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Student Reviews

  • Hired Right Away

    Sam - Medical Office Assistant

    I use to be a stay at home mom but then became a single mother, I took courses at CDI College so that I can spend more time with my daughter at home. I was introduced into a brand new field which gave me a 9-5 job that keeps me busy. Working in a medical office I was able to use all the skills I learned while at CDI College.

  • Very Professional

    Nicoletta Castellani - Legal Administrative Assistant

    All of the instructors have been passionate about their respective fields and that comes through in their dedication to helping us learn. John Sterk, in particular, is willing to tailor his teaching style to meet the learning needs of his students. I have been very impressed with the staffs willingness and drive to see every student succeed. I love that CDI Victoria views post-secondary education as a part of the service industry and treats it as such with consideration and professionalism.

  • I Love This School

    Cody MonkHynes - Legal Administrative Assistant

    Our instructor helped make a difference in my education by always taking the time to answer our questions and making sure we are prepared for the next part. All of our teachers have been employed in the field that they taught and we learned a lot from them. We have also gone on field trips to the court house and a working law firm. So far the campus has been really good and I have not had any problems yet. I love this school!

  • Calmed My Nerves

    Rebecca Zellinsky - Legal Administrative Assistant

    Our instructor helped make a difference in my education-- having someone with first hand knowledge of my potential career helps calm my nerves about working. I also enjoy when they take us on field trips. I love how the staff always greets you by name. It is very welcoming here and there is also great student facilities. Overall great experience.

  • Makes Things Fun

    Lesa Vella - Legal Administrative Assistant

    The instructors having the knowledge they have is the best teaching we could possibly get. They are all friendly and helpful. Their knowledge is surpassing anything we could get from a textbook. The instructors always make class time interesting. The field trips doing educational tours of legal related agendas have been awesome. All of the staff have been more than accommodating and helpful. The campus is clean and always available to access materials needed. My choice in CDI college has been great. I was nervous as an adult learner and everyone here has made it a wonderful experience.

  • Grew as a Person

    Cindy Lake

    Our instructor, Michelle, is open, honest and approachable. Which makes asking for help so much easier. What is innovative about our labs/classrooms is the ability to access classroom materials (power point) outside of school My overall experience was a positive one that allowed me to grow as a student and as a person.

  • Well Supported

    Latoya Francois - Health Care Assistant

    Our instructor helped make a difference in my education with the experience she brings to class. She explains the work/text more than once. And two or three times, she allows us to ask questions and gives us answers. I love the provided iPads and the free internet. Overall, we learned a lot at CDI ... I feel that the information we are getting is good and the texts are well supported.

  • Awesome Classes

    Bill Bystnyk - Community Health Care Worker

    Our instructor helped make a difference in my education by giving us time to talk to her after school in case we need extra work. The campus is Perfect, no complaints. CDI is a great school with awesome classes

  • Passionate Teachers

    Jungha Shin - Health Care Assistant

    The instructors are passionate. The campus is clean and quiet. The staff is kind.

  • Great Place to Grow

    Sophia Miles

    Our instructor helped make a difference to my education with her patience, ability to expand on points of question and by encouraging in class discussions. What is innovative about our class room is our use of iPads with texts downloaded, free internet, overhead projector. My overall experience on campus to date has been very positive. I find the staff to be positive, informative and extremely supportive. My fellow students also follow this line... a great place to grow forward. After much research on Colleges within Victoria, CDI came most recommended. Some may have the saying, coming to school is a means to an end. I look at CDI as a means to a beginning!

  • Very Kind Staff

    Peter Jai - Health Care Assistant

    Our instructor helped make a difference in my education by kindly answering my questions. The iPads (instead of textbooks) feel very innovative.

  • Would Come Back

    Brittany Fagan

    Michelle has made a huge difference in my education by being exceptionally encouraging towards my career choice. She is helpful and will understand the material and use her experience to integrate knowledge of what is expected in this field. I really enjoy our classroom seating structure. I have had an amazing experience with CDI. The director is very approachable if needed be. The school is well run. The practicum co-coordinator is very prompt to find something suitable. Faculty is professional and approachable. If more programs of interest in the child/youth field are offered I would be definitely coming back. I have made several referrals to other people that are wanting to go back to school.

  • Very Welcoming

    Kayla Wrightson

    Michelle is a great teacher! She is very helpful and is always happy to further explain things if someone does not understand the material. Michelle also welcomes students into her office to get extra help if needed. All teachers and other staff have made my experience really good. Everyone is professional. All staff care about your well-being and your education. I really appreciate that the campus director checks in on students and he knows where each student is going for practicum.

  • A Nice Setting

    Raylene Longhurst - Health Care Assistant

    Our instructor helped make a difference in my education by explaining what she is teaching to us, and by answering questions when I have them. CDI has great staff that are very friendly. There is a great learning style. It is a nice setting. This is a great school to go to.

