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Artificial Intelligence Specialist - LEA.E3

ACS 1380 hours

CDI College's Artificial Intelligence Specialist - LEA.E3 program is designed to train qualified professionals capable of assuming, at the entry level of the job market, all the tasks in connection with data analysis in a business intelligence context and the development of computer applications in an organization. The analyst must essentially navigate between computer and business languages. The business intelligence analyst, using his knowledge of technologies, analyzes data exhaustively, thus enabling him to match the information to the organization's needs. The analyst collects data and identifies performance indicators in order to improve the quality of processes in each sector. He advises users who base their actions and strategic decisions on the information generated.


Graduates can work in small, medium and large companies, government agencies (federal, provincial and municipal), professional offices and educational institutions. In addition to having a good command of the various programming languages, the student will be able to communicate clearly using the appropriate terminology. They will have developed their ability to observe, analyze and synthesize, as well as a sense of professional ethics. The latter is particularly important because of the need to ensure the protection of information, data security and the ethical use of artificial intelligence technologies. Finally, he will be able to demonstrate rigor in the execution of the tasks entrusted to him and will have developed skills in a teamwork context.



  • Secondary V diploma or its recognized equivalent or Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) or have training deemed sufficient by the college; and
  • Mathematics, Techno-science sequence or Natural Sciences sequence in Secondary 4 or Culture, society and technology in Secondary 5; and
  • Successful admission test



To graduate, students must obtain the required pass mark in each course.

Campus Availability

This program is approved to be offered at the following campuses. Please contact the campus of your choosing for program availability.

  • Laval
  • Longueuil
  • Montreal
  • Pointe-Claire
  • St-Leonard

"The best part about learning from Practitioner Instructors is that they have worked in the job that you’re going into so they know the “ins and outs” and the little tricks of the trade, so to speak. They know what they’re talking about and have firsthand experience."

Jesse T.
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