Modern Nurses Making More Money Due to Staff Shortages

February 22, 2012 | Quebec

Students intent on obtaining a job as a licensed practical nurse know that there will be long hours ahead in their new career. Fortunately, a new report reveals that the often long hours put in by healthcare professionals are paying off - literally.

A study published in a recent issue of the Journal de Montreal found that a combination of bonuses and overtime pay has pushed the salaries of some Quebec nurses into the six-figure range. Roughly 118 nurses in the province earned an executive's salary in the past year, some of whom earned a base annual salary of approximately $39,000.

Though provincial law prohibits nurses from working more than 16 hours a day, the serious nursing shortage within the province of Quebec means that many nurses are frequently required to work regular overtime hours. The province has been struggling with a nursing shortage since 2000, and many healthcare providers have increased existing staff's hours to help meet patients' needs.

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