Follow the Exciting Career Path of a Massage Therapist

October 17, 2012 | Alberta

Listening, exhibiting an approachable personality, devoting oneself to wellness and caring about the health of others are all crucial elements to becoming a successful massage therapist. In Alberta, opportunities in this field can arise in a number of different workplaces, including hospitals, theatre and dance companies, wellness centres, rehab facilities and more. The type of routine that these professionals undergo can vary from one day to the next, making this kind of career exciting and unpredictable. For those who are considering finding a position in this field, they can expect to perform these tasks on a regular basis.

Client Check-in
To start off their days, massage therapists may log into a database, check an iPad or consult a day timer to review their daily schedules and identify the clients they will see that day. Some healthcare offices may even run a varying schedule, depending on how many patients come in for sessions or how long each treatment lasts.

If they are seeing new clients, massage therapists first conduct patient assessments, according to the Alberta Learning Information Service. These assessments help determine the type of care that the individual may need, which an accomplished massage therapy student should be well-versed in after taking courses such as Remedial Exercise and Clinical Assessment.

One of the most important parts of a massage therapist's job is explaining to clients the procedures they recommend administering to help resolve or reduce their pain. By properly communicating with their clients, the massage therapist gives them the opportunity to decline treatment or suggests an alternate form that they might prefer.

Care at Home
Afterward, the massage therapist then administers whichever technique is necessary. Some common treatments include applying manual pressure to specific areas of the body, hydrotherapy, soft-tissue stretching methods or trigger point therapy. Once professionals have completed the session, they then can explain how clients can continue care at home, simply by improving posture or stretching muscles while watching TV.

Whether massage therapists choose private practices or work as a team in a larger office organization, they can find a number of worthy opportunities throughout Alberta.

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