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Edmonton City Centre

Centrally-located in the heart of Edmonton's downtown core, the Edmonton City Centre campus of CDI College is close to several other community colleges and the University of Alberta campus, making the area a great place to meet fellow students.

Nearby, students of the Edmonton City Centre campus will find the famous Whyte Avenue.

The scene of many city celebrations including the Silly Summer Parade on Canada Day and the annual Whyte Avenue Street Sale on July 9th, Whyte Ave always has something going on. Dotted with coffee shops and restaurants, Whyte Avenue is a great place to hang out with your classmates after class.

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Map and Directions

Nearby, students of the Edmonton City Centre campus will find the famous Whyte Avenue. 


200 - 10004 Jasper Ave.
Edmonton, AB 
T5J 1R3

Programs offered at Edmonton City Centre campus

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CDI College Road to Success: Brennan M.
April 12, 2021
Brennan recently graduated from the Social Media Marketing program at the CDI College Winnipeg campus. He shared his story with us to help inspire others on their own career path. Moving to the Big City Brennan’s mom origin...
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CDI College Raises $5,000 for Edmonton Cancer Centre
April 6, 2021
A CDI College campus in Edmonton was inspired to raise $5,000 for charity in a moving show of support for an employee who was diagnosed with cancer. The Campuses Crushing Cancer campaign launched in early March and surpassed its original fundra...
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CDI College Growth Story: Nicki from Red Deer
March 16, 2021
Nicki S, a Learning Centre Instructor and Career Services Coordinator at our Red Deer campus, was recommended to us by her Campus Director for this feature. Nicki brings a lot of energy and is an active part of her campus community. A Love...
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These Career-Training Programs Are 100% Online
March 9, 2021
With the rapid growth of online learning, it’s a good time to train for a new career. Virtual education has many benefits. You can study in a setting that suits your needs, fit coursework around a busy schedule, and avoid lengthy commutes to ca...
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CDI College’s International Women’s Day Contest
February 26, 2021
In honour of all of the powerful women in our lives and around the world, CDI College is holding an International Women’s Day Contest! Contestants must tag a woman who has inspired them to become a better person in the comments of th...
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Tips to Avoid Health Problems from Too Much Sitting
February 10, 2021
If you’re sitting at your desk right now, you might be increasing your risk of serious health problems. As shocking as that sounds, lots of evidence has emerged that spending long periods glued to your chair is bad for you. In particular,...
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CDI College’s Upcoming Events for February - March, 2021
February 1, 2021
We have some great career-focused events coming up in February at CDI College. So far, the list is as follows: February 2, 2021 – Pharmacy Assistant Virtual Info Session Learn everything you need to know about the Pharmacy Assis...
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CDI College Growth Story: Afsaneh from North York
January 18, 2021
The second feature in our CDI College Growth Story series goes to none other than Afsaneh S., a dedicated pharmacy instructor at our North York campus. The Dream Raised in Iran, Afsaneh found herself in an environment of healthca...
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How to Set Effective Career Goals
January 11, 2021
With the new year finally here, you might have ideas about what you want to achieve with your career or education in 2021. Goal-setting is a valuable tool that can help you get there. “Setting goals based on your dreams will give you...
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CDI College’s Upcoming Events
January 4, 2021
We have some great career-focused events coming up in the new year at CDI College. So far, the list is as follows: January 6, 2021 – Travel & Tourism Info Session Want to help people make memories that last a lifetime? Discov...
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CDI College Through 2020
December 22, 2020
Like the rest of the world, CDI College also had to adapt and make the most of this year after safety measures were put into place. We’d like to think we came out as winners in 2020. Dental Assisting graduates had a 100% passing...
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CDI College Growth Story: Tracy from Calgary
December 17, 2020
At CDI College, we think it’s important to provide recognition and credit to the staff and instructors who make our mission possible. These people have dedicated their lives to helping change our students’ lives by providing them with th...
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Start Fresh in 2021 with Career Training
December 11, 2020
After a year like 2020, you’re probably looking forward to a fresh start. Maybe you’ve lost your job or realized you need a career change. Either way, you want to get the training you need to get hired into a better role. Enrolling...
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The Veterinary Health Care Assistant Program at Calgary South
November 17, 2020
Are you an avid animal lover? Does the idea of putting homeowners at ease by caring for their beloved pets excite you? If you answered yes, are you ready to turn your passion into a rewarding career as a veterinary health care assistant? W...
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Your Handy Guide to Working Remotely
November 6, 2020
COVID-19 has radically transformed attitudes towards the role of the office. Traditionally, it has been the centre of business activity. However, with many employees (at least temporarily) working from home, it has sparked new ideas about how and wh...
