CDI College Introduces Addictions and Community Services Worker Program

January 4, 2015 | Alberta

Calgary, AB and Edmonton, AB – January 2, 2015 – CDI College is currently accepting applications for the new Addictions and Community Services Worker diploma program offered in the Calgary North and Edmonton West campus in Alberta.

Addictions and Community Services Workers face numerous challenging situations on a daily basis. Cases can range from alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence, and more. While cases may seem similar, no two cases are identical. Just as important as any other career, these social services professionals rely on their experiences to solve and resolve difficult situations they come across, which is why students enrolled in the program will complete a mandatory practicum prior to graduation so they can employ and further develop the strategies they have learned in class on real cases.

“CDI changed my life and gave me the tools to help others. I decided to try and help others with addictions and was inspired to pursue a career in healthcare. The program gives you a more ‘real-world’ experience and the instructors were always supportive and understood the issues out there because of their own real experience,” said Brad K., an Addictions and Community Service Worker graduate.

The 44-week program covers work ethics, fundamentals of addiction and pharmacology, relapse prevention and intervention, interview techniques, youth issues, working with families, and more. In such a high-stress environment, these professionals are at risk of suffering secondary traumatic stress, which is why the program includes a self-care course so students can not only learn to recognize the needs of others but in themselves as well.

Social services is a demanding but rewarding career suited for compassionate, passionate, and resilient individuals. Graduates from the 44-week Addictions and Community Services Worker diploma program can seek employment opportunities in social services agencies, group homes, correctional and community mental health centres, facilities for the physically developmentally handicapped, and more.

For more information on the program, click here or call 1-877-404-4353.

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