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Addictions and Community Services Worker

Diploma 52 weeks

Maybe it was a personal struggle – or watching a close friend or loved one with theirs – that inspired you to start a career in social services. You can start today by applying for CDI College's Addictions and Community Services Worker diploma program, which will enable you to assist people with substance use problems to move toward recovery.

Study in Winnipeg

CDI College's instructors in Winnipeg are industry professionals who introduce students to a wide range of subjects including assessment and treatment planning, writing, and file management. In addition, during your course work, you’ll learn about human psychology, addiction prevention and intervention, pharmacology, and other medical areas.

Addictions and Community Services Worker Training

Each student must put their knowledge to the test as part of a mandatory clinical placement to get real experience working with addictions clients alongside healthcare professionals such as addictions counselors. As an Addictions and Community Services Worker, you will help assist those who need support the most. If you choose to pursue additional training, you could open doors to other positions like addictions counselling as well.

Addictions and Community Services Worker Certification

The program is approved by the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF). The CACCF is the Canadian Certification Board for Alcohol and Drug Counsellors. CACCF offers an internationally-recognized and respected certification, the examination for which can only be taken after formal training has been completed, along with significant levels of work experience in the profession. Graduates of this Addictions and Community Services Worker program will meet the formal training component of the requirements necessary to sit the CACCF certification exam.


Embark on a challenging, rewarding, and diverse career path today.


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  • Winnipeg, MB

My instructor is kind, insightful, and intelligent. The school environment is very welcoming and open and is devoid of any sort of judgement; we all accept each other.

Eric G., Addictions & Community Services Worker Graduate
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