What Does a Dental Technician Do?

May 6, 2013 | British Columbia

Find out why these behind-the-scenes professionals are essential to the dental industry

Surrey, BC - May 6, 2013 - When it comes to the dental field, you may already be familiar with a number of professional roles that exist. Based on your own experience, you’ve likely encountered several dental professionals on a trip to the dentist’s office, from receptionists and dental assistants to hygienists, dentists and, possibly, orthodontists. Unlike these professionals, dental technicians operate behind the scenes, yet they’re work impacts just as many people.

As a key part of the dental industry, dental technicians build a range of dental prostheses, including crowns, veneers, retainers and full and partial dentures. Since no two patients are the same, each device dental technicians produce must be custom made for one person.

Using information provided by dentists, including molds and impressions of people’s mouths, dental technicians design and build prosthetic devices that will help improve their patients’ overall oral health. The work requires them to be detail-oriented and patient. Accuracy is highly important and each appliance must be built properly. And, while dental techs require strong technical skills, there is a degree of artistry involved in their work, as well.

Like some artists, dental technicians work with different materials, including wax, plastic, stainless steel, precious and non-precious metals, porcelain, composites and polymer glass combinations. They also use sophisticated tools and equipment on the job to create devices that are both functional and attractive.

Typically, dental techs work in commercial labs instead of clinics or dentist’s offices. One lab may perform work for several dentists, sometimes for those in other cities. Whether it’s down the street or across the province, distance is a huge challenge for dental technicians and it greatly increases the need for accuracy. If a prosthetic doesn’t fit properly or requires further adjustments, it will be shipped back for modifications, delaying the process for both doctor and patient.

Dental technicians require a varied skill set that can only come from hands-on training. Now you can get that training at CDI College in Surrey. Along with design and construction of dental devices and prosthesis, you’ll learn to use digital design software in the manufacturing process.

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