CDI College Receives Generous Donation from geoLOGIC in Support of Future Oil and Gas Professionals

January 19, 2016 | Alberta

geoLOGIC donates geoSCOUT, the industry-preferred software for the oil and gas industry 

Edmonton, AB – January 19, 2016 – Graduates from CDI College’s Oil and Gas Administration program will gain an upper hand in the job market thanks to a generous donation of the latest industry-preferred software from geoLOGIC systems ltd., an independent software company that specializes in data mapping, analysis and reporting, and management for the oil and gas industry.

As a leader of software applications geared for the oil and gas industry, geoLOGIC has dedicated itself to developing and refining comprehensive, user-friendly software solutions for over 30 years. With several services to choose from, geoLOGIC has generously donated geoSCOUT, the industry-preferred software that provides multifunctional applications ranging from searching, viewing, mapping, reporting, analysis, and more.

“At geoLOGIC, we provide quality products and services to increase workflow productivity and efficiency,” said a representative from geoLOGIC systems ltd.

Training with the right tools can offer significant leverage over competitors, whether in the job market or in the workforce. “We strive to give [students] the opportunity to learn how to best utilize the software in an effort to increase their ability to be hired going forward in today’s market,” they said.

CDI College’s programs – whether in business, technology, healthcare, or others – incorporate extensive training in simulated labs to give students realistic, hands-on training they need to excel in their field before leaving the classroom. Additionally, many programs such as the Oil and Gas Administration program also include practicum placements, providing students with an invaluable opportunity to experience firsthand what it’s like to work in their field of study. As such, it is essential that they are equipped with the right tools, and most recent and relevant ones, to prepare them for their career ahead.

Thanks to geoLOGIC’s substantial donation, CDI College’s Oil and Gas Administration students – and future employees in the industry – will be armed with the training, tools, knowledge, and skills required to further their goals individually and as a company.

“The oil and gas industry is experiencing a major downturn due to a combination of a number of adverse circumstances and the downturn could be protracted. Despite this, the industry is filled with innovative, hard-working people and they will ensure that it bounces back to continue to contribute to the prosperity of all of Canada."

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