Winter Jetsetters Turn to Travel Professionals for Fun in the Sun

November 13, 2009 | British Columbia


Travel and Tourism students at CDI train to help customers escape from snowy climates

Vancouver, BC - November 13, 2009 - As winter sets in across the Northern hemisphere, people look to escape from the seasonal doldrums of cold, damp weather. While other tourism-based industries cool down with the arrival of snow and negative temperatures, the destination vacation industry heats up.

"When the skies are grey and the rain is heavy and people are feeling buried at work, a vacation is what gets them through," says Kimberly Lavergne, a Travel and Tourism instructor at CDI College. "Vacations are revitalizing for many people in the long winter months."

Sun spots around the world are the most common destinations for winter travelers, with Mexico, Cuba, the Caribbean and Hawaii being the most popular choices for a vacation. Travel and tourism professionals must be able to assess the needs of a client to see which vacation package will best suit their needs. Travel agents who can put their customers at ease are able to provide the best service.

"By asking open ended questions, travel and tourism professionals are able to find out what a customer's likes and dislikes are and what destination would best suit them," says Lavergne. "Explaining to a customer that they deserve and have earned a vacation, while outlining the great value they are getting with their travel package, helps them to make a decision that's right for them."

The most successful travel professionals, according to Lavergne, are those who are team players, have good listening and problem solving skills, and are friendly, well-rounded individuals willing to go the extra mile to meet a customer's needs.

Those interested in helping people plan their ultimate winter vacation can find out more about the CDI College Travel and Tourism program.

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