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What Do Human Resources and Payroll Pros Do?
October 28, 2020
Employees are among a company’s most valuable assets. That’s why skilled human resources and payroll professionals are in high demand. They handle vital responsibilities, such as recruitment, training, and compensation. “Regar...
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7 Tips for Online Learning Success
October 21, 2020
The rapid growth of online learning has created exciting opportunities for college students in Canada. With digital education, you get a flexible schedule, spend less time commuting, and you can study in a setting that suits you. However, as wi...
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Here’s How Cybersecurity Specialists Stop Online Attacks
October 15, 2020
Every time you use your smartphone or join a computer network, you’re potentially exposed to numerous cyber threats such as hacking, phishing, malware, and botnets. In 2018, nearly 60% of Internet users in Canada experienced a cybersecurity incident...
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4 Easy Ways to Boost Mental Health
October 7, 2020
Unfortunately, stress and anxiety are parts of everyday life. As a college student, you also have the pressure from studying, assignments, and tests. With World Mental Health Day taking place on October 10, it’s a good time to think about what...
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Get These Skills to be a Medical Office Superstar
September 14, 2020
If you want to start a career as a medical office worker , you’ll need a resume that gets noticed by employers. The best hiring managers aren’t just looking for someone who can do the job. They want someone who can go above and beyo...
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Why You Should Build Your Professional Network Before Grad
September 1, 2020
You can’t wait for the day you finally finish school and can start searching for your first job in your chosen field. But you also feel anxiety when you realize how many other new grads you’ll be competing against for a finite number of...
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You're Invited to CDI College's Virtual Open House on September 9
August 25, 2020
We are living through uncertain economic times. You might be considering a new career direction because of job loss, or simply because it's time for a change. If that's the case, CDI College can help you get started towards a brighter future...
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9 Essentials for Your Back-to-School Survival Kit
August 17, 2020
The first weeks back to school are often just about survival. You’re confronted with a busy schedule, new people, and lots of course work. To make it through a survival situation, the key is to come into it well-equipped. That’s the...
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3 Apps to Help You Focus and Ace Your Next Exam
July 24, 2020
Have you been out of school for several years and feel like you need as many study tips as you can get? Maybe you’ve always been an A-plus student who breezed through your courses. Studying and exams shouldn’t be the reason you put off s...
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Accounting & Payroll Training Opens Doors to These Bonus Business Roles
June 30, 2020
You want a new career path that will give you options down the road. That’s because you’re smart enough to be worried about being stuck in the same role five or ten years from now. There are many good reasons to eventually need a ch...
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How to Start Your Tech Career in Under 2 Years
June 24, 2020
Everyone seems to be talking about how exciting it is to work in the tech industry – and it’s no surprise given all of the benefits. Jobs in coding or IT are a natural fit for remote positions, so you can work from the comfort of yo...
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CDI College Statement on Anti-Racism
June 4, 2020
On behalf of CEO and Chairman Peter Chung, Executive VP of Operations Andre Souza, and VP of International Relations, Yul Kim, CDI College joins in solidarity with students, staff, faculty, and all global citizens fighting for justice, and an end to...
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6 Ways to Fund Your College Education in Canada
June 1, 2020
Getting a post-secondary education is an investment in your future. With a diploma, certificate or other credential, you can develop new skills, pursue your passion, and earn more money. As you’ve experienced yourself, or heard from frien...
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Top Industries that are Hiring During COVID-19
May 20, 2020
With the current economic climate, many industries are facing employee layoffs and hiring is at a freeze. However, according to Forbes and other industry resources, there are many sectors that are still prevailing (and growing) and are currently acc...
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Books from Your Peers: Why You Should Read and What to Read
May 5, 2020
Reading books is a great way to spend time, and it offers many benefits, including stimulating the brain, improving abilities in comprehension, reducing stress, and improving the quality of sleep. Some of the top CEOs in the world manage to read, on...
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Government Resources, Counselling & 24-Support for Albertan Residents
May 1, 2020
While the post-secondary education experience is fast-paced and ever-changing, it can present challenges for individuals navigating it for the first time, and completely on their own. Now, during COVID-19, there are services available in which stude...
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COVID-19: New Government Funding Available for Students
April 24, 2020
COVID-19 has had a significant impact on new and current students and recent graduates – from transitioning to online learning modules to finding employment upon graduation. The Government of Canada is now intervening with financial...
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How a Workout Plan Increases Mental Focus
