Celebrating Our Newest Graduates' Success

December 1, 2016 | Quebec

Montreal, QC – December 1, 2016 – The most recent graduation ceremony for the Montreal campus students took place on November 17. 

On that unforgettable evening, the efforts of 173 students were rewarded in front of an enthusiastic crowd of parents, friends, and CDI College instructors and administrative staff. 

For our graduates, that evening was the culmination of a great adventure and everyone was happy to celebrate their success. 

It’s with great emotion that some of these graduates took the stage to share their stories with the crowd and talk about their plans for the future. The following students received honorable mention during the ceremony: 

Dental Assistance – 5644        
  • Oemmreutn Keo     

Health, Assistance and Nursing- 5325      
  • Talitha Laguerre     
  • Chahrazad Djeridane     

Financial Management - LEA.AC     
  • Alma Dela Hernandez Ramos       
  • David Liv     
  • Kham Hoang Nguyen     
  • Mamadou Diouhe Diallo      
  • Addoulaye Gueye     

Early Childhood Education - JEE.13     
  • Nabila Oumelkheir     
  • Louadah-Bendekhis      
  • Diana Lilia Romeo Sanchez      
  • Verline Dorcenat  
  • Valarie Matthews     
  • Kangalee Devi     

Graphic Design - NTA.1U       
  • Josiane Cote-Rocheleau    

We take this opportunity to wish our most recent graduates much success in their personal and professional lives. 

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