Resume Target

Students and graduates now have an additional option when it comes to building a competitive resume, cover letter, or online portfolio. CDI College has partnered with Resume Target to bring a variety of new services that help recent grads streamline the job search process.


As part of the package at Resume Target, students and recent graduates will be able to access over 600 resume and cover letter templates that are already customized for over 50 different industries. From entry-level to mid-career, Resume Target has templates that are catered to each industry and applicant’s level of experience, which capitalize on their strengths and skills.


Correct language and consistent formatting are essential to any resume and, depending on the industry you apply in, these factors could differ immensely. With Resume Target, students now have access to a variety of templates that are tailored to their needs.


Sorted by category, Resume Target’s site is user-friendly and allows applicants to browse hundreds of templates by position title and career level. The templates are also automatically populated with core skills and detailed descriptions of the duties and responsibilities – all of which employ the correct language for the respective field – to give users an idea of how to phrase their own achievements in a marketable manner. Students can also use this site to set up job alerts, research job search strategies and networking tips, sharpen interview skills, learn new writing techniques to polish their resumes, and more.


For more information, visit Resume Target, a Professional Resume Writing Service Company, or contact your Career Services representative

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