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Warehouse and Distribution Management Manitoba

Diploma 37 Weeks

Management of warehousing and distributiondeals with the logistics of the flow of goods and services from suppliers to consumers. It includesa number of stages such as procurement, storage, transportation anddistribution,and requires avariety of skillsincluding supply and demand estimation and forecasting, operations planning, financial planning, negotiation, technical and IT.This programis designed to prepare students to succeed in and excel in this field.


The warehousing and distribution sector is an integral part of the supply chain industry whichis one of the largest employers in Canada, with close to a million people employed in occupations directly related to it and is expected to steadily growin the future offering tens ofthousands ofnew positions every year.




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This program is approved to be offered at the following campuses. Please contact the campus of your choosing for program availability.

  • Winnipeg, MB

My instructor has been so instrumental in having me see the big picture in my future career goals. The classrooms are clean and updated with appropriate technology. As a mature student, I am very pleased with having the feeling and experience of belonging and being welcome.

Wanda S., Business Programs Graduate
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