Spotlight on the Roundhouse Café Just in Time for Orange Shirt Day

September 26, 2021 | Quebec

The Roundhouse Café is a unique project, managed by the Groupe communautaire L’Itineraire in conjunction with the city of Montreal and in partnership with Indigenous organizations, as a social inclusion project for people from Inuit and Indigenous communities.

Situated in Cabot Square, it is the only café in Montreal where Indigenous peoples who are homeless have the opportunity to work and get paid wages daily, rather than monthly or bi-weekly. Since 2018, more than 60 have worked at least one shift at the Café.

You’ll also find cheery outdoor seating at Cabot Square serving up traditional Indigenous cuisine in a contemporary café style, like bannock sandwiches, an Indigenous taco and Tomahawk chips along with the usual drinks like coffee, tea and even ice cream. The coffee is even roasted by an Indigenous business!

The atmosphere is fun, with performances taking place in the park every day, and opportunities to interact with everyone, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. This is truly a place of integration for all and reconciliation, so stop by and say hi!

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