Canada Prepares For a Worker Shortage

March 21, 2013 | Alberta

As the job market in Canada booms, many industries are seeing a shortage of the skilled workers necessary to fill job openings. A worldwide survey of oil and gas companies in early 2012 found that a skilled labour shortage continues to be a problem in the industry, according to the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters. With the oil and gas industry predicted to grow, qualified professionals, from tradespeople and general labourers to administrative support personnel and management, will be needed in this burgeoning job sector.

Current Outlook
More than 180,000 workers were directly employed in Canada's petroleum industry in 2011, according to data from Petroleum Labour Market Information. Most work as labourers and operators, but many supervisors and administrators are needed for businesses to continue functioning. In Canada, women make up more than 12 percent of the industry's workforce, compared to just 7 percent internationally. Overall, the industry is at risk of being unable to meet nearly 36 percent of its hiring requirements between 2012 and 2015, the news source reports.

Oil and Gas Industry Shortages
While some sectors of Canada's job force are experiencing worker shortages, the majority of the country's petroleum companies cite labour and skill shortages as their top challenge. While this is a temporary hardship for employers, it also means that workers with an educational background in this industry have many opportunities for advancement.

Many opportunities exist for workers of all types in the petroleum industry. Those with the fundamental education in business and office administration are suited for positions at corporate or field offices, large and small. The most qualified professionals will have skills needed for success in this field, but without an education or extensive experience these positions may be hard to come by.

Aspiring workers should consider taking business courses to hone the skills for landing a job in Alberta's oil and gas sector. A career training program, like Oil and Gas Administration at CDI College, can teach students the practical office skills and essential industry knowledge needed for careers in this industry, including such topics as drilling, geology and even law.

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