April 22, 2020
While you’re studying at home, there may be times where it’s difficult to stay on track without the help of a regular routine. Home workouts are a great solution. Not only do home workouts provide a steady routine, but they also help wit...
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How to Maintain a Social Life while "Social Distancing"
April 9, 2020
Your social life doesn’t have to be on hold while you practice social or physical distancing. We’ve come up with a few ideas for how you can keep busy and still keep in touch with your closest friends! Virtual coffee dates...
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How to Stay Healthy at Home
April 7, 2020
While studying and attending classes from home may seem easier than getting dressed, packing your lunch and schoolbag, and catching a bus, you also need to account for much less physical walking each day. As the square-footage of any home is far les...
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36 / 49
5 Tips on How to Make the Best of Self-Isolation
March 31, 2020
We've pulled together some great ideas on how you can reconnect with youself, your friends, and your families in a completely different way during this time of social distancing. Cherish this time at home as an opportunity to rediscove...
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CDI College raises nearly $5,000 for Pink Shirt Day
March 2, 2020
CDI College joined people across Canada and around the world as they stood up against bullying on Pink Shirt Day 2020. Students, instructors, and staff from CDI College wore pink and raised nearly $5,000 for the CKNW Kids’ Fund and Fondati...
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CDI College students shine on national dental assisting exams
February 12, 2020
Dental assisting graduates from Edmonton and Calgary have good reason to smile after receiving solid marks on their national certification exams. The graduates from CDI College had a 100 percent passing rate on the National Dental Assisting Exa...
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39 / 49
Want to work in early childhood education? You'll need these skills
January 24, 2020
During the first years after birth, children go through major physical, cognitive, motor, and emotional developments. If you become an early childhood educator, you can give them the support they need during this important time. "The early...
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CDI College donates 4,000 items to local food banks
January 7, 2020
An outpouring of holiday spirit drove students, instructors, and staff from CDI College to unite in an effort to support local food banks. In December, campuses from British Columbia to Quebec gathered over 4,000 non-perishable items to help fellow...
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Stocking Stuffer Contest - $300 in Prizes!
December 13, 2019
Share the holiday spirit with CDI College! Visit us on Instagram , Facebook , or Twitter to take part in our Stocking Stuffer Contest. Enter your friend or loved one for a chance to win one of three gift card prizes by completing one or more of...
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Here are the skills you need to become a web app developer
November 26, 2019
Do you dream of a career in which you use creativity in combination with highly developed technical skills? If so, you might love working in web and mobile applications development. As an in-demand development professional, you can create...
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43 / 49
CDI College raises $3,700 for World Heart Day 2019
October 2, 2019
Students and staff members at CDI College campuses across Canada joined forces in September to support heart health. The college’s annual World Heart Day campaign raised awareness and over $3,700 to help fight cardiovascular disease, a leading...
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44 / 49
How to ace your return to school this fall
September 9, 2019
You’re excited to become a student again and to start training for a new career. Then you realize your life is about to change dramatically. Heading back to school means getting used to a new daily routine, new people, and a new campus en...
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You’re invited to National Workshop Day on August 22
July 31, 2019
CDI College is hosting a special event in Alberta to help you take the next step towards a successful new career. National Workshop Day takes place on August 22, 6-8pm at our campuses in Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer . Take part in FREE work...
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7 unusual-but-smart places to squeeze in study time
June 13, 2019
As a student, few things are as precious as a good place to study, but finding one isn’t always easy. Stay at home, and noisy roommates or family members might disrupt you. Head out the door, and you might face a long journey to a crowded...
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CDI College raises $4,000 on Pink Shirt Day
March 1, 2019
VANCOUVER, BC – March 1, 2019 – Faculty, staff, and students at CDI College’s campuses across Canada joined together this past Wednesday, February 27th, to take a stand against bullying, raising $4,000 for the CKNW Kids Fund and Fondation Jasmin Roy...
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CDI Calgary South campus providing free naloxone kits and training on Fridays
January 29, 2019
Nearly 2,000 Albertans have died from accidental opioid overdoses since the beginning of 2016, sparking the province to declare a public health emergency. As part of the strategy to deal with the overdose crisis, the Ministry of Health has spea...
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CDI College Holiday Food Drive Brings in More Than 2,700 Items
January 7, 2019
Vancouver, BC; January 7, 2019 – CDI College students, instructors and staff collected non-perishable items for local food banks over the holidays, bringing in nearly 2,700 items across our 25 campuses. “We are thrilled with the kin...
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About Edmonton City Centre

