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Coping with stress, anxiety and depression during the COVID-19 pandemic

Thursday, January 21, 2021

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a particular and rare situation. It can affect people physically, but also psychologically. In this type of context, many people will experience stress, anxiety and depression reactions. These reactions can appear in a variety of physical, psychological, emotional and behavioural ways for any given individual.


All of these symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression are very normal in the context of a pandemic. Most people have the resources and mental strength to adapt to this type of situation. You should first rely on how you usually adapt to difficult situations. Still, some unease may persist for some weeks or months, and even worsen. It may then be beneficial for you to seek help.


We are here to support you. Do not hesitate to speak with an instructor or a member of the administrative staff if you need a helping hand to reach your goals.


If you are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression and need help now, dial 811 to reach a 24/7 free helpline.


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