Benefits of a Private Career College Education

March 25, 2013 | Alberta

Calgary, AB – March 25, 2013 – When it comes to post-secondary education, students in Alberta have numerous options, from public universities and colleges to technical institutes and vocational schools. They can also choose to attend a private career college. Far from being exclusive and elite institutions, private career colleges are an excellent choice for anyone looking for career-based training. We’ve identified some reasons why students choose to attend a private college.

Career-Focused Programs
Students choose private career colleges because these institutions offer programs designed to train students for specific careers, with curriculum developed based on input from an industry advisory committee. Programs often incorporate learning in the classroom and practical experiences, allowing students to acquire the fundamental skills and knowledge they need for their career field. And, because private career colleges operate on a continuous delivery model, students can begin training at any time throughout the year instead of just September and January. This allows them to train quickly and be out in the job market sooner than public college graduates.

Class Size
Private college classes are often smaller than those at public institutions. Large lecture halls and labs may work for some students, but others prefer to learn in a more intimate setting. Smaller classes allow students more opportunities to get to know their instructors and classmates. Interaction with students from other programs may be greater, as well, because private college campuses are smaller, fostering an even greater sense of community.

Instruction from Professionals
Private colleges usually hire industry-experienced professionals as instructors for their programs. Most career college instructors still work in the field they teach, allowing them to bring a broader perspective to the course material. While their experience undoubtedly enhances the learning process, industry-experienced instructors can also let students know what to expect once they enter the industry.

Professional Association Recognition
Students may also choose to attend a private college because a program is recognized by a professional association or regulatory body. A private college will work closely with several professional bodies to develop and ensure the quality and integrity of their programs. These associations also provide an assurance of quality to students that programs are on par with those offered through public institutions.

Graduate Employment Outcomes
Employment is the desired outcome for all students in career training programs. Most private career colleges strive for high graduate employment rates and maintain them. Along with teaching job search skills, many career college programs include practicum placements that allow students to gain hands-on experience before they graduate. These schools also have career service departments that provide assistance with the job search before and after graduation, as well as other services that grads can use to help them secure employment in their field of choice.

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