Activities for Kids

December 2, 2010 | Alberta

These holiday activities for kids are great for parents and early childhood educators

Calgary, AB - December 2, 2010 - Whether you're a parent, or someone pursuing a career in early childhood education, here are a couple fun activities for kids that will keep them busy during the exciting holiday season.

Kids' Crafts for the Holidays

Popcorn strings are a popular kids craft, but with a little addition can also serve as a lesson in environmentally friendly activities and recycling. Not only can a regular popcorn string be left outside for the birds after the holidays, but consider adding pieces of fruit such as cranberries, lemon and orange peels, apple pieces and various nuts and spices. Besides the treats you will need popcorn and string and any extras you would like to add to the string. Be sure to remind the students to leave their holiday gifts outside for the birds after the holidays.

Fun Holiday Kids Activities

Children love to be able to make their own gifts for family members. A simple picture frame can be created and decorated with cardboard from a cereal box, construction paper, glitter, sequins and cutouts. Also consider having a digital camera on hand to snap quick photos to print out and include in the picture frame. Children will enjoy not only creating their own picture frame but also making a great gift they can share with mom and dad.

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