Part-Time Job in Business School

February 29, 2012 | British Columbia


Burnaby, BC - October 19, 2010 - If you're taking business courses at CDI College, you've probably got your eyes set on a particular job as soon as you graduate. However, it might be possible to kick start your career with a part-time job while you're in school. A part-time job can help you build skills, gain experience, connect with important people and put a bit of money in your pocket.

Transferable Skills

All jobs have transferable skills. A waiting job is an excellent way to build good customer service and time management skills. Retail sales associate positions can help you develop listening and negotiation skills. And you'll see first-hand the value of merchandising and marketing initiatives. These soft skills would be useful in careers such as event coordination or business administration.

Part-time office jobs, especially at the entry-level, will help you develop valuable teamwork and communication skills. These positions can give you insight into how office culture and politics can shape an organization.  The skills gained in a part-time office job would come in handy for those planning on office management or accounting careers.

Part-Time Job Search

You may be able to find part-time jobs in newspapers, through web searches and by contacting companies that you'd like to work for. You can also look at companies and stores you're familiar with. For example, Canadian Tire offers co-op, internship and scholarship programs aimed at encouraging work/school opportunities. CIBC offers part-time entry level positions in addition to internal training programs for future advancement. 

If you plan to take a part-time job while you're still in school, be sure to choose one that will be beneficial to you on your chosen career path and, hopefully, give your business career a boost.

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