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Addictions and Community Services Worker - Combined

Diploma 44 weeks

Helping people recover from addiction is a rewarding career that can enable you to make a real difference in people's lives. You can get the specialized training you need to enter this field from CDI College.


In under one year, you'll learn everything you need to know in the Addictions and Community Services Worker program. Unlike traditional programs, this combined online and on-campus training will give you a flexible and convenient learning experience that enables you to better plan study time around your schedule and minimize commuting to campus.


This diploma program covers essential areas, including working with families and high-risk groups, psychology, ethics, case file management, and more.


Get the benefits of in-class learning and enjoy a comfortable virtual studying environment that enables you to focus better when you take the Addictions and Community Services Worker program. 


The Addictions and Community Services Worker program is licensed by the Private Career College Branch of Alberta Advanced Education.

My instructor is kind, insightful, and intelligent. The school environment is very welcoming and open and is devoid of any sort of judgement; we all accept each other.

Eric G., Addictions & Community Services Worker Graduate
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