CDI College partners with Friends for Mental Health

November 5, 2021 | Quebec

Mental illness does not only affect those who live with it. It can also overwhelm their friends and family members. If you live with someone with a mental illness, you may experience different emotions, including anxiety, anger, shame, and sadness.


It is with the purpose of helping those close to people with mental illness that the Friends for Mental Health organization was founded in Montreal’s West Island in 1981. It provides counseling, support, and training to families and loved ones of all ages who feel helpless with someone else’s mental health issues.


Determined to make a difference in the community, our Pointe-Claire campus staff partnered with Gregory Kelley, Member of the National Assembly of Quebec. Together, they connected with Friends for Mental Health earlier this year to begin a partnership that culminated with the presentation of a $2,000 cheque on October 29. CDI College believes that this donation will contribute to the quality of services offered by Friends for Mental Health.


 “This partnership is important to us. CDI College has already helped us build the learning management system that we are currently using, which is more important than ever in the circumstances,” said Johanne Bourbonnais, Executive Director of Friends for Mental Health.


For its part, CDI College benefits from the insightful advice of the Friends for Mental Health team, which has proved invaluable throughout the recent months.


“Friends for Mental Health is an important resource in the West Island. We can rely on them to help out citizens who are going through difficult moments,” said Mr. Kelley.


CDI College knows that its financial contribution will help the organization in the pursuit of its objectives. “We want to thank CDI College for choosing us and for helping us pursue our mission,” said Ms. Bourbonnais.


Since the pandemic, all services offered by the organization have been hybrid, namely in person, online or over the phone. If you live in the West Island and need help coping with the mental health issues of a loved one, don't hesitate to contact Friends for Mental Health.


Click here for a glimpse of the cheque presentation ceremony.

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