Important Notice About Student Tax Forms

January 22, 2024 | Quebec

CDI College would like to remind you that your Social Insurance Number (SIN) is now required for student tax forms.


Why does CDI College need your Social Insurance Number (SIN)?


Starting in 2019, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires all post-secondary institutions to collect Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) for Tuitions and Enrolment Certificate (T2202) tax forms (formerly T2202A) and RL-8. CDI College issues T2202 forms at the end of February each year. Students may download their tax forms by navigating to My Records > Tax Forms in MyCampus. Tax forms will not be mailed.


To ensure your T2202 form is successfully issued, please provide your SIN by clicking Submit Your Sin in the popup window the next time you log in to MyCampus or contact your Campus Financial Administrator.


Please refer to the CRA website for more tuition and education credit information. You can also read more about the legislation relating to the collection of SINs to prepare T2202 slips.

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