Things to do in Edmonton City Centre

Edmonton is central Alberta's hub of government, education, and culture. The city offers so much to see and do for everyone. More than just the Oil Capital of Canada, Edmonton offers world-class shopping, championship sporting events, historic heritage tours, and over 30 unique festivals.




Sports fans have several opportunities to check out their favourite pastimes as Edmonton is home to several professional sports franchises. Hockey fans usually pack Rogers Place to watch the championship Edmonton Oilers take on the leading teams in the National Hockey League. The arena also hosts the Western Hockey League's Edmonton Oil Kings.

Football fans can head to Commonwealth Stadium to catch 14-time Grey Cup winners, the Edmonton Eskimos, take on rival teams from the Canadian Football League. The Edmonton Capitals, the city's professional independent baseball team, play at Telus Field.


Arts and Culture


Because it hosts over 30 large festivals each year, Edmonton has also become known as "The Festival City." Each July, the city hosts Capital EX, a large annual festival that includes chuckwagon races, carnival rides, concerts, and trade shows.

The city is also home to several music festivals including Sonic Boom, Labatt Blues Festival, Edmonton Folk Music Festival, the International Street Performers Festival, the Vocal Arts Festival, and the International Jazz Festival.

Fans of film and theatre should check out the Edmonton International Film Festival for the best in independent film or the International Fringe Festival for cutting edge alternative theatre.

The Dreamspeakers Film Festival brings together the works of Aboriginal filmmakers, performers, and artists. Improvaganza, an improv theatre festival hosted by the Rapid Fire Theatre, happens in June. The ever-popular Free Will Shakespeare Festival is a summer series of the Bard's best works.

Edmonton has numerous museums and galleries. The Royal Alberta Museum has over 10 million pieces in its collection and features displays on the culture and practices of Alberta's Aboriginal tribes.

Amateur scientists and space enthusiasts will enjoy the Telus World of Science, which includes an IMAX movie theatre, planetarium, and an observatory.

