Quebec Government Launches New Energy Efficiency Initiative Through Partnership

December 6, 2011 | Quebec

Officials from the Quebec government recently announced plans to develop several energy efficiency initiatives in the province. The projects will be developed through partnerships between public and private sector organizations, according to the Montreal Gazette. The new initiatives will make use of cloud computing technology to handle large amounts of data, and will likely create new jobs for those who have the right networking training behind them.

Quebec will fund almost half of the $70-million initiative, which includes plans to improve the monitoring capabilities of electricity, water and gas utility providers. Much of the work between participating organizations will be handled by non-profit group, Prompt.

"We hope that there will be a critical mass of expertise that will be built through this project," Charles Despins, Chief Eexecutive Officer of Prompt, told the Gazette. "And we hope Quebec can become a hub for this kind of industry."

The power of cloud computing is becoming increasingly important to energy and environmental initiatives throughout the world. According to GigaOm, Microsoft, the European Environment Agency and geospatial software company, Esri, recently demonstrated the new cloud-based Eye on Earth network at the United Nations climate conference in South Africa.

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