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Our Career Services team is here to help you stay motivated and achieve your professional goals, from the time you start classes until after you graduate.

Employment Specialists offer workshops that will build your confidence and help you find the hidden job market. You’ll learn how to turn a phone call into an interview, and an interview into a job offer.

They’ll also show you how to create dynamic resumes, creative business cards, effective thank-you notes, and powerful cover letters.

For up to six months after you graduate, they are available for career advice and counselling and can help with job searching.

By attending scheduled individual and group sessions with Career Services, you will be able to share your job-seeking experiences with your peers and gain advice from others.


CDI College programs operate on a rolling basis, allowing students to begin their studies on multiple start dates throughout the year. As you seek passionate and energetic graduates, you’ll benefit from CDI College’s flexible academic structure. You can plan your recruiting season based on various program completion dates.

Since our main focus is preparing students for the workforce, our graduates experience a high employment rate. They have a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge, which makes them dynamic and well-rounded employees.

If you’re interested in employing a CDI College grad, please fill out the form on the left or contact Lisa Como by phone at 514-849-4757 ext. 2205 or by email at

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