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Designed to be a central hub for everything you’ll need throughout your diploma, the CDI College App features college resources, course information, an events calendar and links, discussion channels, grades, and ways to connect easily with other students and your CDI College staff!




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Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the CDI College App! This app is the official campus app for students to engage with the CDI College community on their mobile device. This app is an extension of the CDI College community where we desire to create a positive and uplifting virtual environment that reflects our community standards. Therefore, when using the app, users will be expected to abide by all of the policies and rules included in the Student Handbook.


Users should be aware that online media such as blogs, websites, chats, and social networking sites are in the public sphere and are not private. Online media that indicate possible misconduct such as inappropriate language, bullying or harassment of any sort, public callouts or shaming of an individual, discriminatory content, threats of violence, plagiarism, use of the app for personal profit, advertising, spamming, or discussions relating to sensitive content, may subject a user to disciplinary action.


Please see below for possible disciplinary actions for misconduct within the CDI College App, depending on severity and recurrence of offense:

· Written warning

· Offending post deleted

· User muted

· Access to CDI College App revoked


Should inappropriate behavior persist, penalty will escalate to the college’s progressive discipline policy, as indicated in the Student Handbook.


The CDI College App has been provided by the school as a method for students to interact and create connections with peers, staff, and instructors. The application aims to foster a culture of cooperation and collaboration between users within the CDI College community. As such, inappropriate behavior and actions on the CDI College App will not be tolerated.


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