Information Technology Students Can Take on Freelancing Jobs in College

August 30, 2012 | Quebec

Every day, the scope of Canada's job market continues to surprise employers and employees alike. Constantly see-sawing back and forth, the employment has dipped in recent months, particularly May and June, according to The Montreal Gazette. However, newer studies have demonstrated that these dips may partially be a result of hundreds of workers turning to self employment through freelance work. Employers and potential workers can make contact, complete their work and administer or receive appropriate pay all by using digital platforms, making the office space for many information technology (IT) professionals look uncannily similar to the inside of their kitchens or the nearest coffee shop.

Many employers hire specialists in fields such as software, data entry and computer sciences through freelance database services, making it not only easy for employers - particularly small businesses - to locate skilled workers, but more convenient for professionals to find contract work to build up their resumes and broaden their skills in the field.

These online portals are ideal for students who are currently enrolled in courses at schools that specialize in IT. While they are learning about the latest software and coding systems in class, they can practice their knowledge after hours by doing contract work for a variety of businesses.

"The potential for success through online outsourcing and crowd sourcing is tremendous," Matt Barrie, the chief executive of, told Mediacaster Magazine. "We're connecting millions of entrepreneurs and global professionals. It's never been easier or cheaper to start and maintain a business than today."

By listing various projects, job descriptions and employers for job seekers, as well as available workers for recruiters, these services are fast becoming the most convenient way to find jobs for IT professionals and other new media workers. The at-times-chaotic schedules of college students combined with the relaxed regimen of a freelance worker can make it possible for young adults to make money, afford college and prepare for their potentially prosperous careers down the road.

Many small businesses need help in areas such as web and multimedia development or computer and application programming. These types of projects are jobs that students can pick up on a month-to-month basis, help employers revamp their company websites, and then add it to their resumes as practical work experience that helped them hone their IT expertise. Students can enroll in computer programming courses at CDI College while they continue to build up their skills in the field. To find out more information, fill out the form on the right.

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