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Cybersecurity Specialist - LEA.DV

ACS 1425 hours

CDI College’s Cybersecurity Specialist – LEA.DV program aims to train qualified professionals capable of assuming, at the entry point of the labor market, all the tasks inherent in the cybersecurity of an organization's computer networks.


The cybersecurity specialist is a company's backbone against threats from the Internet. A specialist in encryption, firewalls and other antiviruses, he constantly monitors regulations, threats and the evolution of existing means of protection. He watches over sensitive data and maintains organizational information systems by carrying out vulnerability audits and intrusion tests in order to: detect potential vulnerabilities, identify entry points and determine solutions or security equipment protection to be put in place. He therefore plays a preventive role, but also embodies that of an emergency firefighter during a cyberattack. Even if there is no way to be fully protected, the cybersecurity specialist’s goal is to limit the risks.


The Cybersecurity Specialist – LEA.DV program first explores the design, installation, maintenance and management of networks and then, the implementation and operation of IT services that represent the backbone of any training in the field. It aims to reflect the current reality where data and systems can be deployed internally, at a host and / or in the "Cloud". In addition, since managers must now tackle the management of risks that have a major impact on the effective operation of the company, its reputation, its competitive strength and its future, this program also tackles the tools and network monitoring techniques used for cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities. Graduates can work in small, medium and large companies, government agencies (federal, provincial and municipal), professional offices and schools.



- Secondary IV Mathematics (Technical and Scientific Option or Science Option) or Secondary V Mathematics (Cultural, Social and Technical Option)

- Criminal Reference Check

- Successful admission test



To graduate, students must obtain the required pass mark in each course.


Campus Availability

This program is approved to be offered at the following campuses. Please contact the campus of your choosing for program availability.

  • Laval
  • Longueuil
  • Montreal
  • Pointe-Claire
  • St-Leonard

"The best part about learning from Practitioner Instructors is that they have worked in the job that you’re going into so they know the “ins and outs” and the little tricks of the trade, so to speak. They know what they’re talking about and have firsthand experience."

Jesse T.
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