CDI College begins partnership with Algonquin College

March 11, 2022 | Ontario

CDI College has entered into a new partnership with Algonquin College to deliver a selection of Algonquin College programs to students at CDI College’s GTA campuses.


This partnership allows CDI College to work with Algonquin to deliver high-quality education to students and help them diversify their options when seeking career training in Ontario. Primarily focused on international enrollment, the venture will aid both colleges in future program development and in attracting diverse groups of students.


“We are excited to be entering this agreement with CDI College, a partner with a commitment to educational excellence that shares the same core values of caring and respecting learners that we adhere to at Algonquin College,” said Claude Brulé, Algonquin College President and CEO. “The potential for positive outcomes with this agreement is significant and includes collaboration in recruitment and innovative program deliver.”


CDI College will use its rich network of instructors, faculty, and staff to deliver the programs, while Algonquin will manage and control the recruitment and admissions process. It is expected students entering the program will meet the same admissions requirements currently outlined by Algonquin College.


“CDI College is excited to launch our partnership with Algonquin College,” said Yul Kim, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at CDI College. “Students from both institutions will have the opportunity to gain a richer educational experience by connecting on campus and outside of the classroom.”


 “At CDI College our mission is to change lives through education, and we know that through this partnership with Algonquin College, we will continue to do that for even more students,” said Andre Souza, Chief Operating Officer for CDI College.


For more information and details on program offerings visit the Algonquin Admissions page.

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