The Art Gallery of Alberta in the downtown core holds over 6,000 works including sculptures, historical and contemporary paintings, photographs, and installation pieces by Canadian and international artists in its permanent collection.

The gallery also hosts travelling exhibitions from around the world. Gallery Walk, along 124 Street and Jasper Avenue, is home to a number of smaller independent galleries.


Outdoor Activities


Head outside and check out some of the nicest parks in North America. Because Edmonton sits on the North Saskatchewan River valley, the city contains several connected urban parks that provide several opportunities to escape from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life.

The city's parks are excellent collections of Alberta's flora and fauna including several different tree species such as American Elm, Aspens, Jack Pines, Poplars, and Willows.

Several species of animals can be seen in the parks as well. These include porcupines, rabbits, coyotes, deer, bears, beavers, and muskrats. And thanks to a series of interconnected bike and walking paths, Edmonton's parks are frequently visited by cyclists, joggers, and walkers.




Edmonton is also a major shopping destination in North America. The massive West Edmonton Mall is the largest retail and entertainment centre in the world, with over 800 shops, 100 places to eat, an indoor amusement park, cinemas, ice rink, and waterpark.

For those who prefer a more traditional shopping centre, Edmonton has several mid-size to large retail malls with well-known retailers. These include Manulife Place in downtown Edmonton, Kingsway Mall, and Southgate Centre.

The 124th Street area has a unique collection of boutique-style shops, cool cafes, hip galleries, and theatres. Edmonton's Old Strathcona region is among the 10 best shopping neighbourhoods in Canada with chic boutiques, funky shops, eclectic eateries, and trendy art galleries.




Edmonton nightlife is as diverse as the city itself. As one of Canada's major cities, Edmonton is a frequent stop for the world's top performers and musical groups.

Sports arenas like the Rogers Place and Commonwealth Stadium have hosted concerts by many major acts including the Rolling Stones, U2, Nickelback, and the Jonas Brothers. Other popular concert venues include the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium and Winspear Centre. The city also has a number of smaller concert halls and live music venues in the Arts District and on Whyte Avenue.

Whyte Avenue is the most popular area for Edmonton nightlife. Patrons have a wide range of pubs, clubs, restaurants, and movie cinemas to choose from. Numerous pubs, hotel lounges, and restaurants can also be found in the downtown core and along Jasper Avenue.

And for those who want to relax after a day of shopping, Bourbon Street in West Edmonton Mall has a great collection of places to eat or meet for a drink.



Places to Volunteer in Edmonton City Centre

Volunteering is a great way to build your work experience while making a difference in your community. Here are just a few of the organizations in Edmonton who may need volunteers:

  • ABC Head Start Society
  • Aboriginal Youth and Family Well-Being and Education Society
  • Alberta Book Fair Society
  • Alberta Cancer Foundation
  • Alberta Caregivers Association
  • Alberta Foodbank Network Association
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters Society of Edmonton and Area
  • Canadian Mental Health Association - Edmonton Region
  • Casa Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health
  • Centre for Family Literacy Society of Alberta
  • Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta
  • Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity - Edmonton Society
  • Heritage Community Foundation
  • HIV Network of Edmonton Society
  • Humane Animal Rescue Team Society
  • One Child's Village: A Global Orphans Foundation
  • Primrose Place Family Centre Association
  • Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities
  • Sorrentino’s Compassion House
  • Spirit Keeper Youth Society
  • St Joseph's Auxiliary Hospital Foundation
  • The Edmonton Folk Music Festival Society
  • The Society of Beaux Esprits Playschool
  • The Support Network - An Edmonton Society Responding to Personal and Community Needs
  • The Works International Visual Arts Society
  • United Way of Alberta, Capital Region
  • Wecan Food Basket Society of Alberta
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton
  • Youth Emergency Shelter Society of Edmonton
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