  • Impart Wisdom

    Ian Fluellen - Health Care Assistant

    Our instructors guide us and impart her expertise and knowledge with regards to subject matter. What is innovative about our classrooms are the new facilities and up to grade equipment. Overall, the campus has been good, satisfying and worthwhile experience of studying and acquiring knowledge for a better future. School will guide us for a better job opportunity in life.

  • Practical Experience

    Jolene Tory

    Our Instructor, Michelle, has practical experience that she integrates into the learning we recieve. She brings a realism and professional mannerism to all related work and relevant subjects. The iPads we use are innovative, they give us an electronic and technical advantage with books, labs and media. It brings an edge to CDI compared to public colleges and universities. The small class numbers, technology and personalization of learning styles brings this school experience about that of public schooling. Cultural awareness has been key to my learning. CDI brings, with open welcomeness, a level of cultural awareness geared to learning that is relevant to my area of study.

  • Well Versed Teacher

    James Garrow

    Knowing my instructor is working as a professional in the field has has helped my education. She is open to feedback as well as very helpful after class time. The group work and amount of time spent role playing is very innovative, and helpful too. ..It has been a good experience. Instructors seem well versed, easy to understand.

  • Best Education

    Harry Sandhu - Social Services Worker - Foundations

    My background is in Social Services, I have been in this field for over 10 years. I really enjoy it and would like to continue in this field. (What inspired me to pursue a teaching career in this discipline)is that I love to help others succeed and achieve their goals. (I inspire my students) by setting goals for them. I listen and work with them to formulate solutions. I believe we provide the best education possible.

  • Lots of Experience

    John Sterk - Legal Administrative Assistant

    I have been a Lawyer since 1967 - retired 1997 - developed education program within firm for young lawyers. Taught at Faculty of Law (Alberta) 1979-1988, wrote textbook - realestate law (1981). Taught bar admission courses - wrote manuals for real estate, corporate and commercial use in firm. (What inspired me to pursue a teaching career in this discipline) was a long interest in legal education. I was inspired by senior partners and in turn, wished to inspire others. I am passionate about my profession and myself, provide war stories to illustrate points. I try to exemplify that education can have its fun moments . I also have practical exercises - interviews, negotiations, etc.

  • I LOVE teaching

    Lisa Chatwin - Social Services Worker - Foundations

    My background is education, although I am also an Admissions Rep at CDI. I have been teaching since 2006. I have taught English, Social Studies, ES, Communications and Media Studies classes and have also worked as a learning support teacher. I love teaching and have always had a passion for inspiring students of all ages how to learn and more importantly, how to love learning. My life experiences have led me to teaching and I take pleasure in creating positive places to learn. I inspire my students by creating positive and open classroom environment where students are encouraged to grow and develop in respectful ways. I act as a guide to their learning while at the same time learning from each experience myself. I LOVE teaching, and would be happy to combine both roles - Admissions Rep, and instructor - more often in the future if it works for the school.

  • Feeling Comfortable

    Maria Llagas - Health Care Assistant

    I have my Nursing Diploma, and have been a nurse since 2006. I taught LPN since Feb 2011 (CDI Laval), and have been teaching HCA since Feb 2013 (CDI Victoria). I would like to have students have enough practice knowledge when they go to work force and not just knowledge to pass the exam. I usually use real life examples to help them learn. With personal experience as a student and now as a teacher, I want the students to be comfortable with me and in the classroom so they could ask questions regarding topics and help them understand the material. For me, this will help them gain knowledge and practical skills to be ready for the workforce.

  • Desire to Help

    Chris Velasco

    I have an MBA and have been in this field for over 10 years. (What inspired me to pursue this career) was my desire to help students grow and achieve their goals. (I inspire my students) by telling positive stories, interesting, current and relevant stories about business and career growth. I think private education provides better education for students than public entities. This is because we take great care in providing excellent services to students.

  • Willing To Help

    Kelly Bemister - Legal Administrative Assistant

    I feel as though the instructors take pride in knowing that their students know the information they are teaching. If they do not then they are more than willing to help out before or after class. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience at CDI college.

  • Shared Enthusiasm

    Michelle Jaworsky

    I have my undergraduate studies in sociology and elementary education. I also have a Masters degree in counselling psychology. I have been working in the community for the past 12 years. I chose to pursue a teaching career in this discipline) because I saw an opportunity to utilize multiple areas of my education. I have a desire to work with others and am passionate about helping professions. I have the ability to continue growing professionally, and get the challenge of creating interesting and informative lesson plans. (I inspire my students) by sharing my own enthusiasm of the course material, encouraging life-long learning and celebrating student success. I also encourage and incorporate student feedback into my teaching.

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