CDI College partners with Ressources Saint-Jean-Vianney in Longueuil

July 29, 2021 | Quebec

It was with the goal of enhancing CDI College’s presence on the South Shore that the team of CDI College ambassadors contacted Ms. Catherine Fournier, Member of the National Assembly of Quebec for the electoral district of Marie-Victorin, earlier this year.


“We wanted to develop a stronger community presence in the Longueuil area,” said Ann Circelli, director of the Longueuil campus. “We firmly believe that it is important to strengthen and deepen our roots in the communities where we live, work, and study.”


Ressources Saint-Jean-Vianney has offered support, counselling, and enrichment programs to families in need in Longueuil for the past twenty years. As a well-known organization in the community, and having worked with the organization herself in the past, Ms. Fournier immediately thought of Ressources Saint-Jean-Vianney during her discussions with the CDI College team. "Ms. Fournier played an instrumental role in establishing this partnership between CDI College and Ressources Saint-Jean-Vianney," said Ms. Circelli.


The partnership between the two entities materialized on July 21, 2021 with the announcement of CDI College students’ participation in volunteer programs as part of work placement activities and the presentation of a $2,000 cheque to Ressources Saint-Jean Vianney on behalf of CDI College.


“Work placements will provide CDI College students with the on-the-job experience that enriches their training program,” said Ms. Circelli. "CDI College’s donation will be used to support Ressources Saint-Jean Vianney’s activity programs.” According to Ms. Fournier, this donation will allow the children who attend the organization to have better living environments, as well as day camps and year-round activities.


Ms. Sherry Romanado, member of Parliament for the riding of Longueuil-Charles-LeMoyne, who was also present at the announcement ceremony, underlined the importance of such partnerships by stating that it was possible to achieve great things when working hand in hand with common goals.


Mr. Koba Pierre Kounde, Director of Ressources Saint-Jean-Vianney, said he was delighted with the partnership. “Thank you for your love and for our community. We hope that the partnership that we are forging with CDI College will bear fruit. I am moved by this gesture towards us, and it is a new starting point for our organization,” he said.


Click here for a glimpse of the cheque presentation ceremony.

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