDI College students' favorite beverages.

"Soy latte with sugar free vanilla flavoring" - Kelsea in BC posted.

"A Venti Caramel Macchiato!!!" - @dramatic_girl tweeted.

As you get ready to cram for exams and stay up late getting your homework done, a gift card for Starbucks is going to be a big help. So come and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!

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