Sweet Study Spots in Downtown Toronto

November 16, 2012 | Ontario

One of the greatest parts of studying at a college in the heart of Toronto is that it can feel like the entire city is a student's campus. From unique studying spots to interesting attractions, students can find everything they need only a short walk away from their school.

Just like with any college program, a hefty amount of studying and commitment to homework assignments will likely take up a certain amount of free time. While some students may enjoy completing all of their work on campus, others may like to switch it up and find another place to study. Finding a secret workspace can feel like discovering hidden treasure, and with a little help, students in Toronto can find their special gems all over the city.

Cafe Lounges
On Queen Street West, a number of little hideaways that appear more like Friday night hotspots than study spaces accommodate a number of students all week long. These cafes often boast a quiet atmosphere, small tables and plush  couches for guests to relax in with a dense textbook or notebook filled with their study materials. With soft music playing in the background and walls of bookshelves surrounding students on all sides, patrons might feel like they are in their own home study rather than a public restaurant in the heart of downtown. Some of these establishments are often open late during the week, so those cramming for an exam can settle in one afternoon and spend a stretch of time.

Fresh-Roasted Coffee Fuels Students
The local, homey atmosphere of many of these cafes is what reels in most guests, and a handful of them boast the most delicious fair-trade coffee that prompt them to return on a regular basis. This might also be perfect for students who need to refuel before their second wave of studying, reading or note-taking. With several offering free Wi-Fi access, these cafes see a number of students enter their doors. Some coffee shops even offer laptop rentals to their patrons.

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